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Contra Cross By William Meara
Paperback: $19.99
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A journey through the Central American wars of the 1980s as seen through the eyes of a young American officer who worked on both sides of insurgency in the region: In El Salvador Bill Meara supported... More > efforts to defeat insurgents; with Nicaraguans he worked to keep an insurgency alive. One of very few Americans to see both sides up close, he takes readers into his world as an advisor struggling with cultural differences and human rights violations while trying to stay alive in murderous El Salvador. We join him on dangerous helicopter rides into contra base camps on the Honduran-Nicaraguan border and into a U.S. Embassy under attack. From Special Forces school at Ft. Bragg to Joan Baez’s back-stage party in Managua to a contra POW camp deep in the jungle, we get a taste of Meara’s world up close.< Less
On Board the Tirpitz: A Historical Novel By Larry R. Sherman
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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Merriam Press Historical Fiction HF8 (First Edition, 2014). The hero, Gerhard Traeger, a gunnery officer in the Kriegsmarine, and heroine, Elaine Fabian, a French widow, are fictional characters in a... More > story about real ships in a real war. Gerhard is serving on the Scharnhorst when the war starts and in 1941, after a successful sortie in the Atlantic, followed by a training accident, the ship is laid up and Gerhard is transferred to the Tirpitz. Elaine follows him to Norway, where they have a charming love affair while the Tirpitz rarely ventures from the safety of the Norwegian fjords due to fuel shortages. Populated with many real and fictional characters, On Board the Tirpitz provides an interesting glimpse of life in Germany's World War II Navy. 31 photos.< Less
EARTH a planet with a handicap By Ad Roest
eBook (PDF): $5.17
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This is the most likely truth about our past and future. All over the world we find evidence for the existence of a lost but highly developed civilization. Archaeologists deny these facts. Legends... More > tell us about natural disasters caused by a planet or a dragon that swooped close along the earth. Astronomers deny the existence of such a planet. But that planet exists. It is seen. There are pictures of it. Worldwide we find the same symbol. Legends, myths and the Bible tell us about the recurring disasters caused by the planet Nibiru. Much to our surprise, evidence that supports this theory is found in America. When will Nibiru return? In this book you find the unique Nibiru Cycle Chart that shows when Nibiru crossed our solar system and will return! Now we can understand how a Previous Civilization could exist that could have left us important information. We need to know the whole truth about our history, although it is unpleasant. This exciting book contains many illustrations and links to relevant websites.< Less
Chronology Of World War Two, Hitler In Berlin And Argentina And Nazis 1945-2013 By Maximillien De Lafayette
Paperback: $8.51
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Chronology Of World War Two, Hitler In Berlin And Argentina And Nazis 1945-2013. Published by Times Square Press, New York and Berlin. Based upon Maximillien de... More > Lafayette’s Book “The Complete Story of the Planned Escape of Hitler: The Nazi-Spain-Argentina Coverup”. A detailed and precise chronology of the major events of the Second World War from 1945, the Fall of Nazi Germany, the Escape of Adolf Hitler, Hitler’s last days in Argentina, and ramifications and influence of Nazism on world’s arena.< Less