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The Best of Jared By Jared Cohen
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Four short stories, notebook pages, and assorted drawings All from my thought-brain
Remembering Funny Things By B. E. White, Jr.
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For preachers, teachers, and all kinds of speakers who to enliven what they are saying. Also for people who enjoy reading something funny or telling it to somebody else. Anecdotes valuable for... More > speeches, sermons, lessons, programs, introductions, and conversations. Short stories to which morals or lessons can be by applied by readers for their own personal use. Arranged by topics in easy to remember conversational form, this book is the second in a trilogy of humorous books by B. E. White, Jr., better known as Brightie White. His first book, A FUNNY THING HAPPENED, is about how amusing life in the church and parsonage can be, while this book is his remembering funny stories he has heard or read. His third book, MANY MORE FUNNY THINGS, is about humorous experiences he has had in the ministry. Dr. White has been pastor of four churches in North Carolina and is a graduate of the old Wake Forest College and the young Southeastern Seminary.< Less
Happy Fun Times Distribution By Robert Norton
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Will Sid, an aging stripper that dresses as a ballpark snack vendor, win his fourth NASTi (Northwest Annual Stripper Trials) in a row, or will the presence of porn legend Rod Holder on the judges... More > panel mean the end of his reign?< Less
A Funny Thing Happened By B. E. White, Jr.
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The humorous stories that the writer tells about in this book are all about people in and out of the church and the ups and downs of life in the parsonage. Funny things can happen at church, and the... More > behavior of some religious people can make you laugh and laugh. Behind the humor in this book is often a spiritual truth. But this is more than a religious book. It is about changing times in North Carolina for three quarters of a century. Dr. White keeps telling about things he has learned during this time, or maybe he is subtly teaching his readers to learn with him what religion is really all about. The people in the stories may seem like someone you know in your own church or family. The comical stories will entertain you while you ponder their meaning. The more serious ones may touch you deeply.< Less