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Born During the First World War - My Mother's Memories of an Interwar Childhood By Christopher Hatton-Wood
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This is the compact A5 edition. A girl grows up in a privileged household in the aftermath of the First World War. Her parents, who are wealthy and talented but remote, self-absorbed and... More > undemonstrative, send her away to school. She struggles with her own unhappiness and a growing awareness of the suffering of those around her during the interwar years. She then serves in the British Army during the Second World War.< Less
22 Robert Cecil and the Gunpowder Treason and Plot By Michael Fitzalan
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The truth behind one of the oldest fictions in history can finally be told. The Catholics were in danger of wresting influence from Robert Cecil who had managed to remove Queen Elizabeth's... More > favourites and put himself at the forefront of political power. King James, easily influenced, especially by a pretty face, male or female, needed to be restrained, especially with his profligate spending. Cecil had three goals, therefore: remove the Catholic nobility; limit Puritan influence and endear himself to the king by becoming even more favoured than the pretty boys at court, the most influential of them had saved James's life. The Puritans were dealt with by the king at 'The Hampton Court Conference' and that left the Catholics and the pretty boys. If he could only hatch a plot to discredit the Catholics and save the king at the same time, he would remove any potential opposition and earn the king's undying gratitude, put him above all others in the king's estimation. So he did!< Less
Expansion & Innovation: The Story of Western Engineering 1954-1999 By G. S. Peter Castle, George S. Emmerson
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Western Engineering has earned an international reputation for conducting leading-edge research and offering university students unique learning opportunities. However, the faculty faced many... More > challenges - and celebrated many successes - during its first 45 years. From starting as a department at The University of Western Ontario, to becoming a faculty with graduate programs and research centres and institutes, this history is brought to life through the memories of faculty members, staff and alumni who helped shape the faculty and build its reputation at the local, national and international level. The five academic leaders who guided the Faculty of Engineering Science through this period offered stability through challenging times and fiscal hardships, as well as adapted to societal needs. The growth of the faculty during the first 45 years is a credit to this leadership and the dedication of faculty and staff members, students and alumni.< Less
Loose Leaves & Palm Trees By Charles Knause
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This book is a compilation of a Salon Magazine blog that deals with current and past world events as well as some personal autobiographical material.The polemical essays include some serious... More > philosophical arguments that attempt to be an non ideological as possible while at the same time not shying away from taking an ideological position when such seems warranted.< Less