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My Tru-Sense By Patricia Lee
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In Patricia’s TRU-SENSE one finds a mine of golden nuggets coming from a heart that’s True to itself. Expressions long hidden in these nuggets of TRU-SENSE are the embodiment of... More > intrinsic revelations, simplified fresh thoughts germinating and resurrecting; and giving new life to ancient wisdom and contemporary ideas of genius. Genius made manifest from a Spiritual source of deep introspection and self-discovery. TRU-SENSE is a long-silent volcano, pregnant with creativity, now awakening and erupting into a literary style of enlightenment that’s creating a totally new genre of prose and poetry. Read TRU-SENSE. It is precise. It is concise. It is exacting. It is original. It is learning. And it teaches. TRU-SENSE makes sense! Dr. Isaac Richmond, National Director, Commission on Religion and Racism (CORR) Publisher/Editor, African-American Voice Journal< Less
Let's Share Our Ideas About Educational Leadership By Louis Wildman
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I begin all of the courses I teach by setting forth my basic beliefs about educational leadership, so that my students will understand my perspective. Educators have an ethical obligation to make... More > their position known so that students can agree or disagree. The problem with doing this is that students may get the idea that they should adopt their instructor’s beliefs to pass. But I quickly try to assure students that while I want them to understand my perspective, I also want them to develop their own beliefs after considering alternatives. Likewise, I hope you will use this book to re-consider and then share your ideas about educational leadership.< Less
2B (Or Not 2B) By Mr. Friedman's 2B Students
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Our book is a collection of essays and pieces of satire that high school juniors wrote and revised as a class project. It includes essays on Macbeth, Things Fall Apart, and Summer Reading books, in... More > addition to works of satire.< Less
Teaching for Thinking Mathematics By John Prince, Stephanie Burgoyne
Paperback: $58.91
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This book explores and examines mathematics and its role in elementary education. Strategies are given for teaching mathematical principles including problem solving and its integration with other... More > subject areas. Math is not 'just one problem after another', but most questions can be answered using several different methods. Some methods of thinking are more inventive and elegant than others, but all accurate methods will agree on both a reasonable initial estimate and the final answer.< Less