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The Thirty Year’s War: 1618–1648 By Samuel Rawson Gardiner
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One of the most complete histories of this inter-Christian war, fought mainly in the heartland of present-day Germany, in which up to 40 percent of the population was killed. Written not as a dry... More > history but rather as a highly-engrossing story, this classic work—which set the standard for all later histories—starts with an explanation of the religious conflict between Catholic and Protestant in Germany, and explains how this dispute then spiralled out of control into what became the most devastating European war of all time. As the book relates, foreign powers—both Protestant and Catholic—sent invading armies to support their allied religious factions, and soon troops from Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, and France were involved. The war carried on for 30 years, exacting a toll which utterly devastated Germany. Completely reformatted, reset and indexed. Fifteen new illustrations.< Less
The Hittites By A. H. Sayce
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One of the first books to reveal in detail the history of the Hittites—a people once thought only to have existed in biblical references—this classic masterpiece of archaeological... More > detective work was penned by Britain’s leading expert in ancient Middle Eastern languages. The author starts with an overview of the biblical references to Hittites before moving on to actual archaeological evidence of their existence, from the writings and inscriptions of ancient Egypt to the Hittite monuments in the Middle East. Much fascinating detail is revealed in this overview, including the remarkable facts that the double-headed eagle symbol—eventually adopted by the Byzantine Empire and Tsarist Russia—originated with the Hittites, as well as some of the oldest swastika symbols in the Middle East. This edition has been completely reset and contains the original text and illustrations.< Less
Greek Satyr Play: Five Studies By Mark Griffith
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With a new introduction and some revisions, these reprinted essays on Classical Greek satyr plays suggest new critical approaches to this important dramatic genre. Griffith argues that satyr plays... More > presented audiences with sophisticated, multilayered narratives of romance, escapist adventure, and musical-choreographic exuberance, amounting to a “parallel universe” to that of the accompanying tragedies in the City Dionysia festival. The class and status distinctions between heroic/divine characters and the rest (choruses, messengers, servants, etc.) that are so integral to Athenian tragedy are shown to be present also, in exaggerated form, in satyr drama, with the satyr chorus occupying a role that also inevitably recalled for the Athenian audiences their own (often foreign-born) slaves. The satyr plays’ stylistic fusion of adventure and romance, elegant sophistication and rustic naïveté, anticipates in many respects the later developments of Greek pastoral and prose romance.< Less
1754 A Sailor Comes to Virginia By Walt Cross
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A history and genealogical profile of Thomas Moss, a British sailor who came to America in 1754 and joining the Virginia Regiment of Militia, and served under a colonel named George Washington in the... More > French and Indian War. Sitting out the American Revolution, he served again on the American side of the War of 1812.< Less

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