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My Paperback Tits Book By Big Hairy Tits
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Write your own story about your own paperback tits! make sure it's funny, and most importantly, it has to be about you and your big nose hairs! Scenes of you eating your boobies when you run out of... More > food and more!< Less
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I Just Wisht They Woulda Listened By Edward Funtz
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Edward Funtz, determined optimist and truly helpful soul, turns his attention to our great political divide, as it is played out in presidential politics. Where Edward sees division, he also sees... More > possibility of reconciliation, if political and media leaders would only listen to what he believes is just common sense. The more closely Edward watches the political landscape of both the 2012 and 2016 elections unfold, and the more divisive, dysfunctional, and extraordinary they become, the more heightened becomes Edward’s need to impact it. In this humorous epistolary tale, told through Edward’s emails to leaders in our political and media spheres, one can find both a historical tracking of events of the last two presidential campaigns, as well as the impact these events had in his personal life. Edward’s story - of Melinda Mae, Norman, and the shadowy Arnold - is also our story as well, part of which prompted President Barack Obama to describe Edward as a “fantastic story teller”.< Less
The Smile By Simon Cleary
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In a post-truth age where anything is believable and the best way to survive is to contradict everything and believe in nothing, the everyday person can fail to find their place in it all, as every... More > living moment is documented, polished up and presented for consumption by the all-seeing gaze of our so-called “friends” where it is judged and rated, then left to fall away down the wall, existing only on a server in Colorado, and a few failing neurons sparking in the darkness. Throw a light on that darkness! Look at everything in your lives! Examine the everyday! In this collection, Simon Cleary, a pretentious writer who failed at being “deep” turns his hand to documenting the strangeness of being a human in this society, trying to get jobs, attend social events and get along with fellow man… sometimes with, to use the parlance of today, “sub-optimal results…”< Less

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