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Rofi By Robert Paulsen
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The accounts of a young teenager coping with a world he didn't create in a rural setting in southern Ohio in the late 1940's and early fifties. Left on his own without the guidance of a father who... More > didn't return from WWII, Gurnius Margrato was helping raise two younger siblings on practically no income. Through a series of ventures instigated by his seemingly adult mind, he singlehandedly obtained a used Army truck and utilized it to make a way out of poverty in this small Appalachian community. One can sense the inspiration drawn from his heritage as he reasons to bring events about in his daily living. This book draws upon the spirituality inherent in this country setting. The end shows what can transpire when an american dream is pursued to the fullest. Anyone reading this book will be moved in some way.< Less
The Dramas of Ron (Harrysson Sunhauke) Schaefer Plays 1 By Ron (Harrysson Sunhauke) Schaefer
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7 full-length plays by playwright & screenwriter Rh (Sunhauke) Schaefer from his earliest days as director & filmmaker. Stories of passion, mystery, obsession, greed, redemption and salvation... More > are collected here in this first volume of suspenseful works.< Less
Of Kings and Half Kings By M J Porter
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Edmund of the English, the aged Constantin of Scotland, Anlaf Sihtriccson of York, Idwal of Gwynedd, Hywel of the South Welsh. The year is 942 and the treaty of Eamont in 927 and the recent battle of... More > Brunanburh in 937 have inflicted an uneasy calm on the lands of the British Isles. The fledgling England, Scotland, Strathclyde, the warring Welsh kingdoms and the Viking stronghold of Dublin are held firmly apart. Or are they? Hinged on the power and resourcefulness of one man, Athelstan, first King of the English, his untimely death in late 939 has thrust his young half-brother onto the throne and the acquisitive eyes of Olaf Gothfrithson of Dublin, his close ally Anlaf Sihtricsson, Constantin of Scotland and Idwal of Gwynedd have turned once more to England’s land and her people. Can Edmund hold England firm against the over-mighty men? Or will the greatest English victory at Brunanburh amount to nothing and fade into obscurity, to be forgotten by all?< Less
The Lady of the Tower By Elizabeth St.John
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In 1617, Lucy St. John, called “the most beautiful” of all her six sisters defied the conventions of English society and nearly disappeared from history. A brief, but passionate, affair... More > with a nobleman destroyed her heart and reputation, and in her journey to atonement, she embarked on a life that brought her to the very heights of Stuart society. Sister-in-law to the Duke of Buckingham, and friend of Sir Walter Raleigh, Lucy was an observer at the very heart of the power and corruption that raised men up and tore them down again. Circumstance brought her to live within the massive walls of the Tower of London along with traitors, witches, adulterers, and Papal sympathizers. The “Lady of the Tower” was an accomplished horticulturist and herbalist who crafted physicks and medicines to treat family and prisoners alike. Lucy’s journey is documented through contemporary writing, documents from the Jacobean court and her daughter’s memoir.< Less