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In a quiet suburb of Bordeaux, France, memories from the last century haunt the thoughts of a retired, lonely widow, night after night. Time is running out for this former schoolmistress: she opens... More > up to a stranger, the narrator, to endow the next generation lessons from her story. In the process, she is led to revisit a wartime decision, involving a forbidden romance, deeply rooted in wolf-pack psychology. In spite of her upbringing and redemption in her career, she finally comes to question her sacrifice. In the end, her ordeal is acknowledged by a coincidence. —Maps, Drawings, Photos, Letters, Poem, Notes.< Less
All My Friends Were Me By Jim Williams
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I begin my story with events leading to my many years living on the streets and hearing voices. My life changes for the better, when I wake in a hospital room surviving an assault induced coma. From... More > that point on, I recall my recovery.< Less
Yossele. The Little Jew who could... By Dr. Joe Rozencwajg, NMD
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Life as a Jewish boy born after the war was not easy. With parents who started a new life from nothing at all, a life literally reborn from the ashes of a nation, the child had to fulfil their lost... More > lives and their own ambitions while trying to build an identity and a personality. This is what has been etched in his memory, at the same time sad and funny, sweet and sour. Everything you will read is true, but coloured with the paint and the shadows of time and feelings.< Less
Remembering Kelley By Donna M. Kshir et al.
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Sometimes God brings special people into our lives. We may never understand what, why, when or how, but it is meant to be. He and His will knows just how much this person will help, encourage and... More > inspire one's life. Our time with Kelley may have been short, but she has touched each and every one of us with her heart, kindness, laughter and smile. These raw and unedited poems, letters and short stories were written by family, friends, loved ones and colleagues of Kelley Jo Snyder. Kelley’s loss devastated the very heart of this small country town nestled in the endless mountains of north-central Pennsylvania. We encourage you to share in our memories. You may laugh, cry or even smile, but you will know just why Kelley meant so much to us. Contributors: Donna Kshir, Laurie Smith-Tornerup, Lee Roberts and Tosha Packer. (This is a cost friendly Black and White Edition, but also available with the interior in full color.)< Less