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Great Novels 18: Allan's Wife By H. Rider Haggard
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They will remind you of many an African yarn--that with the baboons may recall an experience of your own which I did not share. And perhaps they will do more than this. Perhaps they will bring back... More > to you some of the long past romance of days that are lost to us. The country of which Allan Quatermain tells his tale is now, for the most part, as well known and explored as are the fields of Norfolk.< Less
Great Novels 17: The Alkahest By Honore de Balzac
eBook (ePub): $1.99
The events of human existence, whether public or private, are so closely allied to architecture that the majority of observers can reconstruct nations and individuals, in their habits and ways of... More > life, from the remains of public monuments or the relics of a home. Archaeology is to social nature what comparative anatomy is to organized nature. A mosaic tells the tale of a society, as the skeleton of an ichthyosaurus opens up a creative epoch.< Less
Great Novels 19: The Altar of the Dead By Henry James
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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He had done many things in the world - he had done almost all but one: he had never, never forgotten. He had tried to put into his existence whatever else might take up room in it, but had failed to... More > make it more than a house of which the mistress was eternally absent. She was most absent of all on the recurrent December day that his tenacity set apart. He had no arranged observance of it, but his nerves made it all their own. They drove him forth without mercy, and the goal of his pilgrimage was far. She had been buried in a London suburb, a part then of Nature's breast, but which he had seen lose one after another every feature of freshness.< Less
Pig's Knuckle By James Robert Schofield
eBook (ePub): $5.20
Pig’s Knuckle is the story of two friends and flatmates called Macca and Lulu and their working lives and personal problems. Lulu leads a quiet life before surprising her flatmate Macca by... More > becoming a Senator in the Australian Parliament. She is involved in a scandal and confronts a hostile, unfair media, as well as unhelpful fellow politicians. After becoming a politician, Lulu also begins dating a man named Ross, much to Macca’s chagrin. This is the story of two friends and where life takes them as they confront challenges that make them stronger and bring them closer together.< Less

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BDR BDR By Kendall Chambers
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Gamble Gamble By David Hess
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