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Shadowtown: Recurring Nightmares By K. N. Hunter
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18-year-old Brendan Taylor is having recurring nightmares about death. The nightmares began for Brendan after experiencing a terrifying and heartbreaking childhood trauma. At first, these recurring... More > nightmares were about the same person: his childhood friend Ronnie, who died an incredibly horrible death. For seven years, the nightmares stopped, and when they returned, there were more people involved. But always, always, Ronnie is there. It seems his dreams are trying to tell him something . . . but what? Is someone out to hurt or to kill him? And if so, who could it be?< Less
What Came Home By Billy Stone
Paperback: $12.00
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Stephen Medford has it all. He is a young, handsome, talented high school quarterback who has dreams of making it big. Colleges want to sign him, girls want to date him. In the city where he lives he... More > gets to do as he pleases. After a forced move to the small country town of Holly Branch, he thinks his life is over...until he meets the beautiful Jewel Johnson. Things begin to look up for Stephen, until one night car trouble strands him on a deserted road. There he stumbles upon a gruesome scene. Still miles from home, Stephen must now try desperately to reach his destination before it's too late. What Came Home is a haunting thriller that will not only keep you guessing, but will stay with you long after the last page.< Less
In the Hands of the Unknown By A. E. Hellstorm
eBook (ePub): $9.01
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FBI-agent Miriam Goldblum attended the prestigious Western Shore University in her youth and got accepted into the secretive Golden Fleece Society after graduation. The Golden Fleece Society deals... More > with the unnatural aspects of reality and as Miriam continued her career in the FBI she and her other two team mates got thrown into one weird case after the other. This time the case starts with the horrifying death of a young girl and the agents are soon treading a dance with unknown enemies that will end with nightmares coming true far away in Alaska. In the Hands of the Unknown is a horror novel loosely inspired by the world created by H. P. Lovecraft.< Less
Transamagei By Jessika Sims
Paperback: List Price: $28.20 $16.92 | You Save: 40%
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The moment Zea is born he is unwanted and unloved. With his appearance more resembling an animal than a baby he is offered to a strange creature over the mountain that separates the normal life from... More > the 'Other Side'. The creature takes him in to raise him until he is slaughtered one night by a criminal organisation called the Soul Stealers who capture Zea. With no family to turn to Zea must become a Soul Stealer and work with the very people who killed the only family he had. Zea must accept his new identity with nothing but a criminal life ahead of him but is determined on tracking down those responsible. In a place where death is around every corner can Zea bring himself to carry out his Mission? Even if his enemies are his friends?< Less

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