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The Journal of Dr Carl Von Frankenstein 1775 : The True Story By Ainsley Moore
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It all started with me going to visit old castles in Switzerland on my holiday, we looked at many castles but one derelict castle took my attention, it stood on top of a hill, when I entered it only... More > the walls were standing, it was a small castle, in my guide book it said this castle was built in the year 1300 but has been left to decay for 240 years, as I looked round it I wondered about its history and what may have happened here long ago, I noticed a loose stone in the wall over the fireplace and being inquisitive I pulled it out and to my surprise I found a leather bound book there, the writing was originally in gold leaf but now very worn, that said Journal of Dr Carl von Frankenstein. Inside it told of the experiments the doctor worked on, it was this that give me the inspiration to write this book from what I saw in that journal, the events that really happened.< Less
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They Suck By Kevin Risk, Regan T. M. Pazuzu
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Warning! This comedic horror genre screenplay contains scenes with excessive (but funny) gore, as well as sexually explicit (but funny) scenes. Synopsis: A mutated vampire with extraordinary and... More > extremely unnatural thirsts rises from his grave. One of his victims is a tidy, obsessive-compulsive named Nicole Ridley, who is later found “dying” by her enraptured, animal-loving fiancé, Robert Spavor. Robert and his animals struggle to save her, to no avail. But she rises as a new vampire and her lurid escapades soon attract the attention of the Head Vampire himself, as well as her ex-lover, Robert, who then realizes the intense gravity of the situation. Will Robert’s love for Nicole triumph over death? He will make it so, or die trying! He enlists the help of his troubled, childish friend Terry and together they wage a war against these new grotesque vampire mutations that culminates in the silliest, most vulgar, blood-stained, gory epic battle ever created!< Less
The Plague Project By Erica Luu
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Amy Chen fights for her life, as she embarks on a quest to end the plague project that she was thrust into without warning. Death of her friends, family, and the undead around her. Follow her journey... More > as she constantly battles death and takes lives. Does she have what it takes to survive?< Less

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Mortifero Mortifero By Abigail Helbig Paperback:
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The Plague Project The Plague Project By Erica Luu Paperback:
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