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Journey of Faith By Richard A. Money
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The Journey of Faith is a tale of his spiritual and physical journey and events that he encountered as a renegade priest with some viewpoints and observations of religion and history. Hopefully, the... More > reader will gain some insight into the world of spirituality for the years to come and will be motivated to have a closer connection to God and not to religion as such. There are many questions asked but the answers are up to the reader. Richard Money doesn't expect Journey of Faith to be a record-breaking novel. In fact, the only reason it is being written is because so many people have told Richard over the years that he has a book in him. When is he going to get it out? Well, here it comes, for better or for worse. Journey of Faith is comprised of many incidents in his life that he believes may show not what he has done, but what he has become with the Grace of God. If you are looking for a religious experience, we don't think you will find it here, although you may. We are not making any promises.< Less
Hidden-Truths Hebraic Scrolls Tanak Vol A-1 (Hardback) By Rebbe Simon Altaf
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Hardback - Hidden Truths Tanak from Genesis to Malachi Volume A-1 of two volumes Study Bible put in the correct order with the Second Chronicles finishing last. Purchase to learn what happened in the... More > Garden? Who was Abraham? Where did Noach's ark land? What was the curse of Noach? Who were Abraham’s ancestors? What was the serpent in the Garden and where did it come from? Who were the original Hebrews? What about the people in Israel today who are they? Who was Eliezer Abraham’s servant? How many wives did Abraham have and who were his children? Where did Sarah come from? Who was Nimrod? What were the cherubim that Ezekiel saw and much much more… Many corrections made from the copies of the original Hebrew text. This is Hidden-Truths unleashed but can you handle it?< Less
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LOGOEVOLUTION – THE EVOLUTION OF LOGOS IN MAN; this is a philosophy that was formed by Sheldon Artwell after he carefully admired the great load of questions asked by man concerning their... More > origin and the great illusions many are falling for today. He said and I quote; “Here is life said the writer; Logoevolution is the nature, will and action of logos in flesh or simply put; the evolution of logos in man.”< Less
More of Him, Less of Me By Mark Krenning
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God ways are not our ways and HIS thoughts are not our thoughts. More of HIM.... Less of Me explains how God has revealed himself to me. How HE has used what was meant for my destruction to bring me... More > closer to HIM and how HE has given me a deeper revelation of what was accomplished through Jesus' life, death, and resurrection.< Less

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