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Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics I and Teaching Strategies for Teachers Part 4: Fractions By Joseph Mason
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Teachers, Parents, Students: This book will introduce you to the fundamentals behind working with fractions and operations involving fractions. Want to learn quick and easy strategies for finding... More > greatest common divisor and least common multiple? This may be accomplished through the use of the Euclidean Algorithim and the Mason Box which is introduced in this book. Want to learn conceptual approaches that will increase your speed and accuracy in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions. Do you know how to add/subtract fractions and mixed fractions quickly and easily without finding a common denominator? This book will introduce you to a non-traditional strategy that will allow you to do this.< Less
PreCalculus: with animations and videos By Xunming Du
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The entire eBook contents such as theorem proofs, examples, including a good percentage of the exercise questions, are explained by 500 online video clips. The video lecture links are located beside... More > the corresponding contents in the eBook. For dynamically defined mathematical concepts, animation graphs have been made for easily understanding. The hyperlinks in the eBook are the third good features. From the table of contents, from the index or from cross references, readers may go to a certain section or a page by a simple click. Author's colleagues like the highly interactive features, video clips' easy accesses and graph animations. The colleagues are impressed by the amount of effort the author has made on the eBook. The eBook is author's five year accumulated work of the online classes. The author sincerely hope the eBook could make readers' math learning experience happier. For more information about the eBook e.g., the eBook sample or the table of contents, readers may visit the website< Less
My Paperback Book By Ch St 133 Spring 2014
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Chicano Studies 132 University of California of Santa Barbara
The Irish Culture Book By Ian O'Malley
eBook (PDF): $9.59
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The Irish Culture Book is a resource book of photocopiable discussions and activities. It is designed to foster discussion on topics of Irish cultural interest among English language students of B1... More > level upwards. Teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL) regularly use discussion material to supplement their normal coursebook and one of the common problems facing ESL teachers is the relative lack of high-quality Irish-themed discussion materials and topics. The book also helps students develop conversation skills and improve fluency. The conversations deepen critical thinking skills and speaking skills essential to students for them to be success in another culture and also for studying in university programs. Students gain greater cultural awareness needed to function in a new society and communicate confidently in English.< Less