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The Kindred Path By Steve Hazell
Paperback: $14.95
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The Kindred Path tells the story of a remarkable 22-year friendship. Brought together by a shared love of music, reunited through political action, Bob Weitzel and Steve Hazell were in and out of... More > each other's lives until Weitzel's final quest, his solo kayak journey on Lake Superior. The Kindred Path provides a history of the Green Apple Folk Music Society, reflections from the author's 17 years as a folk music performer, a participant's view of the 2011 protests at the State Capitol in Madison, and an account of Weitzel's fatal Lake Superior challenge, based on the journal he kept during the voyage. The book ends with the author's odyssey of discovery to gain closure with the death of a friend.< Less
We Live In Upside Down Land Session 1 By Publius Marcus
Paperback: $12.51
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The following chapters are actually blog entries from a web site known as The Snooper Report. The writer, for the most part, is a Grunt seeing that he served in and out of the military for almost 30... More > years. There are times that he uses what we call “grunt speak” and the verbiage is known to carry verbiage that very few have ever heard from your basic person. I have taken a few of these blog entries and have “cleaned up” the verbose verbiage to some degree seeing that the writer for most of the 20,000 entries are from the owner of the web site. Many people have asked this man to write a book utilizing the plethora of articles he has written so he can at least so here it is. You can find each chapter at The Snooper Report, and at the end of each chapter there will be key Scriptural verses that brought him to these conclusions in each chapter. No, the author at The Snooper Report is not a King David but God is using and has used him during many occasions in his life.< Less
Gifts to Pittsfield: Gifts to Life By Brett Russell Andrews
Paperback: $14.00
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A collector's book which includes three central essays and eight corresponding illustrations. Each essay was published in newspapers in Massachusetts. Included are two notes from 42 President William... More > Jefferson Clinton and a letter from Roxanne Spillett - President of Boy's and Girls' Clubs of America.< Less
My Margot By Ken Ludden
Hardcover: $49.95
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Margot Fonteyn's closest friends don't appear in Daneman's detailed biography. Lita Legarda (a doctor) gets a one line mention. Angie Novello (Margot's Washington Hostess), Theodora Christon... More > (Margot's personal secretary) and Ken Ludden aren't mentioned at all. These were the people she trusted most, who kept her confidences and never spoke to the press. Everyone knew Margot differently. BQ, her mother, knew one Margot. Tito, her husband, knew another. Ludden, her circle's youngest by a large margin, knew yet another side of Margot: hence the title 'My Margot'. Ken shares that Margot--who taught him so much about ballet and life, and with whom he worked to plan ballet's future. Beyond Margot we learn about Ken's delightful relationship with BQ, a close friendship between a teenager and a woman of eighty. Ken also writes with unflinching honesty of the hostile relationship he had with Rudolf Nureyev, which developed over time into a grudging mutual respect and a shared grief when Margot died.< Less

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