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Obstacle Illusion By T Pot
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"T Pot was born in a heavy fog at twilight on a gray ship crossing the international dateline traveling the direction of yesterday at the end of February on one of the leap years in the middle... More > of the last century or so. He was born breech in no country to parents who may have adored him had they survived his birth instead of one day later falling happily tipsy backwards overboard." "A mind which flits aimlessly from one stray thing to another, while it's body is doing whatever, easily spots random interfucking thoughtons instapopping into novel wordimages. Before "mind projectors" all people relied on pencil drawing to record the crazy thoughts gamboling through their heads. Pencil means pensive and inexpensive or tail tip dipped in blood which eventually became pointed wood stick with a graphite-clay core. Technically, T Pot is one of billions of primitive people still employing pencils for prolonging the lives of their thoughts."< Less
Two Bricks Short: My Journey With Cancer By Sue Campbell
eBook (ePub): $9.34
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Two Bricks Short - My Journey With Cancer is the journal of a woman who has kicked ass and laughs her way through cancer surgery and treatments by telling us that she is smart, good looking, strong... More > like a bull but has one ugly boob. Her third cancer diagnosis confirms her belief that laughter is the best medicine. It can cure any ailment, heal any wound; ease the hardest pain; calm the worst fear; help the broken heart; soothe the hurting soul. Laughter can dry up a tear, glue together a shattered dream and tell God you can do this. YES YOU CAN!< Less
Sibling Ribaldry By Nicky & Heather Sullivan
Paperback: $17.91
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it time to enjoy the some rather rude rhymes, lift your spirt
Crows Mock Us By Michael McCauley
Paperback: $4.99
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Stories and adventures from rural Oregon. Wisdom and humor gained in the dirt, mud, sun and rain in the Pacific Northwest.