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Horse, Foot and Guns Version 1.1 By Phil Barker
Paperback: $19.95
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Horse Foot and Guns is a set of quick-play army-level wargame rules for large land Battles for the period 1701-1914. They are primarily intended for games between two players each controlling a... More > complete army against its historical opponents using a minimum number of figures on a small table. The series' inspirations are that no current rules can cope with more than one corps per player, that few of the many wars of the period except the Napoleonic and American Civil Wars are covered by existing rule sets, the greater interest being shown in smaller model scales for which casualty removal is impractical, and the realisation that the methods of our quick play ancient set "De Bellis Antiquitatis" can be extended further than originally supposed. Later they will be followed by more detailed companion sets, initially "Tricorne & Musket" covering 1701-1790, "Shako and Bayonet" for 1791-1850, and "Kepi & Rifle" for 1851-1914.< Less
Final Combat By Bennett P. Lacy
eBook (PDF): $15.95
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Predicated on character attributes, Final Combat is a 1:1 set of skirmish wargaming rules for role-playing and miniatures that provides a realistic close quarter battle simulation for squad level... More > engagements of WWII. Although this book contains rules for armored combat, data sheets for individual tanks are not included. Anthology of Armor is a companion volume to this book, and it provides the necessary data for almost 200 AFVs.< Less
Anger Sizzles and Wrath Burns: 24 Bible Verse and Inspirational Word Puzzles to Keep You from Being Angry By Jamie L. Sawyers
Paperback: $7.00
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Find out how to avoid the perils of anger, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, as you solve these word puzzles that include Bible verses, word lists, and interesting clues on the subject. Working the word... More > puzzles just might inspire you to dash away from wrath and run toward serenity.< Less
The Character Codex I By Robert Neri
Paperback: $14.25
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A new supplement from Ranger Games for the Dice & Glory game system containing specialist (traditional) character classes. This book is a great resource for both Players and Game Masters... More > introducing classic archetype specialist classes as well as new and strange hybrids. Requires the Dice & Glory Core Rulebook This book contains: Over 70 Fantasy Specialist Classes with full descriptions of class abilities and level progression tables! Of these, there are 4 Brick classes, 16 Fighter classes, 7 Adventurer classes, 5 Rogue classes, 6 Psychic classes, 19 mage classes, 7 Clergy classes and 13 NPC classes! NPC tables which can be applied to NPC's to easily apply specialist class levels! Multiple forms of stylized Martial Arts forms! ...And advice on how and why to pick a specialist class, advice for Game Masters about NPC's and monsters with specialist classes. This book is an invaluable resource for any player or GM of the D&G system.< Less