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MAN'S 6,000 YEAR RULERSHIP By Yahweh Yodhhewawhe
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From the beginning of time, we men must attest to the facts, and I am not ashamed to state that we have made a mess of the planet. I know many men do not want to face up to the reality of our deeds,... More > for to look in the mirror and see the flaws we have walked around without taking notice of what is sticking out or protruding from our visage. However, just because you are not aware of the strange and foul sticky matter on our facial outlook; it does not exclude the ugliness we walk with. I am here speaking to you who are of my gender in an informal and conversational manner.< Less
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As I always appear to speak of the wrong in America, I seem to fail to look at all the beauty I have experienced and learned in this great land. I see great changes taking place in our world, and the... More > ripple effect has begun. The American people are seeking a higher standard for our land to rise up to, for you must truly come to define what it means to be an American. America is one of the greatest melting pots, for America does not belong to just you who have gained this honor through birth, America also belongs to those of other nations who have made it to these shores for a better life. It is at times difficult to be in such a predicament; especially, for those who’ve arrived in America at a very young age; that is belonging to two love. I shall not direct my efforts to point out the wrongs I have seen, but to let you see the beauty I carry in my heart, of maybe not your America, but the America I have found joy with; my America!< Less
Remesis Bloodline Conflict By Raymond Clark
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Book for my daughters to remember me and all that their daddy used to think and dream up.
Agents Françaises By Bernard O'Connor
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Between 1942 and 1944 at least 36 French women were recruited by British, French, Soviet and American intelligence agencies, trained as organisers, wireless operators, couriers and saboteurs and... More > infiltrated into France by boat or plane from Britain and Algeria on special missions to help the French Resistance in their attempt to liberate their country. This books tells the stories of Anatole’, Francine Fromont, Yvonne Rudellat, Andrée Borrel, Odette Sansom, Marie-Thérèse le Chêne, ‘Angela’, Marguerite Petitjean, Jeannette Guyot, Daniele Reddé, Madeleine Damerment, Jeanne Bohec, Denise Bloch, Françoise Agazarian, Yvonne Fontaine, Alix d’Unienville, Suzanne Mertzisen, Marie-Louise Cloarec, Pierrette Louin, Eugénie Djendi, Marcelle Somers, Julienne Aisner, Madeleine Lavigne, Ginette Jullian, Germaine Heim, Marie-Madeleine Fourcade, Josianne Somers, Evelyne Clopet, Suzanne Pax-Colombas, Denise Colin, Eugénie Gruner, Cécile Pichard, Elisabeth Torlet, Marguerite Giannello, Aimée Corge and Michele de Ducla.< Less