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Flexible dieting; the macro way By Christianna Galloway
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This is a short Ebook to help you learn about Flexible Dieting. As well as figuring out your MacroNutrient calculations on your own.
5:2 Diet Recipe Book: My Ultimate Fasting Diet Recipe Book By Sam Milner
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Welcome to my 5:2 Diet Recipe Book: My Ultimate Fasting Diet Recipe Book If you are not familiar with the 5:2 fasting diet then it involves eating what you like for five days and then being super... More > strict for two. On those two women are expected to survive on just 500 calories for the day. Finding nice meals that you can eat on those 500 days can be a real challenge. Therefore in this 5:2 diet recipe book I will be sharing with you 500 fantastic recipes that are under 500 calories, making them perfect for your 5:2 fasting diet. However if you are not on the fasting diet and you just like low calorie healthy meals then it's great for you too! Here are some of the recipes that are included: Beef Stroganoff Chicken Alfredo Chicken Kebabs Chocolate Mousse Oriental Fish Fillets And many, many more Live a happy fasting day with my Ultimate Fasting Diet Recipe Book!< Less
Infographic: Cryo Health Services Menu By Max Anderson
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Experience the innovative Cryotherapy treatment where the body is exposed to temperatures from -140 to -180*C for three minutes only, to gain multiple health, fitness, weight loss, and beauty... More > benefits. Our services include: Whole body cryotherapy, cryo facial, local cryotherapy, weight loss, cellulite reduction, beauty & anti aging, performance recovery and beauty angel professional See More at:< Less
Eat Yourself Healthy and Sexy: How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off By Tita Horvat
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This book shows you that you can lose weight the healthy way and keep it off for good. Losing weight the healthy way STARTS with eating clean, it starts with you providing your body all the nutrients... More > it needs to function at its best – therefore, this book does NOT promote exclusionary diets (i.e. no ‘carbs’); what it DOES do is it advocates balanced, healthy eating. You get to eat from all 5 food groups, so your body is nourished, you have a lot of energy, and you won’t put the weight back on as is usually the case with exclusionary diets. This book covers all of your nutritional requirements and provides you with: - a 21-day meal plan, consisting of three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and two snacks a day, - information about the five food groups as well as fats and iron, - information about serving sizes, - information on keeping properly hydrated, - information on food safety, - information on how to lose weight the healthy way and how to keep it off, - cooking tips and recipes.< Less