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Bankruptcy Law and Practice (Second Edition) By Gregory Germain
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The digital version of this book is available for free This print version is provided by CALI eLangdell Press at no markup. You are simply paying for the cost of's... More > services. This is the first edition of Bankruptcy Law and Practice, a Casebook Designed to Train Lawyers for the Practice of Bankruptcy Law. It is designed for a one-semester course in debtor/creditor law and bankruptcy. The book deals with both creditor remedies and debtor protections, starting with state law collection remedies , exemptions, and the important special protections for secured creditors under both Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code and state real property recording acts.< Less
Reification Demolished Again By Tony Fejfar
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In the Tract Book Article, the critical legal studies concept of 'reification,' is demolished.
Brexit and Britain's Vision for Europe By David Heilbron Price
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UK's referendum vote to LEAVE the European Union caught the Government, many Britons and the EU HQ in Brussels by surprise. Why? Lack of preparedness and a full debate for the hugely complex task.... More > Will Brexit threaten the unity of the United Kingdom? Will Scotland leave the UK? Will the shock of losing EU's second power shatter the EU? What about Euratom? This book highlights a quite different potential. A Golden Age for Britain, for Europe and for the Planet! Brexit provides an extraordinary opportunity to relaunch Europe based on its founding principles. These brought the squabbling States of Europe their first real peace in more than 2000 years. A Golden Age for global trade, democracy and public happiness is possible. Will it happen? All this depends on starting discussions on the right basis, an ethical and moral one. This book shows how. Written by the Editor of the Schuman Project who has researched the origin, purpose and future of Europe's peace miracle, this book provides answers for success.< Less
Constitutional Democracy: Assessment Method By Victor Catalin
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Many modern regimes measure their evolution by whether they are democracies, but how do we assess these forms of government? In Constitutional Democracy, Victor Catalin explores how to evaluate the... More > level or stage of democratization of various nations. His method is based on constitutional democracy, in other words, on measurement of the democracy level that a state disposes by its constitution. In proposing how to assess forms of democracy, he examines past forms of government, from the Athenian democracy that evolved in the fifth century B.C., which marked the first appearance of direct democracy, to ancient Rome where important decisions were made by plebiscite, up to modern times. By furthering a comprenehsive discussion of the history and development of democracies throughout the world, including those that make up the member states of the European Union, he reveals similarities and differences between today’s world democracies—and how we can use this knowledge to improve governments.< Less