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Islamic Historical General Khalid Bin Waleed By Agha Ibrahim Akram
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Abū Sulaymān Khālid ibn al-Walīd ibn al-Mughīrah al-Makhzūmī (Arabic: أبو سليمان خالد... More > بن الوليد بن المغيرة المخزومي‎‎; 592–642) also known as Sayf Allāh al-Maslūl (Arabic: سيف الله المسلول‎; Drawn Sword of Allah), was a companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He is noted for his military tactics and prowess, commanding the forces of Medina under Muhammad and the forces of his immediate successors of the Rashidun Caliphate; Abu Bakr and Umar ibn Khattab.[1] It was under his military leadership that Arabia, for the first time in history, was united under a single political entity, the Caliphate. Commanding the forces of the nascent Islamic State, Khalid was victorious in over a hundred battles, against the forces of the Byzantine-Roman Empire, Sassanid-Persian Empire, and their allies, in addition to other Arab tribes. His strategic achievements include the conquest of Arabia, Persian Mesopotamia and Roman Syria within several years from 632 to 636. He is also remembered for his decisive victories at Yamamah< Less
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THE LAST DRAGON BANQUET? CHANGING WEDDING TRADITIONS IN AN AMDO TIBETAN AREA. Weddings in Bon skor Village, Bya mdo (Shagou) Township, Mang ra (Guinan) County, Mtsho lho (Hainan) Tibetan Autonomous... More > Prefecture, Mtsho sngon (Qinghai) Province, China are described. An overall introduction to village history, religion, education, economy, death, housing, language, clothing, and conflicts is given to provide a general context. Four selected wedding accounts are provided. The body of the book describes marriage norms, spouse selection process, spouse trial period, and divination for spouse selection. More than 250 photographs are included.< Less
Nine Years of Nick By Graham Rutt, Catherine Laidler
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A short collection of essays and memoirs about Nicholas Chamberlain, vicar of St George's and St Hilda's Jesmond, and now Bishop of Grantham
Another Growing Up In New Guinea By Chris Sanderson
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Though autobiographical, this book gives insights into other cultures in the rapidly developing nation of Papua New Guinea. Aiyura National High School(ANHS) 1978 to 86 was part of a strategy to... More > build the new nation and break down old tribal barriers by uniting young people (Grades 11 and 12) from all over the country, including the islands. ANHS was a happy place of amazing cultural and linguistic diversity. This book,illustrated with colour photographs, records the remarkable experience of being a part of such an ambitious and enjoyable step towards nation-building.< Less