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Home Bible College Year Two January By Stephen Pugh
Paperback: $20.32
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These are the notes and study questions of the Home Bible College January.
Home Bible College Year Two May By Stephen Pugh
Paperback: $19.88
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These are the study notes and questions for the Home Bible College May
Traditional Quaker Christianity By Ohio Yearly Meeting
Paperback: $15.00
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Do Quakers really worship in silence? Why don’t they plan their worship services beforehand? Why do Friends make decisions on church business without voting? Can I know Jesus, guiding and... More > teaching me? Where does true peace come from? Traditional Quaker Christianity offers the reader a means to explore the time-honored faith of Friends (Quakers), describes how modern-day Conservative Friends put that faith into everyday practice, and outlines the reasons for many of Friends’ distinctive ways. The book’s purpose is to assist people seeking a living faith in Christ Jesus, Who is present and powerful in the midst of all His people. Traditional Quaker Christianity can be useful not only to the individual seeker, but also as a study guide for small groups of new Friends and long-time Quakers seeking to go deeper in their spiritual pilgrimage. Several questions at the end of each section help readers relate the material to their own lives and provide a starting point for discussion.< Less
Five Stories: A Collection of Christian Fiction By Victoria Beatus
eBook (ePub): $1.50
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This collection of short fiction is Vicki B's first book. The stories are on diverse themes and many of them contain symbols and metaphors.   Here are some excerpts from the book:   ...... More > [Jeremy] continued staring at the ceiling, rushing with thoughts of what he would say to the arsonist when he was caught. It gave him a burning pleasure to imagine the arsonist shrinking under his wrath. If he begs for mercy will I give it to him? From “Justice and the Fire”   The bodyguard's eyes reflected the cold moonlight, “You're completely out of order! King Darren would be in his rights to hang you all for high treason!” Then he turned to my cousin, Geoffrey, “Tell me I'm wrong, Your Highness!” From “What the King Says”   See the video sample here on YouTube:< Less