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Literature Help: Shane By Students' Academy
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In his lifetime, the author published ten novels and twelve other works. Most of his other works are the collections of short stories. He has also written several non-fiction essays. It is... More > remarkable that eight out of ten novels written by Schaefer were made into movies. “Shane” is considered as the author’s most famous book. It was made into a very successful movie in 1953. “Shane” is assessed as the best work of Western fiction ever written. Literature Help: Shane Copyright Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: Plot Overview Chapter Three: Characters Chapter Four: Complete Summary Chapter Five: Critical Analysis< Less
Suma By H.J. Sage
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The beautiful singer Suma Rainey leaves her home in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for the musical big time in San Francisco. She leaves behind two men who have fought for her affections, one she remembers, the... More > other she wants to forget. In the big city she finds what she’s looking for--a place where she can play the music she writes that is rooted in her mother’s Shoshone tradition. Her musical success grows with the band she joins until they find themselves in demand, not only in their city, but all over the country. The man she loved and lost finds her again, and their happiness is overshadowed only by dark memories from a distant past. Firmly established in the musical tradition of the West Coast, she searches for new paths on which to express her creative talents. The man she loves, guided by Shoshone gods, she is sure, travels by her side as they search for a new future together. Guided by spirits from the Wind River Mountains, her ancestral home, with her lover beside her, she finds her way at last to fulfillment.< Less
The Dancing Genie By Angy Feyisayo Jimba
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Tolu lived a sheltered life until she gained admission into the university to study medicine in a Nigerian University. Out there, in the real world, she discovered she had unlimited freedom to do as... More > she pleases. But soon she realized that freedom had a price as she struggled with the vicissitude of growing up.< Less
Mindfall By Darryl Sollerh
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FIVE STARS Readers' Favorite Reviews "The story gripped me from the very first page...Very powerful and well-written...A great read." Barbara Goldie, THE KINDLE BOOK REVIEWS "It will... More > make you lose sleep because you won't want to put it down!" Mary Ann Koopmann, AMAZON REVIEWS To save his wife's life, a man enters MindFall, a top secret, revolutionary virtual reality program created by his wife so advanced, so life-like, that once he enters it, he can no longer tell he's in MindFall, or back in the real world. Yet he soon finds himself hunted by Black Ops government agents and deadly terrorists, all hellbent on controlling MindFall, hurdling him into a mind-bending gauntlet as he races against time to discover its secret and save his wife.< Less