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Singing in French - higher voices By Christopher Goldsack
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Aimed at English speaking singers, SINGING IN FRENCH is a complete introduction to the French language and stylistic guide to French classical art song, known as Mélodie. The volume is an... More > anthology of songs, carefully annotated making extensive use of the International Phonetic Alphabet to guide pronunciation. All the songs are chosen to be appealing and accessible to young or inexperienced singers They cover a variety of composers and periods and each still deserves its place on the modern professional concert platform. The songs included are: Jeunes fillettes - arr. Weckerlin, Tyndaris - Hahn, Guitare - Lalo, Ici-bas! - Faure, Viens! les gazons sont verts! - Gounod, Chanson de Fortunio - Offenbach, En prière - Faure, A Lucette - Pierné, Lydia - Faure, Chanson d'amour - Fauré, Le secret - Faure, Bonjour, Suzon! - Delibes, Ma poupée chérie - de Séverac, Le charme - Chausson, Psyché - Paladilhe, Oiseaux, si tous les ans - Mozart, Ouvre tes yeux bleus - Massenet, Chanson d'avril - Bizet.< Less
Russia's Wisdom By Daniel H. Shubin
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RUSSIA’S WISDOM is a Survey and Collection of Russian Philosophic, Religious and Political Thought, Aphorisms, and Concepts, from Its Greatest Thinkers throughout Its Entire History. No country... More > in the world has the depth of thought as does Russia, and over such a length of time – 1,000 years – from its earliest Kievan Grand Princes to the conclusion of the Soviet Union. Over 100 of Russia’s greatest thinkers are included with a biography and summary of convictions. Almost 4,000 paragraphs of thoughts, aphorisms, maxims, meditations, and monologues, have been selected. From the most serious of religious thinkers to the unorthodox. Political doctrines pertaining to every era. Writers, doctors, historians, theologians, educators, military heroes, librarians, scientists, and futurists, have been selected, along with anecdotes and humor. A collection of traditional sayings has also been included. Daniel H. Shubin has translated and authored many books on Russian history, philosophy, and religion.< Less
Transcendent Reality By Garcia-Gonzalez
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377 years after Rene Descartes' Cogito ergo sum and 304 years after George Berkeley’s ’The objects of sense exist only when they are perceived’… a new original metaphysical... More > persuasion categorized as Perception Metaphysics and by the title of Absolute Realization; is introduced in this Theist, Metaphysical, Intelligent Design Work highlighting Epistemological Theoretical-Practical Realism.< Less
Puzzling Algebra By Steve Hiner
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This is a supplemental resource for math teachers and an aid to help students get more practice on their math skills. Topics can be used for Alg 1 and 2, as well as Integrated Math I, II, and... More > III. Topics include: order of operations, solving all types of equations, exponents, distance formula, Pythagorean Theorem, area of triangles from determinants, basic circles, square roots, mean, median, mode, box and whisker plots, matrices (cryptography and inverses), plotting points, graphing circles, lines, and parabolas, long and synthetic division of polynomials, FOIL, Quadratic Formula, logarithms, factoring, and the Binary number system.< Less