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Transgenders,Whor Are They? By Stephen Reed,BS,Rel,MS.Theo,MSW,Paralegal/Legal Assistant
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The term transsexual was introduced to English in 1949 by David Oliver Cauldwell,[note 2] and popularized by Harry Benjamin in 1966, around the same time transgender was coined and began to be... More > popularized.[20] Since the 1990s, transsexual has generally been used to describe the subset of transgender people[20][32][33] who desire to transition permanently to the gender with which they identify and who seek medical assistance (for example, SRS) with this. However, the concerns of the two groups are sometimes different; for example, transsexual men and women who can pay for medical treatments (or who have institutional coverage for their treatment) are likely to be concerned with medical privacy and establishing a durable legal status as their gender later in life< Less
Carnificem By R. J. Black, E. Night
eBook (ePub): $8.50
The story of a post-apocalyptic future London where the wealthy are top of the chain and the poor are barely able to survive. Somewhere in between are the executioners, coliseum gladiators who enact... More > the punishments laid out for the justice system. Ethan Bale Jr. is one of the wealthy, a cruel man who purchases the powerful, wildly stubborn, and deliciously tempting Drake, one of those famed executioners, and enslaves him mind, body, and eventually soul; all the while dealing with the threats of the dangerous and mysterious Reagan.< Less
Luck Be a Lady By Allison Moon
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When dared to dress up as a woman for a night Jamie is amazed to find a guy he is actually interested in. In a new town he strikes up a new persona for the sake of finding a job when he can't find... More > one as a gay man. Will Scott still be interested when he finds out Jamie's secret?< Less
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