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Convex Optimization Euclidean Distance Geometry 2e By Dattorro
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Convex Analysis is an emerging calculus of inequalities while Convex Optimization is its application. Analysis is the domain of the mathematician while Optimization belongs to the engineer. In... More > layman’s terms, the mathematical science of Optimization is a study of how to make a good choice when faced with conflicting requirements. The qualifier Convex means: when an optimal solution is found, then it is guaranteed to be a best solution; there is no better choice. As any convex optimization problem has geometric interpretation, this book is about convex geometry (with particular attention to distance geometry) and nonconvex, combinatorial, and geometrical problems that can be relaxed or transformed into convexity. A virtual flood of new applications follows by epiphany that many problems, presumed nonconvex, can be so transformed. Full Color Interior Hardcover< Less
I do like CFD, VOL.1, Second Edition By Katate Masatsuka
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Version 2.5 (Sep. 2017): This is a unique and highly technical book on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The first half talks about mathematical foundations and governing equations ranging from... More > simple model equations (advection/diffusion, Euler-Tricomi, Cauchy-Riemann, Burgers, etc.) used for algorithm development to the incompressible/compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes equations in various forms with complete Jacobians and eigen-structures in 1, 2, and 3 dimensions. The other half talks about general methods for deriving exact solutions (separation of variables, transformation, superposition, etc.) and numerous exact solutions that can be readily used for accuracy verification of a CFD code (Ringleb's flow, Fraenkel's flow, boundary layer, viscous shock structure, etc.). This book can be a very useful resource for students studying basics of CFD as well as researchers/practitioners in CFD. - PDF version is available at [Note: PDF does not contain some contents of the Printed version.]< Less
Development Engineering - Development of Surface of Objects - Applications by Mathematics EquationsObjects By Hazem Albadry
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“The development of surface of an object means the unrolling and unfolding of all surfaces of the object on a plane.” “If the surface of a solid is laid out on a plain surface, the... More > shape thus obtained is called the development of that solid.” The new in this book is to rely on mathematical equations in the design of geometric shapes, which means the accuracy of the results and the speed of implementation and not to fall into the mistakes that will often be known after the manufacturing process, resulting in loss of cost and time. In addition, an engineering program that gives digital and visual results has been done for all objects in this book.< Less
An Introduction to System Modeling and Control By John Chiasson
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The first half of the book is an introduction to feedback control in the Laplace domain. This part emphasizes doing pole placement while achieving tracking and disturbance rejection objectives. The... More > second half emphasizes statespace methods. Both the tracking of state trajectories and the rejection of constant disturbances are covered from the statespace point of view.< Less