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S.A.G.E. UNIversity A Collection of Stories By Seniors of NewAldaya Lifescapes and the University of Northern Iowa
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S.A.G.E. UNIversity ® Seniors Acquire Generational Experiences In partnership with: the University of Northern Iowa. An exciting opportunity that connects older adults and senior-level... More > college students! Newly founded in 2014, S.A.G.E. UNIversity’s® inspiration grew out of NewAldaya Lifescapes’ innovative initiative to help others Live Better and Live Well. As a non-profit retirement destination, NewAldaya’s award-winning initiative offers a holistic approach to the health and well-being among older adults, both on the NewAldaya campus and in the greater community. S.A.G.E. UNIversity ® is a platform for conversations between NewAldaya residents and students in the Human Relations course at the University of Northern Iowa. It is a natural fit with NewAldaya’s goal for giving residents social opportunities to connect with, learn from, share experiences with and appreciate the similarities and differences between and among generations. These short stories depict just that!< Less
Well Played: volume 4 number 3 2015 By Jane Pinckard, Clara Fernández-Vara
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The Well Played Journal is a forum for in-depth close readings of video games that parse out the various meanings to be found in the experience of playing a game. It is a reviewed journal open to... More > submissions that will be released on a regular basis.< Less
A Philosophy Of Magic By Mark Gobeo
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Throughout history magic has been an art that has instilled awe and wonder in its spectators. The magician used to be held in high esteem, as teacher, as scientist, as priest and even as... More > philosopher. This being the case, throughout the history of philosophy, philosophers have deemed magic to be deception, to be a mode of misleading people into believing what is not true. Through the modern philosophical era, philosophers have been seeking a purely scientific method for questioning reality. It seems that, today, even the magician views his or her art as mere entertainment. The purpose of my thesis is to dispel the belief that magic is purely a hobby with no artistic value and that, like other artworks, magic too can cause one to question existence.< Less
Major and Minor Scales - Pure Practice Method By Matthew Abd-El-Ahad
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The “Pure Practice Method” is my method of analysing scales by considering every possible combination of notes within that key and/or scale and practicing each possibility one by one. In... More > this book the Major, Harmonic minor and Melodic minor scales are used. I believe that regular, progressive practice of each bar in this book will actually train the musician to make music his or her second nature, naturally developing strength, agility, precision, flexibility at the practitioner’s own rate.< Less