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Make Nice By Mark Pritchard
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It's 1960, and Frank Sinatra is at the height of his power and influence in Hollywood. Bobby Blaine, a peripheral member of the Rat Pack, chafes under the singer's egomania and bullying. He tries to... More > land roles without Sinatra's help and encounters only failure, until he is asked to do one last favor: pick up Marilyn Monroe in Reno, where she is having a nervous breakdown trying to finish "The Misfits," and deliver her into the clutches of Sinatra's Mafia pals at the Cal-Neva Lodge. Bobby hires Gene, a 20-year-old would-be beatnik, as his driver. Gene falls in love with a Mexican-American motel maid, encounters the racism of the day, and like Bobby, tries to become his own man. Bobby and Gene's struggles shine a light on the hidden ways of the world of the early 1960s, where a presidential candidate could carry on affairs under the nose of reporters, a world of Hollywood double-crosses, political shenanigans, bad Beat poetry, a hapless Broadway producer, and a comedian with a broken heart.< Less
How They Scored By Mark Pritchard
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Hap, who works in the periphery of the software industry, has a gorgeous girlfriend and a great apartment in San Francisco, but he's just learned that the owner plans to sell his building, and he's... More > afraid that moving out of the city will mean the end of his love affair. Called to a gathering of friends he's known from college and from jobs in Silicon Valley, he has to decide whether saving his apartment and his love affair is worth mortgaging his soul as the newest employee of Dreedle, a fiendish corporation devoted to selling out the privacy of every individual to the highest bidder. How They Scored mixes speculation about the loss of privacy in the 21st century with a journey through the beds of the bohemians of San Francisco and Austin, Serbian fashion models, Las Vegas wheeler-dealers, and a "landscape artist" whose life work is a hole in the ground in the middle of the desert.< Less

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