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Parker Puppy & Pudgy Pete's Christmas-Time Adventure By Dorothy Urbanek
Paperback: $6.49
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Parker Puppy's best friend is Pudgy Pete the Pigeon who is not like the other pigeons because Pudgy can't coo! He gobbles like a turkey! Puppy knows what happens to birds that gobble at Thanksgiving... More > & Christmas so she hatches a plan to save her best friend! They meet hungry men, Stan and Fred, along their way. Puppy must remember something very important that she forgot! All ends well as the two consider what they'd like for Christmas then wake up Christmas morning to a surprise neither could have imagined! This story is told in rhythm & rhyme and is fun to read out loud. This book is for a reader past the beginner stage as the emphasis is on understanding quotations and dialogue. This edition is offered here in black & white at a lower cost. Enjoy!< Less
Rainfall By Kennedy Bunce
Hardcover: $10.19
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Two orphans, Riley and Maya, have their only activity, dance, to surround them with joy. When Riley slipped in dance class she realized that they were in danger. On the way to safety, Riley tries to... More > save her sister and the people they meet along the way only to face horrible loss. Riley’s journey seemed possible until she lost the one person that changed her life from beginning to end. After dealing with awful loss, Riley makes a stop where she finds the people that have been lost for years. Riley’s life has left her traumatized. Read on to find out what led to her trauma.< Less
Liberty Sinclair's 5th Grade Journal By Emily Roy Fischer
Paperback: $16.99
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Welcome to the 5th Grade at Blue Oceanside Elementary School where Liberty Sinclair and her little sister Justice Sinclair go to school. Liberty is just a normal 5th grade student, except that kids... More > call her the Statue of Liberty and even Mrs Prosterfax can't get her name right (She calls her 'Library' - Can You Believe It.) Follow the all the scandals with Liberty in her new 5th Grade class with her friends Lori Burloffson and Moniqua Jones, as they try to steer clean of the new SplaWatch plastic sports watch crazy that has hit the school, especially with the Paisley Twins who love to dress in Pink Dresses! Liberty Sinclair has a good head on her shoulders, but she still manages to get caught up in all the everyday things that can drive a fifth grader crazy, from the school bullies The Bratwurst Brothers, to the smart phone snobs, to the ride on the school bus that you will never forget. Step inside East Oceanside Elementary School and follow the adventures of Liberty Sinclair's 5th Grade Journal.< Less
Meeting Mario By Shannon Collins
Paperback: $4.79
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Alex Corbett has to share his birthday with Thanksgiving. But this year he'll get a special treat - a visit to Nintendo City. Join Alex as he embarks on a journey to help Mario become the hero we... More > know him to be.< Less