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A New Life for Julie By Joe "Bondi" Beach
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Bored and boring. That's what Julie thought, until she discovered something new about herself and her family. It led to a new life for Julie and her family, literally and metaphorically. It's written... More > tongue-in-cheek, so don't take it too seriously, please. This story has explicit language and adult themes, including consensual incest. It is written for mature adults only.< Less
Past the Prophecy: Reaching Profound Ground By Anthony (T.J.) Watkins
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Past The Prophecy: Reaching Profound Ground is an intimate collection of poems chronicling the path and experiences of Anthony (T.J.) Watkins as he grows from a boy into a man. Each poem serves as... More > the ingredients to what many have called "soul food for the spirit". Past The Prophecy will inspire you, incite you, engage you, and guide you down this spiritual highway allowing you to witness PROFOUND GROUND!< Less
Encyclopedia of Theory & Practice In Psychotherapy & Counseling By Jose A. Fadul (General Editor)
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The eBook version of the Encyclopedia of Theory and Practice in Psychotherapy and Counseling. In one comprehensive file, the reader is offered a clinician's guide that includes the most current... More > research, theory, techniques, and strategies for patients and clients of various ages and backgrounds in a wide variety of situations—-from life coaching in schools to on-the-job career counseling in industries. Written by leading clinicians, educators, and researchers with years of experience in the field, this hefty volume offers inspiration and practical advice for guidance counselors, psychotherapists, social workers, and others who do therapy, counseling, and coaching.< Less
'De Profundis' A Visual and Poetic Journey By Vicki Rae
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Original Artwork and Poetry by Artist, Vicki Rae