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Black Dye White Noise By Sion Smith
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In Black Dye White Noise, Siôn Smith collects many of the interviews that took place during the days he spent on the road with countless rock bands in the name of writing about rock n roll:... More > seventies style. Here’s what the people say: “For fans of rock, comics and good old fashioned music journalism - think Sounds, Creem, Rolling Stone etc - the interviews contained within are brought together by chapters setting the scene, time and place and what they meant to the author. Although not all the names within are known to the mainstream, every page has something to say about what makes rock ‘n roll culture go far beyond the music and matter so much to so many.” “Siôn Smith has a great way of relaying his words to us - as though he were telling a story over a drink. His knowledge is abundant and because he’s a fan, he asks all the right questions and clearly has the respect of his subjects.”< Less
PS03 - West Grand Inn By Practice Space
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West Grand Inn is a B&B, but it’s not a traditional Bed and Breakfast – it’s a Bed and Bistro in which everything is for sale.
"...sed fieri sentio" / For 8 cellos - per 8 violoncelli / Parts - Parti By Simone Fontanelli
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“…sed fieri sentio” (“…But I Feel It Happening”) For 8 cellos - per 8 violoncelli (2011) Parts - Parti As in a theatrical scene, 8 cellos are characters... More > acting on the stage in a sort of dialogue between groups, or in a full operatic “concertato”. Narration is the basic element. A story where several situations occur and memories are back from the past, finally leading to the end of a journey when, looking back, we maybe can understand the sense of the journey itself. The title is a verse from a poem by Catullus (Carmina, LXXXV): "Odi et amo. Quare id faciam, fortasse requiris. Nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior". (I hate and I love. How can I do this, perhaps you ask? I do not know, but I feel it happening, and I am in pain.) My warmest thanks to my friend, the great cellist Enrico Bronzi, for having asked me to write this piece. Simone Fontanelli - The audio-file of the World Premiere of this piece is available at< Less
Bitter! By Ronald Pattinson
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An assemblage of Bittery goodness, telling the tale of Pale Ale in its many forms. An alphabet soup of names: IPA, PA, AK, BB, AKK, XK, XLK, BA, BBB and many more. From the 1820's to the 1980's,... More > there's everything you need to know about the style that made Burton world famous. Homebrew recipes of Pale Ales of the past, too. Plus loads and loads of tables of numbers< Less