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Hidden in Plain Sight By Kristofer Carlson
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If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book. (Rev 22: 18) These words, taken from the ending of Revelation,... More > the last book of the Bible, are sometimes applied to those Old Testament books known to Protestants as the Apocrypha and are used as an excuse to exclude these books from the Bible. This approach ignores the New Testament scriptures themselves, which often quote from or allude to the Apocrypha in a matter similar to that used for other Old Testament books. This being the case, how did these books become accepted as Scripture in the first place, and why were these books then excluded by the Reformers? How was the canon of Scripture determined, and were the same criteria used by the Reformers when they altered the Scriptures? This book provides answers to these and other questions, with the goal of encouraging the appreciation and acceptance of these books, which have been, for so long, left hidden in plain sight.< Less
Fredd Gorham's Sketchbook: Volume 001 By Fredd Gorham
Paperback: $20.00
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Fredd Gorham's Sketchbook Volume 001 is a collection of drawings and illustrations done over the years. Many of these sketches were done at conventions for patrons or as concept art for various... More > projects. Media includes traditional and digital.< Less
Time Shadows By Matt Grady, Samuel Gibb
Paperback: $12.28
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Time Shadows is an unauthorized, unofficial Doctor Who short-story anthology for charity from Pseudoscope Publishing. All sales proceeds will benefit the Enable Community Foundation. Featuring 25... More > stories and a foreword by Gary Russell. Tipped off by a mysterious raven man, the Twelfth Doctor and Clara travel to Refuge, home of the last vestiges of life near the end of the universe. There, they discover an ancient, powerful Time Lord relic. No sooner does it activate, than new thoughts, new memories form in the Doctor’s mind: new adventures of all his past selves. Someone or something is tampering with time, changing the destination of the TARDIS, and altering the Doctor’s past. He and Clara must travel into danger, into darkness to set things right.< Less
Is that Penis Odor Due to Trimethylaminuria? By John Dugan
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Every man knows from experience that penis odor can be a big problem, especially on hot summer days. But sometimes that fishy penis smell could be caused by a genetic disorder.