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Handcuffed: Through the eyes of a Co By Victor S
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Do you ever wonder about prison scenarios that you heard may or may not have taken place? This book is for anyone that wants to know more about life as a Correctional Officer. Handcuffed Through the... More > eyes of a CO has scenarios and opinions on what may or may not go on behind bars.< Less
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Our Right to Privacy-Hijacked by Government: The U.S. Government Consistently Violates "the supreme law of the land," the Constitution of the United States of America Revised and Updated Second Edition By Robert G. Beard, Jr.
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Why is privacy so important? If you have done nothing wrong, what do you have to hide? You would be surprised! With over 4,500 federal crimes on the books and over 400,000 rules & regulations,... More > you are most likely, and unknowingly, committing three felonies a day. According to law professor John Baker, “there is no one in the United States over the age of 18 who cannot be indicted for some federal crime.” Forget about the NSA spying on you. Much more devastating is the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970 which was significantly strengthened after 9-11. This Act turned Banks and other financial institutions into spies for the U.S. Government, in particular the IRS. This book discusses specific reasons why the Founders placed the Fourth Amendment—the right to privacy, the right to be left alone by Government—in the U.S. Constitution. It highlights how Congress, aided by the Supreme Court, has trampled on this extremely important individual right. Luckily, within these pages, there may be hope on the horizon!< Less
Praxeology - Four Essays By Adam Knott 2016
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Praxeology – Four Essays is a short book about praxeology by Adam Knott. Topics covered include: The nature of exact law, the distinction between praxeology and economics, the structure of... More > action, the nature of interpersonal action, the fundamental categories of consciousness, epistemological problems in Mises’s praxeology, the subjective nature of scarcity, the concept of value in Misesian praxeology, the nature of coercion, the relationship between the law of marginal utility and praxeology, and others.< Less

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