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Deaf Beneath By Libby Lael
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An inside look at the failing Deaf program, as well as the consequences of long term damage from the Least Restrictive Environment Mandate. The focus is on several deaf students, and 'Emma', a star... More > character for the need of L.R.E. mandate reform. Real life situational cases were observed and several problematic issues, especially within the public school system and their inclusive program, were addressed. An excerpt-- "A tip for primary caretakers: I.D.E.A. favors the whole placement of a child, rather than the educational aspect for the child alone. To maximize deaf children’s education, apply the law section 504 and register A.S.L. as the students’ primary language on the I.E.P. This clause will force the school to hire certified and educated A.S.L. interpreters."< Less
The Moorish Diarium: A Diary of a Moor - The Great Maze of an International Monetary System By Amaanah Taqwaamani
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Do you think you really know money? Well, most of us would be more than likely to agree upon such an inquiry, and with all confidence and certainty. However, unbelievably, every nine out of ten... More > people I have asked in the past to currently, have absolutely no clue how to differentiate real money (lawful currency) from the fiat form of currencies circulating presently throughout today’s seas of commerce. There are a few sayings that I’ve heard more than a few time in my past, which were.. “Money Talks….Walks” ”Money Rules the World… and “Whoever makes the rules may break the rules”, as well as “Money is the root of all evil” amongst others. Upon completion of this Diarium, you may feel you have become more educated and informed about money and the great maze of the monetary system, than before. Continue if you will, as I embark a remarkable journey through the veins of what I would like to introduce as “The Greatest Maze of an International Monetary System”.< Less
Music Theory Textbook By KARL W. GEHRKENS
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The Allen Graih Company's Music System is proud to present this textbook on the Theory of Musical Notation and terminology. We have taken the liberty of expanding the topical index to be more subject... More > oriented, and added a section to the Appendix to indicate all of the terminology used in this book. (and a few comical surprises). Western music Theory in it's pre-twentieth century context has not changed that much and so the basics of music theory still hold true in this textbook. Watch for the Allen Graih Company Thesis on the "New Music" our slant on 20th Century musical system.< Less
Test Reglamento de Circulación Aérea y Temario By Aeromad Formación
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El Módulo 9, Definiciones del Reglamento de Circulación Aérea es, probablemente, la parte del temario de Controlador Aéreo más complicada de estudiar debido a la... More > gran cantidad de matices existentes a la hora de contestar preguntas de exámenes. Por tanto nuestro tomo, “Test RCA y temario”, se convierte en una herramienta imprescindible para que dicha parte te resulte más amena. Te hemos agrupado todas las definiciones del RCA en grupos temáticos dándole así un enfoque práctico y sencillo para que su estudio te resulte muchísimo más fácil. Y además, hemos añadido una recolección de más de 300 preguntas tipo test y su correspondiente solucionario para que puedas evaluar tus progresos de una manera rápida y eficaz. Complemento perfecto a "Test Controlador Aéreo"< Less