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The Character Codex III: Book of Eastern Fantasy Character Classes By Robert Neri
Paperback: $14.25
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A new supplement from Ranger Games for the Dice & Glory game system containing specialist character classes drawn from Asian and middle-eastern history and lore. This book is a great resource for... More > both Players and Game Masters wishing to introduce some eastern flavor into their game!< Less
Adventure Anthology 1 By Chris Gonnerman
Paperback: $3.95
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This is the first Adventure Anthology Series multi-adventure module for the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game! Herein you will find a collection of small adventure modules, playable in a session or... More > two, written by various authors. The adventures in this collection are in varied styles and are suitable for characters from first level to eighth.< Less
Bedlam: An Insider’s Look Into Second Life’s Underground Age Play Community of 2014 Book 2 By Ashley Play
Paperback: $8.54
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Sexual predators in a virtual world, believe it! The virtual world of Second Life is a child molester's playground. These are the true adventures of Ashley who provides one's closest look into this... More > sicko paradise. She opened several age play venues in 2014 and she lured the child perverts in like a mouse to a cheese baited trap! This book is NOT for the faint of heart. Book 2 of 2.< Less
Delving Deeper Reference Rules Compendium By Simon J. Bull
Paperback: $4.78
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The Delving Deeper role playing game is a comprehensive emulation of the original 1974 fantasy game by Gygax and Arneson published under the Open Game License. The Reference Rules are intended as an... More > un-embellished reference document for ease of use.< Less