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In Like Flynn By I M
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Teaching Resource/material. Classroom. Notes. Subject : English Language Learning Methode : Noticing Nota Bene K12 "special feature, special phrasing, a peculiarity". a phrase or a fixed... More > expression that has a figurative, or sometimes literal, meaning. Categorized as formulaic language. Expressions such as these have figurative meaning. When one says "The devil is in the details", one is not expressing a belief in demons, but rather one means that things may look good on the surface, but upon scrutiny, undesirable aspects are revealed. Similarly, when one says "The early bird gets the worm", one is not suggesting that there is only one opportunity; rather one means there are plenty of opportunities, but for the sake of the idiom one plays along, and imagines that there is only one. Alternatively, the figurative translation of this phrase is that the most attentive and astute individual, or perhaps the hardest working or most opportunistic receives the most desirable opportunity.< Less
Fundamental Nature of Matter and Associated Mysteries By George Nixon
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This book contains the only conceptual explanation of gravity as a creative force available in the literature since Sir Isaac Newton stated that he makes no conjecture regarding the nature of... More > gravity. With regards to gravity and other perplexing anomalies, this work provides a fundamental dynamic conceptual description of how gravity is generated and provides the mechanism as to why light is curved by the presence of bodies containing mass. Matters property of inertia is conceptually explained along with the reason why in a vacuum, all bodies of matter fall at the same rate. A conceptual explanation of the creation of an electron and all its attributes such as phase of charge and electric field are provided including explanations of our laws of motion, conservation of energy and momentum etcetera. See book preview.< Less
Sawyer Only By Michael Gomes
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Whore's Behind The Pulpit By Dr. Mary L. McMiller
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We go to church, conferences, & revivals with no change. Many are just pimping the Holy Spirit for a quick fix for the flesh. The church has gotten prideful, arrogant, lying, backbiting,... More > gossiping, blaspheming & more.They have done unclean things and sit in the pulpit and judge others and sit in the pews and judge the pulpit, when in fact when we come to service and don't realize that we make pulpits even in the pews or chairs we sit in, in the congregation. It speaks of the lust that is in the pulpit to the congregation coming to church lusting after men and women whether in the pulpit or in the congregations. This book goes way beyond the normal eyes, you will have to be ready for truly being made whole and free of spiritual prostitution of the church, the preachers and one's own self. If you are sick of all of the clowns in the church and ready to see sheep won, if you are sick of the falseness in the 4 walls and looking to be mature enough to go out the four walls to win souls.< Less