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Laser and Sword Annual 2009 By Adam Graham
Paperback: $14.42
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Heroes of Laser and Sword are back for another year in nine new adventures: --Small Packages must find out who's behind the disappearance of the stranded heroes and avoid being the next victim,... More > while Captain Justice plots his comeback in the absence of the Sword. --The Angel Jirel has to save Snyder from an abusive commanding officer, and Snyder has to thwart an anti-human ecoterrorist group. --Powerhouse's flies smack into reality. It's one thing for Dave Johnson and his super powered symbiot to face down car thieves and small town hoods, but can Powerhouse stand against the Seattle mob?< Less
Laser and Sword Annual Edition By Adam Graham
Paperback: $19.76
Prints in 3-5 business days
Explore a year's worth of Laser & Sword! In these first four issues: * The Sword, Sword Comics owner Jesse Miller seeks to defeat terrorism by uniting the world's greatest superheros. Will he... More > learn bad guys masquerade as good guys before the traitor in their midst sends the heroes to their doom? * Snyder, a juvenile delinquent living in the 78th Year of the Empire, loathes Earth’s dictator while hailing the regime’s American governor as a hero. Getting caught meting out vigilante justice gets him inducted into the Imperial Army under threat of a noose. Can a double agent get Snyder back on the right track? Will Snyder survive to discover his destiny? *Lastly, Mild Mannered Janitor Dave Johnson discovers an symbiotic alien and this superfan’s dreams of being a superhero come true with hilarious results. One question haunts: can there be such a thing as a good Symbiot, even if he is a silver cylinder rather than black tar?< Less
Laser and Sword: Fall 2009 By Adam Graham
Paperback: $8.03
Prints in 3-5 business days
Captain Justice and his grandson, Commander Justice, Jr. search for Earth's missing heroes, while the Sword ponders a mysterious invitation from the Dark Mystic. Millions are imperiled when Snyder's... More > efforts to track down the Zero cult are frustrated by Colonel Dread locking him up on trumped up charges. Dave Johnson's superhero retirement ends with a young man murdered. This time Dave unleashes a darker hero on Seatle, "The Emerald City Avenger."< Less
Laser and Sword: Winter, 2009 By Adam Graham
Paperback: $7.65
Prints in 3-5 business days
In our action packed serials: -The apparent murder of the Russian hero, Defender sends the eighteen inch tall hero, Small Packages, on a quest to find the killer. Meanwhile, after being retired for... More > 13 years, can Captain Justice make a comeback with Earth's heroes gone? -Jirel has to act quickly before a fem fatale kills again. Her next target: Private A.L. Snyder. -Powerhouse faces the Invisibility Master, while Marcos and Night Lord close in on Reverend Jones, whose inner city ministry is cutting in on their drug profits. What will happen in these stories? The answer is only one click away.< Less

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