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Arabi: Land of the Fire By Tracy Turner-Jones
Paperback: $9.42
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‘When the dragon arises, the eagle will take flight and they will battle to death.’ Danger threatens Atratene. Living in a peaceful valley Arabi is unaware that her life is about to... More > change forever. When the new Khan urges the clans to unite against their fearsome northern enemy, Arabi’s beloved cousin Klei sees his chance for glory in a mighty army. As the war draws closer Arabi and Klei face increasing peril. Along with their friends and family they discover devastating secrets, leading to heartache and a battle that decides all their fates.< Less
Figaro The Cat Detective And The Great Dog Pooh Mystery By Barry Durham
Paperback: $4.39
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Someone has been hanging coloured bags of dog pooh on bushes! Figaro the Cat Detective and his partner Harrison the toad set out to discover the culprit and, with the help of his two best human... More > friends in all the world, stop it happening again.< Less
1000 Eggs By James Dziadulewicz
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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This is a mysterious action and adventure book about a young country boy. The boy’s father must find a way to earn money for a birthday gift. During this adventure unique people, strange... More > creatures and action unfold. A mysterious learning adventure where the plot has many exciting turn of events. A movie preview can be seen at the Authors spotlight. Illustrated with twenty eight detailed colorful 3D graphics. The book is in its own new realm of young children’s books.< Less
A Precious Tiara By Sahera Khan
eBook (PDF): $1.25
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The Queen of England invited Princess Amber to Buckingham Palace. Amber’s tiara was very valuable and extraordinary. Muna admired Amber very much and wanted to meet her. Muna was... More > accidentally dragged by an escort in a luxury hotel for Amber’s Sleepover party. Will Muna and Amber meet? What will happen to Amber’s tiara? Is it missing?< Less