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Engineering and Design By Amit Kumar Sahoo
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Power augmentation and new capacity installation or power distribution has seen a significant growth starting from Infrastructure and Automobile Manufacturing industry to Agriculture, fertilizers,... More > mining, Minerals, Metals and Oil & Gas/Refineries & Pharmaceuticals. Major products for installation that vastly sell in these industries are HT Switchgears and Power Transformers with Manufacturing Pioneers like ABB, Schnieder, Areva, L&T, SIEMENS, C&S, which require a lot of time invested to train newly recruited engineers for deploying them in a project. This book is inclined towards teaching the foundations for a newly recruited Engineer for a Site inspection & during vendor drawing review and approval based on certain basic awareness in the field of installation of HT Switchgears and Power Transfomers. Although for Power Transformers, a detailed version of the book is yet to be published with more elaborate views on all accessories, which depends on the readers review of this book.< Less
Cessna 172 Training Manual By Danielle Bruckert, Oleg Roud
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A training and reference guidebook for the Cessna 172. A companion to the pilot's operating handbook, expanding on the information provided, explaining in depth the technical information and... More > operating procedures and providing tips to improve airmanship. Great for support to structured practical flight training on the aircraft or as a reference manual for pilots who already fly the aircraft. Compiled from manufacturers' maintenance manuals, a range of Cessna 172 Pilot Operating Handbooks from various models, and the authors' personal experience as flight instructors and charter pilots on the C172. The explanations are straight forward and easy to understand with photographs, diagrams, and schematics. The flight operations section includes standard practices for normal, abnormal and emergency flight operations, including performance planning, and sample calculations.< Less
A Bibliography of Frank Conrad By David Kraeuter
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A bibliography of the patents and publications by and about Frank Conrad, KDKA radio pioneer.
Agency and social structure in Human Factors By Roland Gasser
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Today’s work environments are getting ever more adaptive and dynamic. The underlying technologies are highly complex and distributed. As a consequence, both the theoretical fundaments and the... More > methodological toolbox of Human Factors become challenged. By drawing on the field of production planning and scheduling (PPS) in manufacturing, this book is making explicit how Human Factors fails to fully account for many problems related to this type of environment. It is proposing a philosophical reorientation - based on critical realist thought - through a focus on agency and social structures as central concepts for the understanding of human behavior. The new ontological fundament then leads to the formulation of a critical realist theory/methods package for Human Factors. Through the integration of agency and social structure into our thinking about technology, Human Factors interventions will become more tuned to the networked and globalized work contexts we are increasingly engaged with.< Less