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DESIGN II for Windows User Guide Version 15.0 By WinSim Inc.
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The DESIGN II for Windows User Guide is one of five user manuals provided by WinSim Inc. to assist DESIGN II users in optimizing their usage of the process simulation program.
"Mixed Fiber Reinforced Concrete Deep Beam In Shear" By A.N.Kumbhar S.S.Kadam, C.P.Pise
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Concrete is a largely used construction material all over world due to its compressive strength, high mold ability and durability, structural stability and economic consideration. Generally structure... More > is subjected mainly four forces or load i.e. Tensile, compressive, shear, & flexure, but concrete is very weak in tensile and in shear. Shear strength of concrete we can’t calculate directly like a compressive strength due to its complexity. There for the main target of this paper is to study the increase in shear strength of the deep beams due to addition of the mixed fibers (steel-synthetic) without any shear reinforcement. In this study we test 27 reinforced concrete deep beams.< Less
"Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete" By Shriganesh Kadam
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Use of concrete in modern construction is continuously increasing because of its adoptability for various conditions. Hence the quality of control of concrete plays an important role in construction... More > field. The manufacture of concrete mainly depends upon the mix design and the properties of ingredients of concrete. It mainly consists of cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water. To produce good quality of concrete advent research work had made to enhance the strength properties and serviceability requirements by using supplementary materials in concrete.< Less
"Analysis Composite Bridge Girders" By Manisha B. Patil, C. M. Deshmukh, Dr. C. P. Pise
eBook (PDF): $8.99
In various research papers, it has been found that composite bridge gives the maximum strength in comparison to other bridges. It has been found in those research paper the steel or concrete girder... More > were analyzed by using soft wares like STAAD Pro., ETAB etc. In this project the study of composite bridge design with various girders has been done with the help of SAP 2000 software and finding which is more effective. The combination of steel and concrete in a single composite structural element enhances the individual advantages of both materials. Composite bridges provide an efficient and cost-effective form of bridge construction. By utilizing the tensile strength and the compressive strength of steel in the main girder and concrete in the slab, the bending resistance of the combined materials is greatly increased and larger spans are made possible. Hence, in this book, the static analysis of T, I and Box girder has been done.< Less