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The Reestablishment Project: Quantal Aspects of Liberty Integral to American Resurrection By Mark Weiss
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This book explains how rapid-onset American cultural-evolutionary change might occur based upon strict adherence to the inalienable rights of our citizens, thereby ushering in a process of natural... More > selection of behavioral contingencies linking the Founding Father’s legacy to the work of key historical and contemporary figures critical to our nation’s Reestablishment. As much a serious philosophical treatise as it is a pressing example of passionate civic testimony―with the inclusion of a good deal of hilarity in the mix―the book’s capstone is a highly-challenging proposed DECLARATION OF REESTABLISHMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, prospectively dated April 15, 2020. Taking a multi-disciplinary approach throughout, this ground-breaking work relies upon personal narrative and documents (along with correspondence with world-class thinkers) in describing the author’s transformation, over a thirty-year period, from seeker of small-community communal life to dedicated militant libertarian.< Less
Criminal Adjudication, 3rd Edition By Colin Miller
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This is a Criminal Adjudication Casebook covering pre-trial release through sentencing.
The Koyal Group Private Training Services: Attorneys Use Private Investigators By Dirk Braun
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5 Ways Attorneys Effectively Use Private Investigators Attorneys are apt to learn a number of research techniques and litigation skills over the years, but in many cases, they’re limited by... More > time and resources in what they can do. With the help of an experienced private investigator, sometimes known as a legal investigator in this instance, both parties benefit. The PI gets a chance to hone their investigative skills and the attorney receives information essential to their case.< Less
A Farewell to Nations – Future Public Peace Policies for a Global Community of Equity and Equality By Dr. Mark O'Doherty
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This book advocates a global community of equity and equality; where politicians do not act in the interest of individual nations, but instead jointly work towards a global union of solidarity. This... More > book also explores to what extent the Universal Declaration of Human Rights covers the full ethical spectrum of our global community, and how human rights – especially children’s rights – can be enforced more effectively in our global community. Finding the elusive synergy between capitalism and socialism is another topic this volume explores, as over 20% of the global population live in extreme poverty and have no basic income; hence the massive forced migration by people in developing countries, leading to the “brain drain” and many other global social-political calamities. Mark O’Doherty comes to the conclusion, that to overcome these global challenges, a ‘Declaration for Global Solidarity’ is required; as an ethical, legal and social-economic guideline for our global community.< Less