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Os X Yosemite By Michael Glint
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The OS X Yosemite is the newest operating system released by Apple Inc. This new software was announced in June of 2014 and finally made available to the public at the end of the following month.... More > The release came with heightened expectations and reviews which deemed its launch timely, its design beautiful and its capabilities amazing and efficient. While facilitating ease of use, they have emphasized security that will be monitored by the efficient use of the Apple ID. The purpose of this piece is to elaborate on these capabilities and their purported efficiencies. We will attempt to answer the question of what the OS X Yosemite can do for users and expand the knowledge base surrounding this newest operating system and it applicability in today's modern but dynamic computing environment.< Less
Email Marketing Mojo By Best Publications
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“Email Marketing Mojo”includes chapters: Adwords Intro, Getting Around In, AdWords,Starting A New Campaign, How To Set Up Your Campaigns, Contents Ads Or Paid Ads Listing, When To Show... More > Your Ads And When Not To, Gauging AdWords Competition, Using Landing Pages, Maximizing ROI and Important Tips.Generally email marketing is more effective in many ways because of several underlying factors.These factors contribute to the positive attraction to use email marketing as a viable tool. This will show you how...< Less
Computer Journal Number 1 By Clive Harman
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Computer Safety - Knowing the dangers Knowing the Parts of a Computer is a good way to start How to the Install the System Hardware step by step
Computer Journal Number 4 By Clive Harman
eBook (PDF): $3.21
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The Structure and Function of an Operating System How to Install Windows Operating System How to set up Windows XP for multiple languages How to Partition disk The Aspects of Operating... More > System The Other operating systems< Less