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Biblical Egyptology By Daniel McCrillis
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See in this amazing book how the Bible and Egyptology have a wonderful correlation. From the Egyptology record, learn about the three famines in Genesis, the hospitality of Egypt, the betrayal of... More > the Hyksos, and Israel’s bondage. Learn why Egypt’s geography and contributions to civilization are important, and of the Pyramid Era in light of the Holy Scriptures. This book will also unlock mysteries that have been hidden for ages, crack codes using the earliest astrological record, and take you on a fascinating archeological expedition in search for the Bible’s Egyptian epochs. Furthermore, it will unravel two blocks of time: one, covering the flood of Noah to Abraham’s Covenant and the second, covering Abraham’s Covenant to the Exodus. In addition, we will unveil the Biblical Pharaohs of the Exodus and a possible identity of Moses in his Egyptian life. In the end, you will find out, all this is only the beginning of the magnificent study of Biblical Egyptology!< Less
The Calendar Crows 8/30 By Jeri Lynch
Paperback: $32.20 (excl. taxes)
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Learn how 12 siblings and their parents became 'The Calendar Crows.' This colorful book will delight children and adults alike.
A Collection Of Various Physical Theories By Nathaniel Durham
eBook (PDF): $4.62
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A collection of Nathaniel Durham (the author)'s deepest scientific insights into the origin of and dimensional as well as mechanical makeup of the universe. It is highly recommended that other... More > scientifically theoretical books are purchased along with this book to aid in understanding this book. Books by Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene and Carl Sagan are very good examples of these, since they are meant for the novice in physics.< Less
The War of Souls By Aristotle Bryant
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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Adel Walker has known isolation all of his life. After being taken from his home years ago, Adel must now return and participate in a secret war the Caeleste War