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On a Ramble By Audrey Semprun
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On a Ramble on a Bright and Sunny Day - Mostly True Stories Including Creepy, Creepy, Spider is a fun and fanciful exploration into the imagination of a writer at multiple levels. Some pieces are out... More > and out outrageous, while others are more down to earth. The author used this vehicle to explore many different writing styles and had a very good time while she was at it! And the clip art, well, that was extra.< Less
The Legend of the Rogue By Scott Cherney
eBook (PDF): $1.99
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WHO WAS THAT MASKED MAN? NO, NOT HIM! THE OTHER ONE... Brian Ryan, the mild-mannered sheriff of Parched Throat, Arizona adopts the guise of a masked avenger known as The Rogue to rescue the Clayfoot... More > Indian tribe from the clutches of Randolph Hitlear, an ex-Confederate general out to steal their gold in order to finance another Civil War. A western comedy melodrama filled with laughs, romance and more fun than a barrel full of lizards on a tequila bender. THE LEGEND OF THE ROGUE has a cast of 6 men and 4 women. Performance rights are available.< Less
Not if You Were the Last Piece of Ass on Earth By Dan O'Sullivan
eBook (PDF): $1.99
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The plan was foolproof — trick the prom queen into coming down to the basement during the grad party where Calvin could lock her inside with four uninterrupted hours of last-chance social... More > colloquy that would hopefully lead to a piece of unprecedented action. Only the good-intentioned do-gooder gets a much bigger piece of action than expected when a strange mishap abruptly sends them forward into a war-ravaged and soulless not-too-distant post-apocalyptic future! Roaming the empty city streets with no way back to the past and no conviction on where to go or what to do, the only teenage male mind in the world is left with the only possible constructive thought — simply getting some from the sizzling hot prom queen who simply won’t give any!< Less
Galah By David Connor
eBook (ePub): $2.19
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Russell's an honest person with a simple do unto others approach to life. Unfortunately others aren't so kind as to reciprocate. This mistreatment rearranges his mind and he ends up doing the two... More > worst things possible. Having had a gutful of the law and institution food, he takes his future by the handlebars and peddles towards the light as fast as possible. He's picked up on a lonely road by Jack who takes him to the tiny idiosyncratic outlaw settlement of Galah. There he hides waiting for the police. The police do show up, however Russell's new found friends spirit him away until the coppers go home. Russell returns to Galah to cement his position in the community by deception and revenge. It works. He feels at home for the first time in his life and sets about perfecting the art of doing nothing ... and then things start to unravel again. It's a warm hearted novel with lots of funny spots.< Less

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