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The Hidden Variables Theory: The Initial Values of the Fundamental Constants in Physics By Israel Fried
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In this revision: The electric charge of a subatomic particle is originated from its Orbital Angular Momentum (Oam). If Oam is offset the particle is neutral. The electron mass is a magnitude that... More > expresses quantitatively the square of its magnetic flux quantum. The proton, the neutron and all baryons consist of three energy levels on which the quarks are orbiting. The third energy level is equivalent to 80.7 Gev; it plays a role at decaying process through the weak force while hosting charged mesons (like Pentaquark for instance) that are emitted thru W bosons which acquire the level's energy. The quark's Oam is a third or two thirds of the reduced planck constant. The proton's missing spin is resolved by quark's Oam contribution. The electron is a bound state composition of a negative Pi meson and electron neutrino. The neutrino is an Ultra relativistic state of a neutron originated from gluons. The second and third quarks generations are a variations of different kinds of down and up quarks compositions.< Less
Assessment of spectral properties of Apollo 12 landing site By Yann Chemin
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The geology and mineralogy of the Apollo 12 landing site has been the subject of recent studies that this research attempts to complement from a remote sensing point of view using the Moon... More > Multispectral Mapper (M3) sensor data, onboard the Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiter. It is a higher spatial-spectral resolution sensor than the Clementine UV-Vis sensor and gives the opportunity to study the lunar surface with a comparatively more detailed spectral resolution. The M3 signatures are showing a monotonic featureless increment, with very low reflectance, suggesting a mature regolith. The regolith maturity is splitting the landing site in a younger Northwest and older Southeast. The mineral identification using the lunar sample spectra from within the Relab database found some similarity to a basaltic rock/glass mix. The spectrum features of clinopyroxene have been found in the Copernican rays and at the landing site. Lateral mixing increases FeO content away from the central part of the ray.< Less
New Science Theory and On the Magnet Ebook By Vincent Wilmot, William Gilbert
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The first book is basically the site as on 30.4.2016 – for changes since then visit the website with its Sitemap noting updates. It is especially good for those... More > interested in physics theory, concentrating chiefly on the four great physicists William Gilbert, Rene Descartes, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein – and also having fine sections on Galileo, Kepler, History of Science, Gravity, Light, String Theory, Standard Model Physics, Probability Science, Philosophy of Science and General Image Theory Science. The second book is a new improved English translation of William Gilbert’s banned Latin 1600 ‘De Magnete’ or ‘On The Magnet’. This is rather easier to read than its two earlier translations, and significantly helps to clarify Gilbert’s ‘attraction’ physics which Newton put as one of the two mathematized physics options and which he is believed to have privately favoured. It is basically a novel signal-response or remote-control physics that may still have relevance.< Less
NPA Theory of Personality By A. M. Benis, Sc.D., M.D.
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by A.M. Benis, Sc.D., M.D. This is an updated (2016) PDF edition of NPA personality theory, originally published as "Toward Self & Sanity: On the genetic origins of the human character"... More > by Psychological Dimensions Press in 1985. It has been updated and contains recently published work: a seventeen page synopsis of NPA personality theory, and articles on dopamine and trait aggression, and on personality traits in the Australian Aborigines. It contains the original version of the "NPA personality theory" derived from the ideas of Karen Horney. The NPA traits, posited to be of genetic origins, are sanguinity (narcissism), perfectionism and aggression. Most of the text is written in question-and-answer (Q & A) format. Book properties: 558 pages, 22 figures, 9 tables, 48 plates, glossary, addendum, index.< Less