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I Am A Piano By Ulla Morris-Carter
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This is the ‘moving’ memoir of an upright piano, made in 1925 in Darmstadt, Germany by an apprentice of Herr Heinrich Steinweg, aka Mr. Henry Steinway. After its trials and tribulations,... More > from Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass) to bombardments of its birthplace, it finally landed in the 1960s in the family of an American foreign correspondent and his German wife. The piano recounts its multiple trans-continental moves from Bonn to Beirut to Athens to America and the turbulent times and journeys of the family up to its current peaceful resting place in Los Altos Hills, California. With its fussy, ‘bourgeois’ pride and limited perspective, this easily disgruntled instrument with sensitive strings concludes, “I am a survivor.” This is an A5, Perfect Bound with White pages.< Less
Growing Up With Raleigh: Smedes York Memoirs and Reflections of a Native Son, Conversations With John Sharpe By John Sharpe
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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Smedes was once asked as a child what did you want to be? His answer: “I wanted to be part of our family business after attending college. I also wanted to attend and play basketball for North... More > Carolina State University.” He did both. Smedes grew up with Raleigh. He saw the city evolve from a small state capital with legislative and educational institutions to the vibrant metropolitan community that it is today. The Smedeses and the Yorks put their mark on the community through education and construction. And Smedes followed their example. In these conversations he gives us his perspective on what they gave him as well as what the community gave in return. Growing up in Raleigh in the 1940s and ’50s, he also reflects on how foreign the sensibilities of those years are to us today.< Less
Seize Occupy and Defend: The Priceless Legacy of Staff Sergeant Macario Garcia By Robert Bailey, Katherine Bailey
eBook (PDF): $11.11
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An illegal immigrant-resident alien becomes a national military hero - awarded the Medal of Honor - in WWII and uses his new found fame to become a civil rights hero. He inspires his entire... More > generation of Mexican Americans to straighten their backs, lift their heads and see new possibilities they were emboldened to pursue. Achievements were attained that have been dismissed by the Black/White Paradigm, hence comparative analysis between Mexican American and African American civil rights history has been explored and conclusions presented. His military and civil rights legacy is relevant to today's hottest issue, immigration reform.< Less
Tattooed Heart - A Little Piece of Heaven - Author's Special Edition By D. Doc Derry
Paperback: $19.60
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As I think about my relationship with Jeri, it is not enough to merely say Jeri and I were lovers and best friends. Our relationship resides in a place much deeper than the physical realm in which we... More > all view our world. She confided in me her deepest hopes, her dreams, her aspirations…and her fears. I cannot count the sum of me without including her in the equation. She is forever, a part of me.< Less