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Greek Mythology By Elaine Margera
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The human race has been curious about all the surrounding phenomenon of nature, since its beginning. Based on the level of the information and intellect possess by the people of era, there have been... More > a number of stories and descriptive, which account for the historical events and their explanation. The historical and ancient narration of these tales constitutes the body of mythology. Among all the texts and manuscripts of mythology, the Greek mythology is believed to be the most ancient one. Just all other mythic beliefs, Greek mythology also holds specific beliefs about the origin of this universe and the phenomenon of evil and goodness. These myths have traveled hundreds of years and have sustained the blows of alterations and personal depictions. In the book, I have discussed all the basic perspectives of Greek mythology, which are crucial to be narrated to all those who are interested in knowing about Greek mythology.< Less
The Burning Bush By Daniel West
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Danny is a true patriot, he believes in his country, he is too old to join the military after 9/11, so he joins Blackwater instead so he can help support the US troops. He deploys with the invasion... More > forces and drives a fuel tanker truck while that force takes Baghdad. He becomes disillusioned when he learns the true reason that the US government invaded Iraq. After driving a supply truck and being continually ambushed and attacked for almost a year, he loses faith in his belief that the US is actually helping the people of Iraq. When Danny is taken hostage by one of the insurgent groups, no one tries to rescue him.< Less
Beni Bendar that as Fatmid Legacy (Part 1) By Tarek Gahlan
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Beni Bendar State is Fatmid State ruled Upper Egypt 1380-1813 , دولة بني بندار هي دولة... More > فاطمية حكمت الصعيد من 1380 حتى 1813 ، للمؤلف طارق جهلان< Less
Vikings By Simon Hawthorne
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Mythology is interesting as well as complicated. It becomes even more intricate when the narrators and their opinions are many and do not seem to converge at some point. This is however, one side... More > of the picture. Mythology can be worth considering if one follows it with concentration and an evaluative approach. This book unveils all those significant features of Viking mythology, which can be interesting as well as elaborative for your knowledge about the Vikings and their ancient tales. The major theme of the book is to break all those incorrect views, which have traveled across the various areas of Viking mythology.< Less