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Caesar's Comet = Nibiru By Ad Roest
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This is the most likely truth about our past and future. All over the world we find evidence for the existence of a lost but highly developed civilization. Archaeologists deny these facts. Legends... More > tell us about natural disasters caused by a planet or a dragon that swooped close by the earth. Astronomers deny the existence of such a planet. But that planet exists. It is seen. There are pictures of it. Worldwide we find the same symbol. Legends, myths and the Bible tell us about the recurring disasters caused by the planet Nibiru. Much to our surprise, evidence that supports this theory is also found in America. When will Nibiru return? In this book you find the unique Nibiru Cycle Chart that shows when Nibiru crossed our solar system and will return! Now we can understand how a Previous Civilization can exist and could leave us important information. We need to know the whole truth about our history, although it is unpleasant. This exciting book contains many illustrations and links to relevant websites.< Less
We Lead the Way By JD Weeks
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Prose,poetry and other literary efforts from The Mirror, the name given to the annual,and other publications of Birmingham High School, Central High School, and Phillips High School.
Who Killed Honor Bright? How William Butler and George Yeats Caused the Fall of the Irish Free State By Patricia Hughes
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Authorities in the new Irish Free State harassed and murdered Honor Bright before maligning her as a prostitute and acquitting her assassin. The newly founded Garda Siochana spread deceitful rumours... More > and coerced witnesses to conceal Honor's true identity and the real reason for he death. False evidence, perjury and the silencing of potential witnesses led to hug he public demonstrations, but newspapers were coerced into printing only authorised stories or else face the consequences from the Garda or Ministry of Justice. Find out why political support moved away from the Free State towards an independent Republic from 1926, and why so many were killed or fled Ireland in the process.< Less
Book of Hours was made at Tours, France about 1500 - The name of court painter Jean Bourdichon. By Richard Estes
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Book #812: Book of Hours. Parchment was made at Tours, France about 1500. The name of court painter was Jean Bourdichon (1457-1521). Bibliotheque de Geneve at Geneve, France - Comites Latentes 123.... More > It has 227 leaves and its size is 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches. In my Book #812 you will see 69 beautiful special color pages.< Less