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A Pot of Gold By Cyrus Alderwood
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Jackson, a recently divorced and overworked twenty-something, is informed that the father he never knew recently passed. To honor his father’s last wish Jackson and his friends embark on a... More > journey across country to discover their own meanings of life as they try to dodge two bumbling mobsters hell bent on burying them along the way. Pot of Gold is the hilarious journey of three friends discovering their own meanings to life as they end up in one crazy adventure after another on the trip of a lifetime. From being stuck in a haunted hotel room, following the howls of some unknown creature in the mountains of Kentucky all the way to the deserts of California, this trip is full of surprises.< Less
Salton Sink: A Rochelle Bishop Story By Aiden Clarke
Paperback: $14.50 (excl. taxes)
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Rochelle Bishop, a divorced former model, is frustrated with her current career track. She needs a new way to earn a decent living, one that doesn’t involve taking off her clothes. When she... More > learns of a female private investigator hired by a bail bonds agency, a new world of possibility emerges. Rochelle figures her charm, combined with an unusual gift of physical strength, will allow her to locate people as good as anyone. Rather than being a ‘slam dunk’, her first case places her in pursuit of a dangerous and cunning fugitive. His name is Martin DeSilva, and he’s wanted for attempting to murder his wife by setting her bed on fire. Before DeSilva can be tried for the crime, somebody needs to find him. Standing in her way are the loyal employees of a secretive resort called the WHR, a stubborn vice president named Brian Lacey, and the racist citizens of a backwater town called Salton Sink. Rochelle is also forced to confront one of her darkest fears, that someone would destroy her good looks.< Less
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Of Wit N Humour By Vincent Thnay
eBook (ePub): $8.90 (excl. taxes)
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Of Wit ‘n’ Humour is a compilation of short jokes, humorous, quirky, oxymoronical quotes and witty come-backs – some of which are hilariously funny and at the same time profoundly... More > true.< Less