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The Weeping Prophet By Sue Ricker
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The most honest thing I can say about the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations is that they are not light reading! Yet as I am learning to meditate on scripture, allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to... More > my heart, these books contain truth poignantly relevant to my life, the church, our time in history and the world we live in. Reading about God’s judgment can be quite daunting; however, in the midst of these scriptures we can recognize our heavenly Father’s character—righteous, and forgiving—eager to extend His love, His mercy and His forgiveness for all who will humble themselves and turn to Him in repentance. The author of Lamentations is not identified in scripture—some scholars believe Jeremiah wrote the book because the message and writing so closely resemble his prophetic message, though other scholars are not willing to identify him as the author - because we don’t know for sure. I chose to group these two books together because of the similarity of their messages.< Less
Rapture / Judgement Day By Michael Martiensen
Paperback: $4.95
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As the title says, it is a book heralding Judgement Day through a lawful divorce for true love. If you are frightened of death then this is the book for you. Even if you are not, this is really a... More > book for everyone because it explains how I found the Kingdom of God which Jesus spoke of. It may help with mental health issues since it contains some very basic truths.< Less
Redemption: The Farm Boy's Redemption By Simon Garcia
Paperback: $9.00
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This is a story about a young farm boy who steps into an unknown world for him and gets lost in a life of crime, drugs, money, and prostitution. After many years of dangerous living and narrow... More > escapes, he decides to leave the “big city” and return to the farm. His life, however, continues on a downward spiral due to his alcoholism, which leads him into violent behavior and then two attempted suicides. It was only after meeting a friend who talked to him about God and how God could help him change his life that he finds a new life full of joy and happiness from God’s redemption. A novel based on fact with disguised names of people and with real as well as fictional scenes.< Less
The Highlighted Bible - Scripture Reading for Children, Teens and Adults By M Osterhoudt
eBook (ePub): $1.87
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Wanting to read the Bible but just don’t know where to start? Looking for motivation and guidance but get lost in “who begot who”? The Highlighted Bible began when I wanted to give... More > my teenage boys a Bible they would read. I spent hours highlighting scripture that would lead, guide, motivate and instruct them. Not only did I find my boys with their Bibles open, I found myself reading the highlighted scriptures daily for a quick word from God to motivate me and guide me to a life worth living. Are the highlighted scripture the only scripture that you need to read? Of course not…but the highlighted Bible will get you started in reading God’s work and over time you will desire to read all of the written word and gain knowledge from its teachings. Open your Bible, grab a Bible highlighter (they don’t bleed through the page) and let’s get started. This ebook lists the selected scripture in order from The Old Testament through The New Testament.< Less

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