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Arbitrary Precision Calculation Of Selected Higher Functions By Ronald W. Potter
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Describes methods for calculating numerous higher functions to an arbitrary number of decimal digits of precision. The number of digits is limited only by the size of the computer memory, and by the... More > speed of the computer. Only selected higher functions are discussed in this book.< Less
Digital Audio Watermarking By Prof Vishnu Narayan Saxena
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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Security has always been a major concern for human from very ancient age to this new age of science. The aspect and meaning of security is kept on changing from day by day as the science and... More > technology changes. Now a day’s internet has been converted into a very big market place where everything is available for buying and selling again we can’t ignore the importance of an internet for the promotion of our ideas or our product. How we can protect our Data from an unauthorized copying and distribution over internet this is the main driving force for the development of a technology called watermarking. Watermarking is a technology in which we add some watermark(for example data ,picture, any random numbers) with the original host signal(Text, Audio, Video) in such a way that it will not affect the quality of an original signal as well as the added watermark should be robust against various intentional or unintentional signal processing attacks.< Less
Statistical Causality and Carbon Dioxide By David Wright
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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Statistical Causality of Carbon Dioxide is implemented for the years 1958-2000.
Beyond Matter: Invisibility and Subwavelength Imaging By Saul Wiggin
Paperback: $15.01
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Metamaterials were described as one of the top 10 scientific breakthroughs of the last decade by Science magazine. Metamaterials are a new paradigm in science. A modern day scientific revolution... More > where a slight change in perception, as Einsteins slight reformulation of the laws of relativity has led to a whole new field in Physics.< Less