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1000 Things People Believe That Aren't True By James Egan
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The Earth doesn't have two Poles, it has eleven. Thomas Edison didn't invent the light bulb. The Triceratops and Brontosaurus never existed. There is not three states of matter. There's sixteen. The... More > Amish do use electricity. The Wright Brothers weren't the first people to fly a plane. People didn't care when man walked on the moon. Egypt doesn't have the most pyramids or the biggest. This book corrects many misconceptions we have about animals, religions, history, movies and unsolved mysteries. Read on to learn why Shakespeare only wrote three plays, understand how slavery was legal in the UK until 2010, what does voodoo actually mean, and find out what Lincoln REALLY thought of slavery. You will be astonished to learn the truth to this and many other misconceptions corrected in this book.< Less
'Gems of American Architecture' By Daniel Warvelle Harbaugh
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A reprint of the classic spoof 'Gems of American Architure'by William Royal Greer,1935; with added Addendum of similar outhouse humor.
Sleightly Amusing By James Ward
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It's not easy being funny. True, there are countless jokes out there, covering every conceivable topic, and almost as many books on the subject. But, for the magician, most are either inappropriate... More > or so ancient they can be found on the same piece of wall as the Beni Hasan cup-and-ball routine. With more than 400 gags, bits of patter and business, 'Sleightly Amusing' sets out to provide magicians with workable lines, whether performing for other magicians, laypeople, in competitions or even compering. The book opens with a section on the business of comedy writing itself, based on the author's experience as a gag writer for television, radio and as a stand-up comic.< Less
B is for Beluga By Kelly Maryanski
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B is for Beluga: A picture book of the various characters of beluga whales! Have you ever wondered what the ocean's friendly cetacean, the beluga whale, is up to when we aren't looking? How do they... More > like to play? How exactly do they use echolocation and their melon to perceive atmospheres and kinetic energy? And just what precisely are they trying to communicate? Well you won't really find any concrete answers to those questions in this book but you just might discover something you didn't know about the beluga!< Less