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Without A Sound: Libretto/Vocal By Matthew Mahoney
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The libretto and vocal score for the musical 'Without A Sound'.
Parties & Porches: Vintage-Style Entertaining: Food, Flowers & Fabulous Women By Brenda Murphy & friends
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The next time you’re in the South, enjoying that famous Southern hospitality on a covered porch, be sure to look up. You’ll see that most porch ceilings here are often painted Carolina... More > Blue, a color that is said to chase away evil spirits known as “haints” and also keeps flying insects at bay. For the Southern girls who grew up on those porches, it was also where they were schooled in the finer points of a well-lived life. Porches served many purposes in the home. On some days, they were gracious outdoor living rooms when company dropped by. On others, they were a lonely outpost after a scolding. But most of all, our porches are where we learned the ins and outs of ladylike behavior; the wonders of linen, cotton, and other natural fibers to keep us fresh as a daisy on hot Southern summer days; and the wisdom of remaining polite even when you felt like exploding all over the place with a sassy comeback to insults both real and imagined.< Less
YHH SUN By Paul Slice
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This is a compilations of various blogs and excerpts that once brought a great deal of joy to a great amount of people OHM JOT/LOG/POT/SAY/SEX/SUN enjoye
Always In My Mind By Alan Gerowe
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Always In My Mind is the story of a young man who has no choice but to protect himself from the past; a past so unnerving that it splits his personality. Along comes Amber, a young woman who needs... More > one of his personalities to carry out her mission. Somewhere along the way, she falls in love with Arden and the rest is how they each cope with it.< Less