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Stop Paying Taxes on Unclaimed Expenses II By Karen Y. Bryant
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The second edition of this title is far more concise and detailed, focusing on federal deductions and credits as they appear on IRS Form Schedule C, which have been expended to further reduce your... More > personal tax liability and increase the potential for a larger tax refund. Updates have been added to ensure current, accurate information in plain English, more detailed description of accounting terms and processes, and footnotes as appropriate - definitely a must read and the perfect reference material for the sole proprietor of a small business. Important Note - Purchase of this book is deductible on IRS Form Schedule C - Profit or Loss from Business, Supplies.< Less
40 Lessons in Leadership By James I. Owens, Jr
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This completely revised Second Edition has been updated with new case studies, commentary, and questions for leaders who want to improve both their own performance and that of their teams. Forty... More > Lessons in Leadership contains a series of brief, practical, and often humorous, lessons on such topics at trust, teamwork, conflict, leading change, communication, sales and much more. Rather than approach the topic of leadership from a personality or academic point of view, it addresses a variety of topics, each chapter standing on it's own, and allows the reader to pick and choose between topics of concern. The concepts taught here are applicable for leaders in all environments, including business, family and community situations.< Less
U.-R. / U.-I. By Alexander P. M. van den Bosch
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We see this.. FIELDS: U. / R. / I. and I. being a intervention field, just 16 parameters of the big state tuple in current q.mech, R. being 28 parameters.. & reservable.. no energy bonds broken... More > so that.. MORE / The Slit-experiment with multiple people watching to different effects to the same set-up.< Less
Character 2018 By Alexander P. M. van den Bosch
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In this book these character exposes: The Monster, The Artist, The Loner, The Master, The Specialist, The Character , The Sweet tooth, The Waiter, The Selfish, The House, The Back Gammon, The Crave,... More > No Salute, The o.m.g., MORE. Based on 4 axes: power, love, talk, value contributed to vision. Usable in HRM and conflict diagnosis on ACTS typical for that character.< Less