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Young Adult Friction By Oscar Sylvester-James
Paperback: $7.87
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Filled with alcohol, drugs and general debauchery, Young Adult Friction, is a brutal coming-of-age novel that encapsulate the disaffected generation of teenagers: who take hedonism more seriously... More > than life itself. The conflicted narrator Matthew Spencer, starts the school year unlike any other student and brings a wave of profligacy to those around him; with countless parties and hook-ups, the relationships of Matthew and close friends –Donnie and James- soon become the source of their own social demise, tying in many others with vicious consequences that climax in a moral Armageddon. Narrated in a flat tone with an inordinate amount of cultural references, and its very own soundtrack, Young Adult Friction takes you into the mind of a wealthy seventeen year old boy, in a society that seems to hate its own youth.< Less
The First Fifteen Years By Sean Trinder
Paperback: $10.00
Ships in 3-5 business days
This is a collection of short stories and novellas all written since I started writing seriously at age 18, 15 years ago. Enjoy!
White Knight By Emma Louise Hayes
Paperback: $6.51
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When Susan Saunders witnesses a terrible accident involving her best friend near her childhood farm in North Dakota, she is admitted to Hammer Smith Psychiatric Unit, whereby she remains there for... More > the rest of her youth and into adulthood. Susan is diagnosed with a rare psychiatric disorder known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, as her therapist believes that she suffers from what is known as multiple personality syndrome. Susan is haunted by troublesome dreams, and a Succa being a ‘devil dog.’ Susan is put forward for an experimental trial of a psychiatric drug nicknamed, ‘White Knight.’ During Susan’s journey there are several characters revealed being the prostitute, the Holy Man, the lawyer, and the boy. These characters represent the extremities of humanity: promiscuity, betterment, greed, and innocence. As events unfold, links are revealed between the characters, and the reader is left to decide whether these characters were just a figment of Susan’s imagination or reality.< Less
Romancing The Sword Lectern Edition By Samuel Z Jones
Paperback: $15.19
Ships in 3-5 business days
The complete Romancing The Sword, in an epic five-book single volume!

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