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The Fire and Forget Money Making System By Michael Williams
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Did you know it's possible to work once and get paid multiple times for that single piece of work? It's how the smart people make their money. It's called a residual income. And it's easier than... More > ever for you to learn how to do this. It won't take a great deal of effort, nor necessarily, a great deal of time. And you can do this repeatedly to keep building your income. I've been using this very system since 2013 and I'll show you exactly how easy it is for you to duplicate my system. I'll even give you links to valuable resources that will make everything even easier for you. Now, I'm not saying that this system will make you rich, but you will make a re-occurring income if you implement what I teach you. So BUY this eBook now. I guarantee you, implement the system you'll more than cover the cost of this purchase.< Less
Brain Under the Shadow of Machine By Dr Qaim Mehdi Rizvi
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This book is neither a text book nor a novel. It is an argument to establish a relationship between the computer and human mind. The comparative analysis and final argument is based on my research... More > and knowledge; and may be some people have disagreement with it. This book is intended to be a practical look at the capacity and the limits of human brain as well as computer< Less
Structure and Inference in Classical Planning By Nir Lipovetzky
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Classical planning is the problem of finding a sequence of actions for achieving a goal from an initial state assuming that actions have deterministic effects. The most effective approach for... More > finding such plans is based on heuristic search guided by heuristics extracted automatically from the problem representation. In this thesis, we introduce alternative approaches for performing inference over the structure of planning problems that do not appeal to heuristic functions, nor to reductions to other formalisms such as SAT or CSP. We show that many of the standard benchmark domains can be solved with almost no search or a polynomially bounded amount of search, once the structure of planning problems is taken into account. In certain cases we can characterize this structure in terms of a novel width parameter for classical planning.< Less
The Little Book of JavaScript By Karl Agius
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A very short book about JavaScript, explaining some basic concepts like closures, objects, and other things which someone who is new to the language is likely to miss. It will not teach you scripting... More > from the ground up, but it can be used as a handy guide to what the hell is going on.< Less