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Rebound and Bounce Back By Roger L. Leysath, Sr.
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It's an autobiography and more. Cheyney Univ. Hall of Famer, Roger L. Leysath, Sr., has seen many challenges in his life but he has managed to overcome obstacles by the grace of God, through faith... More > and with a lot of family and community support. Follow his journey as a youth in Philadelphia, a basketball athlete, a college student and a family man. Read how he bounced back from the challenges that confronted him; challenges you could face too. This is a book for young and not so young persons who want to know that there is a way to deal with the many adversities of life. Roger L. Leysath has provided a workbook with exercises to show you how you can make the right decisions to meet life's challenges or Rebound and Bounce Back from the wrong ones.< Less
Beyond the Fence: A Social History of Case Western Reserve University By Richard E. Baznik
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AS ITS NAME SUGGESTS, CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY IS AN UNUSUAL institution of learning. Its origins can be traced to the early 19th century, but its character has evolved continually to reflect... More > its location and to address new imperatives for education and discovery. Almost every major development in higher education in nearly two centuries has touched it, and there is scarcely a field of human endeavor that the university has not affected. As the pace of change in higher education itself has accelerated since the beginning of the 20th century, the development of this institution serves as a guide to understanding the dynamics of the entire sector.< Less
Yvie and the Sheep By L. Butler Glessner
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When Yvie has trouble getting to sleep her mom suggests she try that old remedy, counting sheep. But Yvie's active imagination takes her through a lively romp when those sheep decide to do things... More > their own way.< Less
A Musician's Love By Jolene Rodriguez
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It has always been Jo's dream to move out to the country with her children and after a battling marriage, she takes the step. While she is fulfilling this dream, she longs for the need of a love... More > to share it with - a certain kind of love - the love in her heart and soul - a musician's love. She falls in love with the musician of her dreams and while she tries to hold on to this love, she discovers the strength within her as she absorbs the nightlife and the music world around her.< Less