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Enevah - Book One - B&W illustrations By Linda A. Ponsonby
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Marah's son Micca,is full of cheek! After chasing him into the depths of their property, to punish him, mother, son and some of the family stumble across a hidden realm! Unbeknown to them,they have... More > all been called to serve on the ultimate mission, on the planet Enevah! They must stop Lord Dretha from planet Regna,with his evil machinations to rule and conquer! Discovering other planets and creatures,as well as many hidden dangers, they must unite forces and, coupled with their training, find the two daggers, the Diamonuses of Ecifercas,as well as these, the two Keys of Thraehdercas. They must survive, as only they can complete the mission, because only ‘human hands’ can retrieve them! Accompanied by their Lagnarhs and Miroobec soldiers,every turn is a challenge, especially MISSY, who is so rebellious! Maybe they should employ the assistance of a Riniplac Warrior, due to their immense power! They must train for combat and arm up with their unique weapons, or they will fail and many will suffer! Aimed for 10+< Less
White Rabbits But No Pink Elephants By Mark Cunningham
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A lovely story written by Mark for his daughter. Children from 2 to 8 will enjoy and treasure this book.
Dr. Seuss's Neighbor Charlie's Games ! By Charlie Springfield Holmes
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spending time with my nephew playing games and teaching him his letters at the same time.
Zero The Hero By Marysue and Bob Bakalish
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This wonderful story for boys and girls is told in symbolic form, giving each reader a chance to find different lessons about individual responsibilities, clliques and community. Zero the Hero is a... More > story of how we are all different and special and yet all the same at the same time. It is Zero's first day at "symbol school". He becomes aware of others prejudices against him, and his own prejudices against those who are not like him. But rather then succumbing to the prejudices Zero is able to come to a higher understanding and make a positive difference in his world. More about the artist, Elyse Whitaker-Paek has over 10 years experience in the Animation industry in LA with Warner Bros and Nickelodeon, doing character design, prop design and story boards. Worked on many shows such as the Feature "Space Jam", TV shows such as "Hey Arnold", "Oswald the Octopus", and" Dora the Explorer."< Less