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Biohazard By Silent Fray
Paperback: $14.52
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Join the authors of Silent Fray and discover a range of science-fiction / horror classics that delve into a world filled with sickness and pain. What happens when man meets his biological end? In... More > the fight for survival an orgy of death and destruction can only ensue...< Less
Giggling in Fairmont By Jesse James
Paperback: $16.00
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A tale of mafia, hogs, contract killers, back woods justice, and lovers caught in the mix of it all. From the coal miners widow, Manny the man eater, T.J., Ralphie,and Frankie, you will find yourself... More > rooting for the bad guy in this twisted tale that is all orchestrated by Big T. Jesse James is a West Virginia native that traveled extensively writing about personal experiences. Some wonder if any of his tales really had any ties to growing up in Appalachia. There were some that thought there possibly could be a place that cultivated these stories from real events.< Less
Her Dying Hope By Dan L. Edwards
Paperback: $10.95
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Rachel Henderson had dealt with adversity through much of her life. Nothing, however, prepared her for what life held in store. The purchase of an old, family property had seemed a good idea when... More > first conceived. Though Henderson House had lain vacant for many years, Rachel hoped to resurrect the house. Along with the house, however, something else was resurrected. Rachel’s mental health seemed to decline while living in the old mansion. There were times that Rachel could not discern between what was real and what was imagined. As she fell ever deeper into despair, Rachel began to see the truth, and it was a horrid truth that had been held secret for far too many years.< Less
Trees By Rene David Rivero
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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"They fled; as fast as they wished to be, though, they could not escape what encompassed them. Running simply witnessed its power and validated its conjecture. Their fear came true with a... More > veracity reality was incapable of. It could be anything. Any shape. Any form. Anything to come out of the shadow and darkness was part of the predator, the monster." Five young American missionaries embark into a journey through Paraguay's Chaco. They explore a world not completely unspoiled by man - graves from wars of long, long ago and relics from other, ill-fated expeditions litter their path. All appears to be going well, yet, as they trespass deeper and deeper into that jungle, forces of Nature they cannot fathom exert their unwelcome.< Less

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