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Forensic Nursing Info You Need to Know By Lynn Minella
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Forensic Nursing is one of the newest specialty areas recognized by the American Nurses Association. It involves working with law enforcement officials to aid in the investigation of crimes such as... More > abuse, accidental death and assault. They also collect evidence from the survivors of the violent crime as well as the suspect so a case can be can be made and justice can be served. Get “Forensic Nursing Info You Need to Know” now!< Less
Il vero italiano: Your Guide To Speaking "Real" Italian By Keith Preble, Francesco Rossi
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This guide to speaking “real” Italian will examine nine integral parts of speech in Italian: verbs, nouns, article, adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, and... More > interjections. There is also a chapter on useful idioms! Each chapter features a grammatical overview of the part of speech and then takes a look at some important words and phrases related to that part of speech. Based on the popular blog, Parola del Giorno (, this book features easy to follow explanations on some complex grammar topics while helping you learn new words and phrases and providing a thorough and complete explanation of how the Italian language is really used. This book is best suited for intermediate & advanced students.< Less
Focus Group Workbook By UW-Stout Applied Research Center
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An instructional and reference resource for using focus groups for data collection. Covers an overview of the focus group method, how to prepare for conducting focus groups, tasks involved in... More > conducting the groups, and how to complete the focus group project. Examples and templates for many related documents are provided.< Less
My Adoption Celebration Scrapbook By Karen Jean Matsko Hood
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This scrapbook is especially designed for adopted children to help them to remember their unique and sometimes complicated journeys through life. Scrapbooking provides an outlet of expression that... More > may not be available in any other form. Families get involved and show their adopted children how much they love them by helping them fill in the pages of this book. Author Karen Jean Matsko Hood has written My Adoption Celebration Scrapbook to keep those special memories, reflections, and thoughts in a safe place for your adopted child. Help them fill it with photographs, memoirs, stickers, and awards to complete the book of memories that will be treasured for life. You can even add any information to this scrapbook that you may obtain prior to your child’s adoption so that they know more of the special people who cared for them until their adoption took place.< Less