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The Diet Roller Coaster Revolution By Dennis Weis
Paperback: $14.95
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IF I CAN GET THIS Report TO YOU It Will Help You Greatly in Solving Your "TOUGH" Fat Loss Problems!!! My NEW 155 page “dieter’s friend” Report “THE DIET ROLLER... More > COASTER REVOLUTION” is for the average man and woman who wants or needs to shed some unwanted pounds of body fat. “In the first 5 minutes of reading the FAT MUGGER “36 Action Steps Guide” in the report you may learn more than you have been able to figure out in the past 3 years of fat loss dieting.” “2” Macro-Nutrient Ratios that have proven, (from years of research, experimenting and testing of 100’s of would be dieters), to be very successful for assisting LOSING EXCESS BODYFAT. BECOME INFORMED ABOUT WHAT & WHAT-NOT TO EAT WHEN IN “6” SITUATIONS WHERE FOOD IS PRESENT Batch-Cooking THE SECRET of Body Fat Loss Transformation Winners SURVIVAL TIPS FOR PROTECTING AGAINST BODY FAT GAINS WHEN WORKING NIGHT SHIFT(S) Join me now as I share with you the ‘cream’ of many years of research and experience for Losing Excess Body Fat.< Less
What i do for my Health & Fitness ? By JIGAR SALAT
eBook (PDF): $4.99
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Alternative treatments and remedies abound. Our experts help you to sort through the often conflicting information available so that you can use alternative remedies safely and effectively.
Traditional Usui Reiki - Shinpiden By C L Moore
Paperback: $25.81
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this is Master/teacher level information. you must still be attuned to Reiki by a qualified Reiki Master
Primal Blue-print: Genetic Diet for Weight Loss By Cathy Wilson
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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Primal Blue-Print: Genetic Diet for Weight Loss by health and wellness expert Cathy Wilson is a simplified introductory guide offering practical health and wellness solutions evident in our fast... More > paced world. There are thousands of “diet” books out there. Cathy’s guide is a simplified version of the concept “Primal Blueprint Diet,” that skips over the long introductory jumble and cuts straight to the chase, giving you clear cut SOLUTIONS to… *OBESITY *LACK OF ENERGY *JUMBLED THINKING *ILLNESS AND DISEASE *PESSIMISTIC LIFE ATTITUDE …And that’s just to start! Wilson investigates the advantages reversing time thousands of years, with our caveman ancestors, and how you can TAKE ACTION to gain from their rustic all-natural clean and pure ways of life. Let's get started!< Less