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Talkin' to Angels By Kayla Sullivan
Paperback: $13.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
A young girl's journal composed of letters to her father after he passes away from brain cancer. Kids and teens who have lost a parent feel especially different from those around them. For this ten... More > year old, writing letters to her father helped her cope with his death and her transitions of grief. Now she shares her journal with the world in hopes of delivering a powerful message: You are not alone.< Less
The Puppy who thought he was a Bunny By Alison Friedman
Hardcover: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Puppy Who Thought He Was a Bunny is a wonderful story about a very small puppy who had a hard time keeping up with his brothers and sisters. Surprisingly, by simply hopping he found he could now... More > keep with the rest of the family and his life was whole lot better. Until he met a little white rabbit who said he was a great "bunny hopper." Now he was confused. Was he a puppy or a bunny? Even a visit to the rabbit's family home didn't fix this problem. He was simply too big to be a bunny, and he didn't even have a pink nose. Who would actually want to eat those gross carrots? He needed to find out once and for all if he was a puppy or a bunny. He turned to his Mommy for advice knowing she would have the answer, and sure enough she did. The answer to all the little puppy's problems lie within the beautifully illustrated pages of this delightful children’s book. It is a must read for all small children and guaranteed to put a smile on every child’s face.< Less
The Prisoners of Wispine By Philip R Clarke
Paperback: $10.91
Prints in 3-5 business days
Princess Holly has been in exile from Wispine for so long. Finally, she returns home thanks to the mysterious Madam Tythorn. Princess Holly can hardly believe her eyes. What had happened to Wispine?... More > Wispine was once a thriving magical land, full of wonder and excitement. Then everything changed and the magic came to an end. Before long Princess Holly finds herself at Castle Fang, once a lavish kingdom, now a dank prison where fairies, witches and anyone connected with magic is now imprisoned. The castle is staffed by guards, including Omar, a shrunken ogre and Officer Hart, who has a connection to one of the prisoners. Within these walls, Holly makes some new friends and encounters an old enemy – Fizz – the fairy who exiled her. But can they put their differences to one side as a new enemy becomes apparent? When one of the prisoners is found dead everyone is a suspect, everyone has a motive but very few people seem to care, except for the man who put an end to the magic – the mysterious King Logan.< Less
Joy the Puppy - My New Toothbrush By Liran Rotter
eBook (PDF): $2.99
This is the ideal book for teaching our young ones brushing teeth habits. "Joy’s mom picked him up from kindergarten and the two went to the pharmacy to buy Joy his first new toothbrush.... More > Joy looked at the colors. There was a blue one, a red one and a yellow one. Joy didn’t know what to pick. Eventually he picked the more beautiful one in the store: the blue one!..." "...They came back home and all the family went to the bathroom to watch Joy take his first try on the new toothbrush. "Joy, remember, we need to brush our teeth twice a day: once in the morning and once before our night sleep."< Less