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Tales of the Fish Patrol By Jack London
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In this classic collection of stories drawn from his own experiences, the author looks back on his days as a teenager aboard the fishing boats of San Francisco Bay. In the early 1900s, men of all... More > stripes descended on these waters to plunder its rich oyster beds. To stop the run on the waters, a patrol was established. Jack London began his youthful adventures on the wrong side of the law, as an oyster pirate. But conscience and common sense got the better of him, and at the age of 16 he became a member of the Fish Patrol. Dedicated to enforcing the many laws that were passed to protect the fish, the Fish Patrol had many death-defying encounters with the pirates. These 7 short stories, based both on Jack's experiences and those of his fellow deputies, describe these incredible encounters.< Less
The Very Best Of Paintbox By Tim Worthington
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A collection of highlights from Paintbox, a retro-themed fanzine by TV's 'Clangers Expert'. Full of over-researched and under-reverent pieces about sixties pop music, seventies children's TV, ropey... More > late night films, lurid paperbacks, forgotten crazes, baffling adverts and loads more obscure pop culture ephemera besides, Paintbox ran for more than thirty issues and you can find the very best articles in this book. From a time when the Pet Sounds Sessions box set was the stuff of madmen's dreams, The Very Best Of Paintbox includes features on the likes of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Magic Roundabout, Bagpuss, Nick Drake, Chris Morris, Monty Python, Scott Walker, Lee & Herring, Tony Hancock, Chorlton And The Wheelies, Battle Of The Planets, Camberwick Green, Trumpton, Chigley and a book with a big footprint on the back cover. Scanned from the original issues, and available for the first time since the late nineties, this is indisputably a collection of articles that originally appeared in Paintbox.< Less
The Son of the Wolf By Jack London
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"The Son Of The Wolf" is a collection of short stories, all with a common subject - the northern part of the American continent, the pursuit of gold during the rush in Yukon, and mainly the... More > dealings between the locals (Native Americans) and the European settlers. Though the stories are different, they have much in common, and the mostly the same characters appear throughout them. Jack London gained a lot of fame by writing about the Klondike gold rush, and rightly so. London certainly has a very good insight into the minds of the men and women that occupy the raw, unforgiving North. The stories tell of endurance, hardships and strife but also about true friendship, brave men and virtuous women.< Less
Creations for Guitar Grade 3-5 By Yorgos Karagiannis
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This book, composed of personal compositions, is an attempt to enrich the Greek guitar repertory with pieces, coming from different musical genres, which contain a wealth of technical requirements... More > for the middle class. During middle class, student is asked to slowly conquer maturity in his playing, passing from the "child" in the "adolescent" stage of guitar and many of the pieces - experiences he learns during this stage, he “carries” with him/her technically as well as melodically, for a very long time. In this book you will find pieces of all "levels" of the middle class. Pieces for newcomers in the class (The Secret of the rock), pieces to learn being especially expressive (Once upon a time, a time of cynicism), pieces demanding as to the rhythm of execution (Mobility, Spark), increased difficulty pieces (The song of the Elder, Ren' Que).< Less