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The Randall M. Rueff Comic Strip # 10,669 - 10,688 By Randall M. Rueff
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The Randall M. Rueff Comic Strip # 10,669 - 10,688 on 10-22-2014 A.D. with April Whedon leaning upon a slide on the playground at Mill Race Park in Columbus, Indiana U.S.A. using her cell phone
Devils & Damsels #1 By F. Newton Burcham
Paperback: $6.99
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Devils & Damsels #1 is a collection of dark fantasy art from master comic book and fantasy artist F. Newton Burcham. Plus a preview of Kondar of Lost World, a new comic book series in the works.
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par·a·gon n. 1. A model of excellence or perfection of a kind; a peerless example And this British anthology comic lives up to that definition; Jikan the time-travelling demon hunter,... More > Winston Bulldog the anthropomorphic defender of the skies of Blighty, L'il Ganesh the rhyming adventures of the young Hindu God, El Bigote the undead Mexican bandit and Spencer Nero the 1930s British agent with a fascination for ancient Rome. All behind a cover by the brilliant Shaky Kane - this 32 page anthology is not to be missed!< Less
B.A.B.E. 5 - The Golden Glove Vs. The Red Scare By Clay Punch
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AND NOW FOR TONIGHT’S B.A.B.E. MAIN EVENT! Capitalism versus Communism! The Golden Glove, representing Capitalism, takes on the threat of Communism, represented by the Red Scare! The winner... More > of this match will take home the prizefight money of the loser! Who will be walking out of the ring with double the pay, the Capitalist or the Communist?< Less