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The Peace Dividend: The Most Controversial Proposal in the History of the World By John Rachel
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With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992, American citizens were promised a "peace dividend", i.e. less money for war, more for peace and a good life for all. The U.S. military under... More > misguided leadership has attacked eight countries since then. The defense budget has exploded, buying a lot of junk that doesn't work and military hardware we don't need. This is not pocket change. The fraudulent wars and waste by the military amounts to no less than $4.82 trillion! This is money U.S. citizens paid as taxes in good faith, trusting their leaders were telling them the truth. They weren't. They lied to us! The $4.82 trillion was taken under fraudulent terms, and squandered. Our "peace dividend" is now due and payable. This equates to $14,952 for each and every living U.S. citizen. A family of four will get a refund of over $59,800. This short book explains how we can get our money back and put America back on a path of peace and prosperity for future generations.< Less
The Reestablishment Project: Quantal Aspects of Liberty Integral to American Resurrection By Mark Weiss
Paperback: $24.99
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As much a serious philosophical treatise on the fundamental reestablishment of America predicated upon strict defense of the inalienable rights of our citizens as it is a passionate example of civic... More > testimony in the face of burgeoning threats to our personal liberty—with a good deal of comic relief thrown in for good measure—this book’s capstone is a highly-challenging proposed Declaration of Reestablishment of the United States of America, prospectively dated April 15, 2020. Taking a multidisciplinary approach to national recovery, this ground-breaking work is the result of more than a decade-long period of extended meditation about the nature of our nation’s past, present, and the role we must play in its potential future. With the aid of personal narrative and correspondence with world-class thinkers, the author explains how it is that, over a thirty-year period, he stopped pursuing communal life in favor of full-bodied freedom as a dedicated militant libertarian.< Less
An interesting application of the fraud on a power doctrine By Fabio Rech Colferai TEP
eBook (PDF): $9.54
A “fraud on a power” is a trust law doctrine whose purpose is to limit and control the exercise by trustees of the powers given to them (by general law or the instrument that created the... More > powers). The doctrine applies to all trustee powers, including administrative powers, and describes the exercise of a trustee power for a purpose, or with an intention, which is outside the scope of the power being exercised. The classic formulation is as follows: “The term [fraud] in connection with frauds on a power does not necessarily denote any conduct on the part of the appointor amounting to fraud in the common law meaning of the term or any conduct which could properly be termed dishonest or immoral. It merely means that the power has been exercised for a purpose, or with an intention, beyond the scope of or not justified by the instrument creating the power.”< Less
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