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Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare, Volume 5, Issue 2 By Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare
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Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare, Volume 5, Issue 2 (Winter 2017)
The Letter to New Yorkers By Mark Falso
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Second of the trilogy of "The Letter to." It focus on terrible state of politics and what needs to be improved in New York State. Controversy surrounding in Albany and Central New York... More > especially with the County of Onondaga. It deals with Interstate 81 and bypass, the New York State Fair, business taxes, sales taxes, and what New Yorkers need to do about it. It is Conservative view on politics we need to replace the Liberal politics. Also introduction to the author and his consideration to run for political office.< Less
The Reestablishment Project: Quantal Aspects of Liberty Integral to American Resurrection By Mark Weiss
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As much a serious philosophical treatise on the fundamental reestablishment of America predicated upon strict defense of the inalienable rights of our citizens as it is a passionate example of civic... More > testimony in the face of burgeoning threats to our personal liberty—with a good deal of comic relief thrown in for good measure—this book’s capstone is a highly-challenging proposed Declaration of Reestablishment of the United States of America, prospectively dated April 15, 2020. Taking a multidisciplinary approach to national recovery, this ground-breaking work is the result of more than a decade-long period of extended meditation about the nature of our nation’s past, present, and the role we must play in its potential future. With the aid of personal narrative and correspondence with world-class thinkers, the author explains how it is that, over a thirty-year period, he stopped pursuing communal life in favor of full-bodied freedom as a dedicated militant libertarian.< Less
Life Safety Codes - In The Means of Egress By Thomas R Demont
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This book is designed to go with an 8 hour training class in building and fire codes in the means of egress. The material is current to the state building and fire laws used today in the United... More > States.< Less