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The Place Where Nothing Is Real By M. A. Katz-Savoy
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In these stories, things aren’t what they seem. This is a world where the real reason behind America’s obesity epidemic lies not in ourselves, but in our deadly sins… where your... More > g-mail calendar may know more about you than you think… where acts of vengeance can go unpunished, as long as they are stylishly committed… where t that paw you feel on your neck at night may not be kitty’s… where tattoos cannot be removed with lasers, especially if they lead their wearer to unspeakable acts… where self-proclaimed internet prophets may not be so crazy after all… and where those hisses and noises you hear on wireless headsets may just be voices from another plane…< Less
No Return By Mario Casatelli Jr
Hardcover: List Price: $36.04 $28.83 | You Save: 20%
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A diabolical company located on a secluded island is up to no good and a team of highly experienced commando agents are deployed out to the island to terminate it. Upon their arrival, they enter the... More > complex discovering that everything isn't what they expected it to be. A turn of unfortunate events begins to play out, trapping the agents inside with no means of an escape.< Less
Wolfman Owner's Manual By Tim Forder
Paperback: $9.95
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If you’ve ever been attacked by a large man-shaped wolf, or perhaps you’re just interested in the lifestyle of the Werewolf, then this book’s for you. As a changeling myself, I... More > wanted to learn more about my new change of life. This took a lot of time and research, and now I pass what I have learned on to you. WARNING: This book has bite to it. Read it if you dare!< Less
Bartender Tales By Amber Moore
Hardcover: List Price: $34.99 $31.49 | You Save: 10%
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Wesley Lake stumbles upon the opportunity of a lifetime when he responds to an ad seeking a bartender for The Last Stop. At first, things seem to fall effortlessly into place for Wesley. Although... More > the owner of the bar seems strange and he quickly acquires a stalker, Wesley enjoys his new job. Anything that Wesley needs or desires begins to fall into his lap. Soon rumors about the bar and the last bartender begin to surface and circulate, as the mysterious deaths associated with the bar increase, each more staggering than the last. To his horror, Wesley soon discovers that for some who enter the bar, it truly is their last stop. His crazed and futile attempts to put an end to the deaths only lead him further down the rabbit hole. As the inconceivable truth about the bar’s past, present, and future is revealed, Wesley is forced to make an impossible decision that will impact his future forever.< Less