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American History Volume III: The Southern Colonies By Jacob Abbott
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Part three of an eight part series on the history of America from its earliest times through to the age of George Washington, told by master storyteller Jacob Abbott. This volume starts with the... More > very first sixteenth century colonization attempts in what is today the southern United States. It provides fascinating details of the early French settlers, who predated even the Spanish—and of how the religious strife in Europe between Catholic and Protestant, from which they had fled, followed them to the New World. The book then moves on to describe the Spanish settlement of Florida, and then the intervention of the English settlers. Drawing upon original sources, manuscripts and diaries, Abbott weaves a gripping tale of the failure of the first English colonial attempts, including the famous “lost colony” of Roanoke, the second colony, the birth of the first European child on American shores, and of the incredible deprivations suffered by these early pioneers.< Less
Origins of Air Intelligence and Reconnaissance By peter dancey
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This ebook traces the origins of air intelligence, that started on the Western Front during WW I. In particular the German Air Service that was equipped with special high-altitude reconnaissance... More > planes.< Less
An Analysis Of Selected Poetry By William Butler Yeats Between 1918 and 1928 By Patricia Hughes
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A re-analysis of W. B. Yeats's most difficult poetry, showing how it was edited to remove all traces of his Catholic lover, Lily O'Neill, and an illegitimate son. This book clearly shows that he was... More > not writing about his wife George, or about Maud or Iseult Gonne. despite the insistence of present-day critics. Find out how Yeats's wife manipulated him into denying all knowledge of his 'most exalted lady' and his first-born son.< Less
Manuscript Bible by Duke Borso d'Este at Ferrara, Italy in 1455-1462 - Volume 1 part a - Jerome's Epistle to 1 Kings By Richard Estes
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Book #849: Manuscript Bible by Duke Borso d'Este at Ferrara, Italy in 1455-1462. Volume 1 - part a - Jerome's Epistle to 1 Kings - 310 pages. The Bible is at the Estense Library at Modena, Italy.