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“Guerilla Campaigning: A Grassroots Activist Guide to Ground Warfare, is a twenty-first century real world workbook that applies the techniques of Machiavelli’s 'The Prince' and Sun... More > Tzu’s 'The Art of War' to teach readers how to win campaigns on a shoestring budget in a changing world.” -Jimmy Kay TWT TV This book is a must have tool for bringing order to campaign chaos. It is a starting point for every campaign. It will help campaign managers craft a strategy that takes them from vetting the candidate to victory.< Less
The Voice That Thinks By Miles Groth
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Earlier versions of the first two chapters were published as PREPARATORY THINKING IN HEIDEGGER'S TEACHING. Chapter Three and its appendix comprise a whole, “The Telling Word,” introducing... More > my translation of the “Eisgeschichte” by Adalbert Stifter. An earlier version of Chapter Five appeared in PHILOSOPHY TODAY 25(2), Summer 1981, pp. 139-147, as “On the Fundamental Experience of Voice in Language,” and in a French translation the following year as "L'Expérience Fondamentale de la Voix dans le Langage," in SPIRALES. JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL DE CULTURE, No. 16, June 1982, pp. 54-56. Chapters 4 and 6 were published for the first time in the first edition of THE VOICE THAT THINKS. Versions of the Heidegger Bibliography appeared in PREPARATORY THINKING IN HEIDEGGER'S TEACHING and in TRANSLATING HEIDEGGER, but it has been thoroughly revised and supplemented for this volume.< Less
Silly Stories: Book 1 By Elaina Erwin
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This book is meant for 1st-2nd grade students. This book is for elementary students that require practice in reading comprehension skills. The book came about because of a particular student.... More > Comprehension was a challenge, and none of the stories I found in books resonated with her until we read a story about a woman buying a hat. The story was accompanied by a picture of several hats sitting on stands. This student immediately decided that the pictures showed “hat cakes,” and a joke was born. She thought that hat cakes were hilarious, and I saw my way in. I couldn’t find the kind of stories I wanted already on the market, so I wrote them myself. This book was fun to write, and all of the stories in this book and the other Silly Stories volumes have been read, laughed at, and loved by real elementary students. I hope you and your students enjoy these stories as much as I do.< Less
Mr. Richmond's Crazy Guide to World History - Volume II: From 1450ish to Nowish By Alexander Richmond
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History textbooks are the worst. They're boring, they're dry, and they aren't filled with goofy little cartoons. Not this one. Created by an experienced classroom teacher with high school students in... More > mind, Mr. Richmond's Crazy Guide to World History aims to take students on a... well... crazy ride through thousands of years of the human adventure. Organized into individual daily lessons and chronological units, this text can easily supplement any Global History or AP World History class. Volume Two covers history from 1450ish to Nowish.< Less