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Chain Atoms By Alan Williams
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The silly old nucleus system is disregarded. Atoms involve chains of particles. This is supported by radiation, the periodic table and exothermic reactions. There are original ideas on magnetism,... More > light, electricity and gravity. Structures are proposed for atoms, protons and electrons. A neutron appears to be a proton with a closely bonded and disruptive electron. There is also a level of explanation for particle fields and bonding. This publication is of about 14,000 words and 57 diagrams. It is written in a manner which does not assume much prior knowledge, but it is still suitable for science professors and anyone else with a science interest.< Less
Bioenergetics and Energy Metabolism in Crustaceans By Bhaskar L.V.K.S.
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Bioenergetics is the study of balance between energy supply and energy expenditure and requires an examination of physiological processes through which energy is transformed in living organisms.... More > Studies on the flow and allocation of energy in biological systems often have, as their ultimate goal, the construction of a budget describing the partitioning of energy within an individual or population. Such budgets are then used to make inference about physiology or ecology in particular explaining why an organism or population does what it is observed to do assuming that energy allocation is the overriding concern. Bioenergetic modelling is an alternative method for estimating feeding rates in a natural population. These models quantify the relationship between feeding rates and growth relative to temperature, body size and activity. Bioenergetic models have been applied to address ecological questions in a wide variety of taxa.< Less
Quantic seismology (anthological synthesis) By Giovanni Imbalzano
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After individuated 3 periods P (superior to 29 days and mod. 15) among the principal seismic intensities, and also of the in comparison with the, I choose that with the maximum number of... More > under-multiples; one verify that the resultant p is not always the maximum among that considered. In Pascal language, the algorithm reduces notably in comparison with the electronic sheet, used for data base; but by the logical-analytical details seem better Mathematica, like in the example, using Date Difference functions... & PrimeOmega.... The agreements on the periods are to be considered satisfactory, but by great amplitudes of intensity it be necessary to consider, besides the Planets Conjunctions and to the Solar Flares, pseudo-gravitational field -∂Ψ/∂r of till now neglected particles (planetary WIMP).< Less
Rounding With the Muse By Paulette Mehta
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This book tells the myriad of stories that an oncologist encountered during a quarter century of practice, from both pediatrics to adult medicine.