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Protector:Siam Storm 4:The Final Adventure By Robert A Webster
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The adventure continues in, Protector, the fourth book of the Siam Storm Series… When descendants of Siddhartha Gautama, The Buddha, arrive at the Royal Palace in Bangkok, it is Prime Master... More > Pon’s duty to discover who is responsible for the murder of the other descendants, along with their age-old protectors. After capturing an assassin, Pon assembles a team of combatant monks to track down the leader of a rising savage group of terrorists. The fun begins when Spock and Stu join the team, and as usual, they find trouble. Even with Spock and Stu underfoot, the team uncovers evidence of a plot with worldwide implications. Protector follows the hazardous journey through unfamiliar terrain as the team races the clock to stop further killings of their brethren, only to discover that things are not always as they seem.< Less
The Passion and Perils By Kirsten Joy
Hardcover: $24.95
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Adrian's had it with the humiliation of home: the belching van, the sadistic rooster, and her father's endless exhibition of sweat pants and blazers. Taking refuge in the kitchen, Adrian crafts... More > crumpets and cupcakes, getting a taste for what she really wants in life. Though she can't afford the culinary school of her dreams, Adrian decides any escape will do. But leaving home isn't a cure-all; there are new relationships that torment and change her. She finds that infatuations can turn sour and ambition can burn, leaving a painful void where he used to be. Through it all, Adrian learns that humor is often the best recipe to overcome heartache. And when all else fails, there are tarts.< Less
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Captain Blood By by Rafael Sabatini
Paperback: $49.95
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Captain Blood: His Odyssey is an adventure novel by Rafael Sabatini, originally published in 1922.

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