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The New Church of Rome VS The Ancient Church of Rome Forty Differences By Steven Speray
Paperback: $4.50
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The point of this little 25 page booklet is to demonstrate that Rome is not Catholic using bullet points.
Pig Tales and Other Hunting Adventures By Mike E. Neilson
Hardcover: $34.74
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Pig Tales and Other Hunting Adventures is a collection of hunting stories from the author. Go with the author as he hunts musk ox in the Arctic, Cape buffalo in Africa and wild hogs in Oklahoma. ... More > Lace up the boots and stalk, deer, turkey, and other game. This book is a great addition to any collection of outdoor adventures. The author takes the reader across the globe from South America, to Africa and North America. Pig Tales and Other Hunting Adventures is an accumulation of stories by a high school teacher who loves to travel, hunt and experience new adventures that many dream about. Mike takes on the dream and makes it his own.< Less
Contemporary Sisters By Mimi Jay
Paperback: $13.56
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This is the story of three sisters who live three very different lives. The Oldest is Eve who is a go getter, career oriented and a single mother. She has had a series of unsuccessful relationships... More > and believes her life is complete until she bumps into her sexy new neighbour who makes her rethink things. Carmen is the middle sister. Once she had been a beautiful model travelling the world until she fell in love with a sexy footballer but life as a WAG was not as glamorous as she had thought it would be when she ends up with two children, struggling with her weight and coming to terms with the possibility that her once perfect hubby could be cheating. She realises that money is not everything. Noelle is the youngest sister is in a wonderful relationship with an amazing man but stuck in a crappy job with a pervy boss who seems to be obsessed with her. Her dire financial situation is not helped when her man loses his job and things in her life take a dramatic turn....< Less
Fate of Leone By Christine T. Pachana
Paperback: $9.40
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Maya Leone leaves her hometown to start a new life of her very own. She changes her medical career to a full-time waitress to shadow out her failure as a nurse. The memories of her tragic past is... More > completely erased, but it is suddenly ignited by an unexpected individual who she later becomes extremely close to. The diminished nightmares she has suffered comes back to haunt her at full force and won’t lose grasp of her till the very end. Maya suffers alone, but will she allow anyone to break that emotional wall to help her through her treacherous journey. Only one is able to. She cross paths with Gabriel Lennox, a well-headed billionaire who helps her unlock the mysteries of her locket; in it is a key which opens a Pandora’s Box of secrets. It leads to a discovery of one common core Gabriel and Maya share and it’s by fate that will unleash answers that both Gabriel and Maya has been solely seeking. Within that time, they will find themselves ultimately falling deeply in love with each other.< Less