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The Layman's Lifting Log By Alexander Osborn
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This book contains 90 days of easy to use lifting logs for you to track all of your lifts and workouts while you make progress creating a perfect physique.
Can't Sit Still or Concentrate? By D D Ferreira
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Everything you eat, breath, or baste onto your skin will go to the very depths of your body and mind. Because foods and body-care products are awash with (invisible) psychoactive compounds that are... More > NOT benign, they will affect cognition, attitude, behavior, and simple enjoyment of life. Restless Legs Syndrome and Attention Deficit problems are a global problem right now, but most people affected are sufferring in silence because of ignorance. The solution needs no expensive supplements, no expensive therapy, and no management techniques - just a little knowledge. The science is simply explained in this book but the most powerful evidence is your personal experience of being symptom-free - fully awake,relaxed,and in possession of a tranquil mind. As far as natural cures go this has to be as good as it gets. Click on 'Preview' to read samples from a few chapters. To read the full Introduction please go to< Less
All About Cardio: How to Use Cardio to Get Into Shape By Novella Burris
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Most medical experts will attest to the fact that some cardio training is better than not having any at all. In order to life a fit and healthy lifestyle, one of the prerequisites should be to... More > incorporate some cardio training on a regular basis. It should be noted that there are various types and stages of cardio workouts available for any interested individual. Therefore, some research should be done before the most appropriate regimen it designed and followed effectively. Going on a diet is usually the first step most people take when they want to lose weight of get in shape. This is then accompanied with an exercise regimen that is thought to be suitable for the intended goal. Here's what you will find inside this book: All you need to know about cardio; Choosing your fitness gear; Your brain needs to exercise too; Cardio training regime; Stretching your body; Handling injuries; Watch your weight management; Watch your nutrition and much more.< Less
The Omni Diet Plan: High Protein Low Carb Weight Loss to Optimum Health By Cathy Wilson
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Omni Diet Beginner Basics by Cathy Wilson explains clearly, in plain English, how your body works from the ground up. Cathy Wilson shows us how all FIVE body systems are important in great health -... More > cardiovascular, muscular ??? . . . The Omni Diet is all about finding balance in protein and vegetation, meat and vegetables. A protein diet triggering fat loss while flooding the body with essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health. Starving off disease, leveling blood sugars and flipping your optimistic switch on. With the goal to attain optimal health and wellness long-term. Who doesn't want that? Wilson shows us what you fuel you body with every day directly reflects your health, energy levels, mood, sleep quality, relationships, concentration, smarts, and so much more. Omni Diet Beginner Basics is the tool for you to "take action" and make your quality of life better. . . because you can.< Less