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Lovecraftian Covens By Franklyn Searight
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Two Correspondents In A Race To Save the World... and More Thrilling Horrors! Herein, you’ll meet a psychotic school teacher, the lineal descendent of Keziah Mason and obedient servant of... More > mindless Azathoth; a group of youngsters attempting to bring about the return of Yog-Sothoth; a famed, bodiless detective who foils the devotees of Shub-Niggarath; Alan Hasrad on his cosmic odyssey and interview with the King in Yellow; a sentient altar awaiting the return of Tsathoqqua; Holmes and Watson investigating a severed tentacle the strangest Indian warrior you’ve ever seen, who has absolutely no sense of humor; Alan and his plan to summon the Warder of Knowledge; a rather nasty ex-con who unhappily meets the followers of Nyarlathotep. To round out these wicked and oft times dryly amusing morsels is "Menace at Devil Reef," a lengthy novelette in which you’ll share the adventures of two of the most improbable characters ever to scamper through the pages of a Lovecraftian Mythos story.< Less
Horror By Tracey Stewart
Hardcover: $32.64 (excl. taxes)
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Horror Collection Horror 1: The Door That Leads Nowhere Sheriff Ken Waring knows first hand all about the Farraday house, as do most of the townspeople. They want the place pulled down, and... More > although this was looked into, legal precedent says this is not possible. The Farradays were found within a room of that house slaughtered. Ken Waring still remembers the bodies, the odors and the blood stains. Since that day, the house has become dilapidated, though offers shelter for those seeking it. The catch – they may never live to tell the tale. When Katy and David find the house on their voyage, it seems a temptingly good place to lay their heads for a couple of nights. What happens next is only known by those who were there and who experienced it first hand. The Farraday house is a renowned haunted venue which has secrets all of its own. Among those secrets is a facing up to fears that both Sheriff Ken Waring and Katy's mother have had to come to terms with. Can anyone escape?< Less
Untravelled Roads By R.J. Meldrum
Paperback: $14.46 (excl. taxes)
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In his first collection of short stories, author R. J. Meldrum takes the reader down roads never travelled. In this collection are twenty tales of the supernatural, the macabre and the ghostly, all... More > guaranteed to chill your bones.< Less
Penny By Alan Coghlan
Paperback: $14.39 (excl. taxes)
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You are insignificant! Penny will destroy your family. She’ll take your kids for all they’re worth and it will have meant nothing because she is the living dead and hers is a living... More > hell! Cliff has to protect his children. It’s just one day till the morning after the horror lasts. They’ve put his wife Jane to torture on the rack. And who are ‘they’? Who are they, Cliff? That’s exactly where Cliff has fallen flat, for in his preoccupation he has failed to realise… Penny is not alone. There is something worse lurking in the shadows.< Less

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3 Down 3 Down By Chris Grams
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