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The Correction Book By David Dean
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This book will show you the definite truth from the bible scriptures about all mysterious creatures. God will show you the mystery of the supernatural. God is the source, the power, the answer, the... More > bible is the key, the solution to figure out the mystery of the supernatural. His word is your weapon against the scary supernatural creatures. You will see the sign, the prophecy of Jesus revealing the false Christ and the false prophets in the church come to pass. So get your bible to turn to the bible scriptures to see the evidence. This book is the prophecy of Revelation chapter 10. This book is the little book in Revelation 10:2. Read the book and examine the message! You will see the abomination of desolation in Matthew chapter 24 that Jesus predicted, it is here, Come and see! All of the prophets and prophecies in the bible that prophesied about the future are prophesying about this time, our present time, our generation, John 14:26 the time when the Comforter will come.< Less
Mowgli and the Missionary By James Penrice
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Can a boy raised by wolves come to know his Heavenly Father? Brother Jude risks all to find Mowgli, the jungle boy hated by the local villagers, to bring him the Good News of God's love.
Grace By Keith Ogden
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Grace. a word we rarely hear of in todays society. It does in a Christians case, a person who knows the Lord Jesus as their personal Saviour. It means we are saved by His grace.
The Canons of Dort By Various
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Another quality eBook from Chapel Library. The Canons of Dort is the explanation of the judicial decision regarding objections to the faith of the Reformation, from the official church council held... More > in the Netherlands in 1618-1619. Jacobus Arminius (1560-1609) was a Dutch theologian and prominent pastor in Amsterdam. He taught that God chooses for salvation only those whom He has foreseen will believe. By 1592 Arminius had been formally accused of heresy. In 1610, his zealous followers presented five objections to the standard confessions of faith from the Reformation; the theology behind these objections came to be called Arminianism. The whole church was caught up with theological debate, and a council was called to resolve the controversy. The Synod of Dort concluded with a rejection of Arminianism, and The Canons of Dort set forth the orthodox Reformed doctrine on each point; today these are sometimes referred to as the doctrines of grace.< Less