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The Elyon By Uriel Uriyah
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This flowed from El Elyon (God Most High), through the archangel Uriel, into the angel Uriyah (Mael), and was delivered to a hermit mystic. The teaching combines elements from many monotheistic,... More > panentheistic, mystical, and gnostic religions, and boils them down into fundamental concepts. Revealed the One God of Old, yet without the historical, geographic, or ethnic/racial baggage. It's a revelation for all peoples. A revealing from the West for every nation, tribe, and people. Retaining the same general values, without the draconian tribal and cultural filters of the ancient Middle East. Yet, this teaching will tickle no ears, is not a New Age path, and is likely to anger every political, social, and religious faction. More than a religion, it is a way of life, a worldview, and a vision for the future of the world, both mystical and pragmatic.< Less
A Fat Tuesday of the Heart: Tales of a Gone World By John Hindle
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“Apocalyptic visions shattered the night, as a siren wailed its warning out into the ghetto. I was running through the dank night air, through lost alleyways in an urban maze. I was running,... More > but asked myself, “Why run when there’s no place to go?” I ran out of pointless fear, because fate is inevitable. Flames leapt out from the buildings like angry tongues lashing through the night. I stopped, exhausted, and noticed an old man in a crumpled raincoat, sipping a bottle of whisky. He looked at me as though he could see the darkness within and offered me a drink. And I realized that the abyss was yawning before me. I woke in a cold sweat and heard a siren wailing into the great ghetto night of America. Then as the siren faded, I could hear softly from the next room cool gushing jazz beating its eternal rhythm to the soul of man. I should state here that, I'm not alienated cynic, ranting eternal complaints to worry mongering goblins. I'm just another world weary soul with a story to tell.”< Less
Poetic Scrolls By Bruce Daley
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Author and Poet Bruce Daley has returned with his most creative artistic book to date...Poetic Scrolls. He continues to be inventive and resourceful, finishing statements even when they are too... More > controversial. Poems “Confession of a Werewolf, Martin & Gina and Magical Cave” are only but a few great feature pieces expressed in Chapter 4. Make sure to check out his other titles: The Spirit of My Heart “Chapter 1 & 2” Feathers of Black Dove “Chapter 3” @< Less
When Bad Gossip Goes Good By Marysue Drawings by, Maki Kayano
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Gossip is a form of bullying. This little story teaches it's not nice to gossip. “Did you hear the grapevine gossip? Oh my,” the witch sighs, with woe. “It’s so unkind.... More > “The town folks say that I’m a witch who brags, I’m glad to be bad. “That’s not true,” she adds. “Fiddlesticks,” said the witch. “I have to fix this mad mess of mine.” “I can't deny it,” the sad witch said. “Why, oh my, am I thought of as bad in this neighborhood? “Somehow I must turn this bad gossip to good, although there’s no rhyme or reason for bad gossip. “Oh my,” the witch sighs. “This just isn't pleasing.” “That’s true,” she adds. “Hey now, that’s right. “It’s time to read the book, to find out what will be achieved on Halloween Eve, when bad gossip goes good. “If you don’t, you will be sneezing Ah-Ah-Achoo!” Drawings by, Maki Kayano.< Less