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The School By Jesse johnston
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first book I have made in my lifetime so please do not call it awful
Night Shift: My Adventures As A Convenience Store Clerk By Donald C. Williams
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This is my first-hand account of working nights in a convenience store in the mid to late 1980s. Loaded with humorous stories and fun facts of that era, it's definitely worth retelling. I hope it... More > brings a smile and a chuckle to anyone who reads it. (Excerpt) Henry showed me one time how to defend myself when I didn’t have a weapon. He grabbed a glass bottle out of the bottle return bin and smashed it on the side of the counter. He held up the jagged edge and said, “Here’s your weapon.” I felt so safe knowing that I had this option to protect myself in a pinch. Oh well, time to sweep up some broken glass.< Less
The New Hippie Joke Book By Brian Melsky
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The New Hippie Joke Book is 840 one-line jokes. It is my autobiographical account of my pains and sufferings turned into laughs and jokes. Therapist Cathy Meadows, MA told me,"Suffering and... More > torture lends itself to increased creativity." A creative writing teacher in college taught the class, "You write like you talk." The New Hippie Joke Book wrote itself and had a life of its own. I did no research and very little editing of The New Hippie Joke Book. I "winged" the book. Laughter is the key to survival and healing. "Laughter is the best medicine." "We can put this out and see where it goes. Can we protect him when it comes through the nose? Poehler wouldn't like it? Either would Fey? Woody wouldn't like it? "HAVE A NICE DAY!" "It's the end of Times. Time to renew. Be a Jew." "On the Jewish New Year they celebrate at the Matza Ball for dinner and dancing." "What is a Buddha pest? Someone that's Hungary." "Is this the Ritz Carlton or the Carlton Fredericks?" "Still Crazy After All These Beers"< Less
Space Giraffe By Ben Bilderback
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Larry kidnaps Joss but what will happen when Joss fights back?

Washed Up Washed Up By Andrew S Cowan Paperback:
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Kumquat Color Conundrum Kumquat Color Conundrum By Eric Suhem Paperback:
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Ask Alloway Ask Alloway By Liv Martens et al. eBook:
Reasons to Vote Liberal Reasons to Vote Liberal By Kyle Mostat Paperback:
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Laugh & Learn Laugh & Learn By John Winthrop
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Bumper to Bumper Bumper to Bumper By Doug DeMuro
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Hope Hope By Colormist
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