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The Elyon By Uriyah Uriel
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The Elyon flows from El Elyon (the Most High God), as a river of living fire and divine truth into the Archangel Uriel, from Uriel into his angel/servant/scribe Uriyah, and from Uriyah whispered... More > subliminally into the ears of the hermit messenger. A boiled down unity of the teachings from previous monotheistic and mystical religions, this work reveals the hidden messages within the Biblical prophecies, and presents a grand and epic vision for the future of planet earth and mankind... Indeed, opening a path of ascendance to the human race. If you dislike the God of the Bible, don't buy this book. It tickles no one's ears, neither on the Left or Right, and is bound to be one of the most controversial teachings in the modern era. No New Age religion, this is an ancient way of divine promise and power.< Less
Black Magic...Victims...Expelling and Banishing By Dr. Mohammad Anees
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Black Magic, in the path of necromancy is an attempt to recognize knowledge and influence of rituals, symbols, actions, gestures, speech and speech communications, those influences on the destiny... More > and health of the victim. Even the world's greatest magicians, those can make the statue of liberty disappear in front of masses eyes or cut a person in half and put him back together again readily acknowledged that they just deceive the masses and the stunt is based on some clued-up deception.< Less
The Elyon By Uriel Uriyah
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This flowed from El Elyon (God Most High), through the archangel Uriel, into the angel Uriyah (Mael), and was delivered to a hermit mystic. The teaching combines elements from many monotheistic,... More > panentheistic, mystical, and gnostic religions, and boils them down into fundamental concepts. Revealed the One God of Old, yet without the historical, geographic, or ethnic/racial baggage. It's a revelation for all peoples. A revealing from the West for every nation, tribe, and people. Retaining the same general values, without the draconian tribal and cultural filters of the ancient Middle East. Yet, this teaching will tickle no ears, is not a New Age path, and is likely to anger every political, social, and religious faction. More than a religion, it is a way of life, a worldview, and a vision for the future of the world, both mystical and pragmatic.< Less
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