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From Tot To Trooper By Rupert G Macpherson
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1st book of 3 covers Rupert's first 30 years from 1914 to 1945. Childhood, falling in love, national guard service & World War II gives a feel for life in the first half of the 20th century. Has... More > 39 photos & 1 map. Rupert's amazing recall and attention to detail will give you an idea of how life was lived in years from World War I & II. Social, military & personal history come alive in this remarkable memoir. Books 2 & 3 will cover Rupert's work & retirement years. At age 91, he's a wonder!< Less
A Love Story of Impossible Bottles By Kathy Brown
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A Love Story of Impossible Bottles (Second Edition)is author Kathy Brown’s gift to her husband, Chris A. Brown, who tragically died in a skydiving accident on July 7, 2012, at the age of... More > fifty-two. A special and unique person with many interests and talents, Chris was the master of the art of impossible bottles and the original owner and founder of the website This book is based upon a beautiful concept: Impossible Bottles, all of which hold some special memory. According to the author, the bottles described in this book symbolize a person’s heart. We don’t easily let everything come in, but when someone or something is special and dear to us, it stays in our hearts like the memories captured in those bottles.< Less
Create Books With Bernard By Bernard Harold Curgenven
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The author Bernard Harold Curgenven has become somewhat of an eBook master, with the publication of 34 books to date, and his publishing advice has helped numerous writers become published authors.... More > Here he will walk you through free self-publishing with two online publishers, their distributors (bookshops), and explain how to receive payment from your book sales. Then we will look at creating and editing your eBook, and creating the perfect photographic art through third party programs, to accompany your writing. Book covers are the first impression of your book, and he will guide you through creating the perfect book covers. Promoting is certainly the most difficult and time consuming aspect of being a successful self-published author. Once you have followed this guide to the tee, you can create, edit, publish and promote your book with confidence. As a bonus sample of Bernard’s expert writing, he has included his latest humorous and horror poetry.< Less
The Essence of Goju Ryu - Vol II By Richard Barrett
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This second book in 'The Essence of Goju Ryu' series explores the principles that form the basis of Okinawan Goju Ryu. Concentrating upon the various Tachi Waza, Uke Waza, and Atemi Waza, this work... More > provides a host of Hojo Undo exercises and paired drills which will assist the intermediate practitioner in adding greater depth to their study of Kata. More than just a description of the exercises, this work will encourage the student to find the subtle links which weave together the various aspects of Karate, and find the true value in its practises. Packed with photographs shot in an authentic Dojo, this book takes the reader back in time to see how legends such as Higaonna Kanryo and Miyagi Chojun crafted their tools.< Less