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Drax - Evilution By Levy A. Walsh
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God decided that boredom was the biggest problem in heaven, so, he created New Heaven, a paradise where every soul can spend a happy afterlife, especially now that earthly pleasures can be enjoyed by... More > all, well, it was a paradise until God mysteriously disappeared. Now Satan’s running the show and things have turned very bleak indeed. Arthur is looking forward to reuniting with the wife and Archie and Jethro, his two closest friends in all creation, only thing is, he's arrived back at old heaven and it's empty, just a pair of rusty old gates remain. He meets a mysterious entity that becomes his guide and friend, and together they set out to put things to rights. The Final Chapter. The earth finally succumbs to the ravages of a planet busting Third World War. The chosen ones sod off down to the vast city below London they've been building for years, with lots of taxpayers money of course, and a promise of room for everyone. Like that’s ever going to happen. A blockbusting finale to the Drax Trilogy< Less
Tricky Headlines 2 / S D Rodrian By S.D. Rodrian
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Continuing this flippant series of glimpses into today's "Tricky Headlines." Puzzlement, amazement, outrage, and humor... at their folly, silliness, ambiguity, injustice, and the rest of... More > it. Intended for an adult audience (think of these items as comics without the graphics). A collection most suitable to be the ideal reading companion for any seated occasion.< Less
Aye, that'll be choclit By James F. Park
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Am fae Glesga (I'm from Glasgow) so talking and understanding Glaswegian is the easiest thing in the world for me even though I've not stayed in Glasgow for over thirty years. Understanding the... More > Glaswegian accent and reading Glaswegian isn't easy. Especially if you are an alien, foreigner or one of they English. All the conversation parts in my stories are in Glaswegian. I hope by the time you've worked your way through them you'll at least be able to understand Glaswegian. Maybe even speak like a Glaswegian. Now isn't that quite a scary thought. My friend Mechie has read my stories and understands them and she's English. But don't hold that against her. More of Mechie later. Like a lot of Glaswegians I know, I swear. It's just part of my language and not meant to upset or offend anyone. I am also sarcastic and quick witted, I fucking am. Shite I've started swearing already. I hope you enjoy my wee stories. If you're a Glaswegian I hope they bring back some happy memories.< Less
Te Great North American Snowbird By P.J. Repond
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A short, but definitive satirical study of the Great North American Snowbird, (Family Homosapien / Latin- Humanis). Its habitat, voice, plumage, breeding, feeding, flight patterns and more.