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Crappie Fishing: How to Catch Crappie the Right and Easy Way By Gilbert Don
eBook (ePub): $6.99
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Do you want to catch more crappies? Do you want to enjoy your fishing trips more and bring home more fish for sumptous meals? Are you tired of not getting enough strike when you go out fishing? Hi... More > my name is Gilbert Don and I will help you to achieve all of the above I wrote this guide to help anyone who's having trouble with fishing crappies I poured years of my experience into this guide Inside you'll find: -how to select the best equipments for the job -how to attract&hore more crappies -how to tell if you've caught a black or white crappie -when and when not to go fishing crappies -how to choose the best lures -a complete guide to fishing rods and fishing lines -which fishing line is best for crappie fishing -how to prevent line breakage when fishing in cold water -and many many more.. If you just want to learn how to fish crappies more effectively, this is for you With years of experience poured into this one single guide, I'm pretty confident you'll learn a lot from this guide< Less
A Love Story of Impossible Bottles By Kathy Brown
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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A Love Story of Impossible Bottles (Second Edition)is author Kathy Brown’s gift to her husband, Chris A. Brown, who tragically died in a skydiving accident on July 7, 2012, at the age of... More > fifty-two. A special and unique person with many interests and talents, Chris was the master of the art of impossible bottles and the original owner and founder of the website This book is based upon a beautiful concept: Impossible Bottles, all of which hold some special memory. According to the author, the bottles described in this book symbolize a person’s heart. We don’t easily let everything come in, but when someone or something is special and dear to us, it stays in our hearts like the memories captured in those bottles.< Less
Machine Knitting Resource Book By Joyce Bragdon
Paperback: $12.50
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Finally, an updated resource book for MACHINE KNITTERS. New techniques, charting symbols, all measurement charts, current sources for free patterns and free apps. Tons of info. Created with the info... More > I wish I had when I first started machine knitting! Measurement charts include: Misses, Womens, Mens, Babies and Children. Also size charts for Hats and Socks. Invaluable time saver!< Less
The Essence of Goju Ryu - Vol I By Richard Barrett
Paperback: $23.75
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This book represents many years of research into the fascinating art of Goju Ryu Karate-Do concerning the relationship between Junbi Undo, Hojo Undo and Sanchin. Covering the history, correct... More > practise, advanced Qigong and esoteric studies within these traditions, this work is aimed directly at the intermediate or advanced practitioner seeking to add greater depth to their understanding of these areas, and how to effectively apply them to the advanced classical kata of Goju Ryu. Topics include: Junbi Undo theory and practise, The origins of Sanchin, The Go and Ju of Sanchin, Shime application and theory, Go and Ju in relation to the body, Sanchin no Chikara Michi (strength paths of Sanchin), Sanchin Qigong exercises, San Tanden (the 3 tanden), Ancient beliefs which influenced the development of kata.< Less