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Dead Black By L. Butler Glessner
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Beautiful, rustic Blue John Farm in northern England hides an evil secret; a gruesome curse that has terrorized the family of Ian James for 450 years. It has now given him less than a year to live.... More > San Francisco homicide inspector Dean McKenna travels to the James home to help his old college friend defeat it before it destroys more lives. He bring along forensic photographer Carly Herrick, who has an unusual talent for capturing spirit activity on camera. The ancient curse turns out to be more of a challenge than any of them suspected, and it's a rush against time to free the James family from the horror that has stalked them for centuries.< Less
Descent into Damnation By Shaun Herbert
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After the tragic death of the gypsy boy, Luca Kaleja and the casting of the curse on Ellsworth in part one of the series - the story takes off with a bang. Jack Edmunds, a reporter from the Daily... More > Tribune, is here to stay, no matter what the problem, strange occurrences or random killings he encounters along the way. He is a man of words, not superstition, and no amount of so-called demonic interference will deter him from his path. Along with Suzie Brown, his accomplice and anthropologist of some renown, the pair embark upon an adventure to un-earth the truth behind the young boy’s murder. But the clock is ticking… demonic forces grow strong… testing their beliefs in a rational world to the full. Can the realms of superstition be as tangible as they seem or are they merely a form of self-imposed psycho-babble that preys upon the mind? Either way their journey won’t be easy as they confront an ever increasing maelstrom of sinister events, exposing them to the darker side of human nature at its worst.< Less
Alice: The Mad Tea Party Edition By Avalon Roselin
eBook (ePub): $8.50
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Christopher Robinson was a fantastically stupid yet wonderfully kind young man working in a children's asylum as an orderly until he crashed his car into Hell, completely changing his fate, and with... More > it, the fates of many others. ALiCE: The Mad Tea Party Edition presents Christopher's story as never seen before, including: - Commentary from the author and illustrator - Complete character biographies - A new short story that expands upon the future of ALiCE and its characters And more! Please note that this book contains adult content, situations, and language, and is not intended for a young audience.< Less
Nefarious Endeavors By Jeremy Void
Paperback: $9.95
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Since the epic release of Derelict America, Jeremy Void has continued to create gut-wrenching, heart-startling stories that almost jump out at you, clutch the collar of your shirt, and hold you... More > tight. The stories in Nefarious Endeavors are faster, crazier, and so much more cutting edge. Police are out in force, joking and laughing as they pick up a couple teenage drug addicts. An over-sexed man falls in love with a Punk rocker who won't put out. A wild drug-fueled car ride down the highway quickly speeds out of control. A man's descent into madness—will he make it out alive or fall victim to the demons of his mind? Many questions are sparked within these pages, and many answers are shattered. Nefarious Endeavors is an orgasmic thrill the whole family can enjoy.< Less

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The Bad The Bad By Kendall Bailey
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