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The Guide to GB TRIZ vol.2 issue 1 By Len Kaplan
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The core of GB TRIZ approach is technique of Guided Brainstorming, teamwork of client’s experts facilitated by GB TRIZ specialist. Main activities of Guided Brainstorming are... More > "massive" generation of simple ideas, combination of these ideas into the efficient solutions, and selection of the most suitable solution based on client-oriented criteria. This approach is less efficient for individual intellectual work; however, it is much more efficient for facilitated teamwork of client’s experts who are knowledgeable in the situation-at-hand and have neither skills nor experience in use of TRIZ tools. Series The Guide to GB TRIZ includes the following topics: Basics, Processes & Projects, Tools, and Drills. This set of books contains practically comprehensive set of knowledge and techniques for GB TRIZ facilitators.< Less
The Guide to GB TRIZ vol.2 issue 3.2 By Len Kaplan
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Breakthrough innovations predicted by TRIZ inevitably and successfully appear in the market. FutureMapping supports strategy implementation and reduces risk because it: 1. Delivers the knowledge... More > about emerging trends, paradigm shifts, breakthrough innovations and their optimal sequence in the overt, easy-to-grasp format. 2. Provides the knowledge about competition: competitors’ behavioral patterns, the best possible competitive acts, the most dangerous company blind spots. 3. Supplies the knowledge about company core competence needed to take the breakthrough opportunities, resources needed to commercialize the innovative products, and alignment of company policies and human resources with ultimate business aim. This knowledge is critical for business strategy aimed at improvement of return on invested resources (ROIR). This book tells how to develop and successfully implement the innovative business strategy facilitating survival of your company during the crisis. Read, use and OutCompete!< Less
Proceedings of the 2015 Conference on Autonomous and Robotic Construction of Infrastructure By David White, Pavana Vennapusa, Ahmad Alhasan
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This is a proceedings of 21 papers presented at the 2015 Conference on Autonomous and Robotic Construction of Infrastructure at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, on June 2–3, 2015. The... More > conference provided information on how autonomous robotics systems are being applied in practice, discussed emerging technologies, and described theories that will no doubt shape the future of this field. The papers cover a range of topics including mobile robotic operations, visual analysis, terrain modeling, simulations inspired by natural processes, multi-dimensional modeling, 3D printing, sensors, data processing, and new applications for construction technologies like photogrammetry. An underlying theme for many of the papers is data analytics—trying to make sense of and bring value to the deluge of data now being generated during construction operations (e.g., machine telematics, digital photos, weather data, sensors, etc.).< Less
MEM16008A - Interact With Computer Technology (Advanced) By Warren Blackadder
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Resource manual to achieve competency in MEM16008A. The resource included all theory, tutorial and skill practice exercises. The required CD is available by contacting the author at... More > for an additional $10 plus postage.< Less