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Anti-aging Coconut Oil By Deborah Naone
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Anti-Aging Coconut Oil - Nature's Super Food & Beauty Secret INSIDE this eBook 50 different ways you can use Coconut Oil On your Hair, Face & Body! PLUS Medical Benefits with a list of over... More > 40 ailments Coconut Oil can help cure!! PLUS 7 Delicious Recipes including Coconut Lemon Bars and Spicy Salmon Quinoa!!! PLUS MONEY SAVING IDEAS AND TREATMENTS FOR HEALTHY SKIN & BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!!! You’ll learn all about the benefits of Coconut Oil and what it’s made up of. Uses for pregnancy and newborn babies. You’ll also learn about the different varieties available in the marketplace and which ones to buy for your Diet, Hair & Skin.< Less
Girls and Sport: Female Athlete Triad Simplified By Dr. Katrina Smith
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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In a simplified language deals with issues facing active girls involved in sport and exercise. Importance of adequate diet intake and consequences of not eating properly such as disordered eating,... More > hormone problems and weak bones known as female athlete triad.< Less
The Healthy Lunchbox : Ideas for Creating Nutritious Lunches and Smart Snacks for School Age Kids By Jen Casey
eBook (PDF): $7.66
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Education is key and, as parents, it is our job to teach our children about good nutrition and eating habits. This book offers information on basic nutrition needs, lunch and snack ideas that are... More > sugar free, ways to help keep kids involved in making smart food choices, a sample 1 week lunch/snack plan, and ideas for packing waste-free lunch boxes.< Less
Putin’s Psychic Elixir To Health By Elizabeth Fernandez
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Putin’s Psychic Elixir To Health is the most elite mind body and soul restoration program in the world. Incorporating quantum physics into it's design through self assessment with skill-set... More > deadlines,to be met at the end of the month learn cognitive and skills to understand self empowerment that breaks the cycle of inner and outer abuse and conflict. Our 21st century innovative mind training programme approach,sets us apart from others. To build an elite human being to renew their aspiration through our distributors opportunity. I have researched and developed this program since 1996. A prefect solution to a worldwide other ideologies are intrusive used for social trends that cause individuals not to seek help due to feeling intimidated by medical professionals.< Less