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The mandala in Nichiren Buddhism, Part One: Introduction, mandalas of the Bun’ei and Kenji periods By The Nichiren Mandala Study Workshop
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“The mandala in Nichiren Buddhism” is the first comprehensive analysis of Nichiren’s mandala in English. As the total number of pages in a single volume would reach 720, the book... More > has been divided into three parts. In this first volume, the origin and evolution of Nichiren’s mandala are examined, while the extant works produced in the Bun’ei and Kenji eras (2.1264~4.1275/4.1275~2.1278) are analyzed in detail. The second volume will thus examine the whole extant corpus produced in the Koan period, while in the third the missing, but catalogued mandalas will be analyzed along with a study of Nichiren’s works from an holistic perspective, including the scrolls authored by his immediate disciples and later successors, within the various traditions. Together, these three volumes shall provide the reader with exhaustive information on Nichiren’s mandala.< Less
Goodnight Sweetheart: The Love Poetry Collection By John Nevel
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Love... A word and emotion that many long for throughout their lives, but few have had the chance to actually encounter. This unique collection of 100 love poems is a "must" for all who... More > love and enjoy poetry, and anyone who has ever loved before. "Goodnight Sweetheart" is the first book of a 3 book series by critically acclaimed, self-published author John Nevel.< Less
Beyond Jupiter's Kneecaps By Spencer Payne
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When Wilson is taken away from his high school, he finds himself in the center of the Bulbous Wood, with little clue of how to get out. A stranger called Jarlsberg instructs him to make his way to... More > Boxen Roxen, the city of children that cannot grow. In search of a purpose that will prove to his school principal he has worth, Wilson must make his way through this newfound land and get home. Getting home is not that easy though for he is light years from Earth and Wilson still wonders if his adventure is real at all or if he died in the bus crash and has reached paradise.< Less
The mandala in Nichiren Buddhism Part Three: Analysis of the mandala structure and development of the Gohonzon within successive Nichiren lineages By The Nichiren Mandala Study Workshop
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This volume completes the "Mandala in Nichiren Tradition" series. An analysis of the mandala in Nichiren’s tradition would not be complete without the study of the works produced by... More > his immediate disciples as well as their successors in the various schools which took shape after Nichiren’s passing. This book contains a great number of original unpublished pictures and mandala diagrams and provides the reader with new information about the mandalas produced by Nichiren, his closest disciples and their successors in the main Nichiren lineages.< Less