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Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled By Michael L. Gowens
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Spiritual "heart trouble" is a threat to every believer living in this world, but God has provided help in His word. Explore these various helps for your heart, both in terms of pastoral... More > counsel and comfort, with the author. Besides general comfort from Holy Scripture, pastor Gowens offers specific counsel in individual chapters on Depression, Disappointment, Loneliness, Mistreatment, Grief, Guilt, and Fear.< Less
C4 New Life In Christ Facilitator Edition By Tim Johnson
Paperback: $19.97
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New Life in Christ is an easy to follow workbook written for new believers, or those wanting to understand the basics of the faith. Participants walk through four journeys: 1. First Steps - the... More > basics of the faith 2. You’ve Got to Eat to Grow - personal feeding 3. Learning to Talk - understanding prayer 4. Family Time - understanding church family< Less
Daniel: Many Visions, One Prophecy By Steven Ortlepp
Hardcover: $49.95
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Prophetic interpretation is subjective to an extreme degree. Notwithstanding this fact, there exists a certain unity and harmony in the prophecy of Daniel. Firstly, all his prophecies could be fitted... More > on a single timeline. Secondly, the actors and props of the drama would contribute to its unitary structure. The dreams and visions should therefore not be studied in isolation. Not only are these interconnected, but they contribute to the central theme of the Bible, i.e., the establishment of God’s kingdom. The book contains a novel approach to, and application of, Daniel's prophecies, fitting them into an existing historical framework. We are especially interested in Daniel's future predictions. These could be used as a road map, guiding us through perilous times. The commentary concentrates on the Hebrew and Aramaic text. This author is firmly committed to the authority of Scripture as divine revelation. In the Reader's Edition the footnotes have been relegated to the endnote section at the back of the book.< Less
Your New Beginning Awaits. By Susan (SusieSunshine) Richardet
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Minister is not a preaching term for me its; The term is taken from Latin minister "servant, attendant", that's all. I am His servant any way I can be.In this book I share the trials I have... More > gone through in my 58 years of life, so many were painful to live through but at the same time in going through them God was with me and a very great lesson was learned, as I share with you my desire is that you may see your not alone in your pain and suffering, someone else has gone through it also and survived. if we go through things and learn from it then we become one of Gods vessels, your pain will become someone else's blessing. when I have some one come to me and share something I wrote helped them in their own path, that is the greatest reward I could ever receive.may you be blessed as you read and grow with me.< Less