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Interracial Lesbian Submission to Pay the Rent By R. Galang
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Wincing, trying to force away the image that her imagination had conjured, Emily turned to face her lover and mistress, her voice sad, “I wish there was a way I could make more money!” ... More > With a sigh, Rita shook her head, a smile creeping onto her attractive features, “I wish you would stop moaning and put that tongue to a better use than talking!” For a fraction of a second only, Emily paused then she was fluttering her eyelids, “Yes Mistress.” Grinning, Rita swung her legs up onto the bed and reaching out she grasped a handful of her lover’s hair, kissing her hard upon the mouth for a moment, sucking her tongue in between her lips, fighting it with her own before she gave a lusty snarl into Emily’s face, “You are such a gorgeous little slut aren't you?” “I don’t know, I just want to serve you Mistress” came the reply, drawing another lusty chuckle from the pink haired beauty as she laid back and stretched her legs out on the bed, thighs wide. “Put that tongue to work...I need to relax!”< Less
Doctor Who erotic fiction Vasta & Jenny By Adults Only
Paperback: $10.06
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A collection of erotic fiction from the worlds of Doctor Who. Focusing on the relationship between a female Silurian from the dawn of time 'Madame Vastra' and her maid 'Jenny Flint'. please note... More > that this is a very limited release and is strictly for Adults only. contains explicit graphic lesbian inter-species time traveling acts of sex.< Less
Valerie Solanas At Matteawan: A One - Act Play By Carolyn Gage
eBook (PDF): $5.99
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A one-act play about the woman who shot Andy Warhol. Two pioneering activists in the budding Women's Liberation Movement visit Valerie Solanas at the Matteawan State Hospital for the Criminally... More > Insane. It has only been two months since she shot Andy Warhol. They are on a mission to recruit her as a spokeswoman for their movement. Valerie has other things on her mind...< Less
The Aura in the Closet By Nicholas Makris
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The Aura in the Closet is a diary-entry-style book that guides the reader through the author's life and the lessons he has learned: history repeats itself and everything happens for a reason. He... More > reveals these lessons through his personal hookups and relationships. From the struggle of coming out to battling depression, the author draws the reader in as if he, himself, were reading it to you.< Less