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The Dirt Road Sport: Growing Up In Old Florida's Cow Country By Ed Thomas
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See life through the eyes of a young cracker cowboy growing up in Old Florida’s cow country during the 1940’s and 50’s. I put in thousands of miles on horseback chasing (and... More > sometimes running from) old Florida’s scrub cattle, (a mean and ornery bunch!). This was my life from age 8 until my early 20’s. I received a hard earned PHD in “Cow-ography” by the age of 15. Somehow I lived through being thrown off a horse at least 50 times; being bit, kicked, reared up and fell on, scraped off on trees, ran under tree limbs and yet came out all in one piece (well, more or less). After being married at age 17 and suddenly being responsible for someone other than myself; I started the long hard road toward achieving the American Dream. That road was rough and rocky, sometimes taking one step forward and two steps backward. From a penniless beginning, I am living proof you can achieve anything you can dream. Read my story, laugh, cry and learn.< Less
One Hundred and Forty Characters in Search of an Argument By Andrew Rilstone
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Can a white person make a joke about race, or a man about rape? Are some things to shocking to be said under and circumstances? Has Twitter made it impossible to even talk about this stuff? And will... More > you please stop telling me to check my privilege? Too controversial for the internet, recent events in Paris have given Rilstone's first collection of essays in nearly a year a wholly unlooked for topicality. WARNING: People who read this book may get punched by the Pope.< Less
Shooting at the Navy Yard: One Survivor's Memoir By Laurel Myers
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“911, what is your emergency?”, the operator said in a calm voice as gunshots rained down on victims from the fourth floor in Building 197 at the Washington Navy Yard September 16, 2013.... More > Amidst the chaos, hundreds of workers fled for their lives. Those who weren’t hit by the shooter’s initial shots were quickly engulfed by the terror that followed. In Shooting at the Navy Yard, author Laurel Myers offers a firsthand account of the shooting spree that occurred that day and provides insight into the aftermath, including her challenges with post traumatic stress disorder. She addresses workplace safety issues and pays tribute to the twelve people who lost their lives that fateful day. Praise for Shooting at the Navy Yard “ … The point of view from the middle of building 197 is good and shows what was going on in the author’s mind, what her experiences were from what she saw, what she could hear, and what she felt as she hid under her desk …” —Andrew Blanco< Less
Moving: A Memoir By David Polanco
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This powerful collection of essays offers an intimate glimpse into the life of a Dominican boy growing up in New York City and going off to college while facing the suffocating pressures of poverty... More > and prejudice. The mesmerizing vulnerability of this narrative will leave you wanting more from first-time author David Polanco. The First Hardcover Edition includes two bonus essays titled "White Noise" and "My Family Members are Victims, Not Dumb, Lazy Criminals".< Less