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Descendants of David Patterson By Vonda Coffman
Paperback: $21.00
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David Patterson was a slave owner, but by all indications, he treated his slaved fairly well even though they were considered property. His will stated that slave families should be kept together. ... More > One of his slaves was a young girl named Melvinia. Melvinia was willed to David's daughter and son-in-law, became Melvinia Shields, and is a direct ancestor of the First Lady of the United States (2009-2016), Michelle Obama. This book speculates about David Patterson's ancestors and follows David's descendants.< Less
Westland - A History By peter dancey
eBook (ePub): $10.02
This ebook is an addendum to the authors British Aircraft Manufacturers Since 1909. It expands on the necessarily short section in the print book published by Fonthill Media Ltd in 2013 and... More > available now on Amaxon Uk bookstore. This ebook traces the history oof the company from Petters to Westland Arcraft Company to the present day Agusta/Westland detailing all its products over the hundred year history of the company and its transition from fixed wing types to rotary-winged types. Seaking Lynx Gazelle Merlin etc.< Less
Vladimir Putin A Geostrategic Russian Icon. In the Shadow of Ukraine By Goeran B. Johansson
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The year is 2014, and Vladimir Putin enjoys great popularity among the Russian population. As great that two thirds of the population want to see him as the President of Russia beyond the year of... More > 2018th. But it remains to be seen whether Putin managed to hold its own internationally in his effort to seek a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine. Simultaneously behind the events in Ukraine is intensified a process that will lead to a paradigm shift in the world order where the US loses its dominant power in world politics.< Less
CIA Offices By Richard Lighthouse
eBook (PDF): $0.00
CIA Offices may be located at 2727 Allen Parkway, Houston, TX 77019 (AIG Building). As a journalist, this information is provided as a public service. Numerous authors and bloggers have... More > identified many connections between the corruption at the CIA, FBI, and NSA, and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR has been called the Shadow Government. At least one author has called their activities,Treason. They have been involved with murder, torture, kidnappings, drug smuggling, weapons delivery, the funding of ISIS and Al-Qaida, numerous false-flag operations, bribery, threats to government officials, etc. Information is provided in this ebook documenting the CIA and FBI involvement in 9-11. Additional information on some of the murders committed by the CIA and FBI are provided. This information is being released due to the accurate information provided by Dr Barrie Trower, MI5 agent, and Dr John Hall, M.D., in San Antonio. See their youtube videos.< Less