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Atwoods Country & Suburban Homes, 1871 By Daniel T. Atwood
Paperback: $14.95
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House Plans from Atwood's Country and Suburban Houses, 1871, by Daniel T. Atwood, Architect. Victorian floor plans for 33 original 1871 designs, including a sea side cottage, Italian villa, small... More > stable, a farm barn, country church, rural Gothic double cottage, country gentleman's stable, bowling alley. 82-pages.< Less
Geo.F. Barber, Architect: 170 House Designs By Merrymeeting Archives LLC Geo. F. Barber
Paperback: $29.00
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George Barber is well-known for his Victorian "mail-order" homes, preceding the Sears home kits. There are thousands of homes in the United States, and the world, designed by Geo. F. Barber... More > near the turn-of-the-century, and are still standing. Often they are the most outrageous Victorian homes in a town. This book has more designs than other reprints of Cottage Souvenir, as it is taken from two of his editions of Cottage Souvenir #2, the original and a revised and enlarged edition.< Less
Handbook on Pests of Community Environments in the Desert Southwest U.S. By Nair et al.
Paperback: $37.25
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This concise, reader-friendly handbook complete with photographs, consolidates information on some of the different arthropods, vertebrates and weeds that may be encountered in community environments... More > in the desert southwest United States. This handbook is intended for anyone who lives, learns, works, plays, or engages in any activity in community environments. It provides basic information to help readers decide whether organisms they may come across in these environments are pests or not.< Less
Complete Hand Guide Of Snails And Slugs By Angie Seberry
Paperback: $15.98
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This Book is about how to care for snails and slugs, and how to avoid the diseases that they carry. This Book is for people who want to have a pet that does not require a lot of care which are... More > snails, and slugs. This book has many facts about snails and slugs that some people may not know. this book also gives the reader I instructions on how to properly take care of snails and slugs as pets, and it also gives the readers instructions on how to breed snails and slugs. This Book also teaches the readers the importance of cleanliness, and why it is such a good idea to keep up good hygiene such as washing the hands, and taking showers. The book also teaches concepts on how to keep snails and slugs as pets without getting sick. The book also teaches the reader about the diseases that snails and slugs may carry, and how the diseases spread, and how to avoid those diseases from spreading, and also how to avoid the diseases from entering the human body. The book also explains the mistakes that people make.< Less