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Neuroscience: A Primer (softcover) By Lauren Stutzbach
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Learn the basic neuroscience behind how our brains work. Written, illustrated, and edited by graduate students in the Neuroscience Graduate Group at the University of Pennsylvania, this Neuroscience... More > Primer is intended for any reader with a high-school-level education.< Less
Contemporary Nephrology Nursing Third Edition By Sandra Bodin
eBook (ePub): $174.99
The 2017 edition of Contemporary Nephrology Nursing is an excellent evidence-based resource for all nurses caring for patients with kidney disease. The scope of this respected and trusted classic has... More > been expanded to include the most complete collection of nephrology nursing topics ever published. The new edition, written by 79 expert authors, includes 50 chapters (28 completely new). Three exciting new sections deal with nursing management of comorbidities and complications, cultural safety, health literacy, psychosocial issues in nephrology nursing, and regenerative medicine and innovations. Each chapter includes key concepts highlighting implications for nephrology nursing. Each chapter offers self-assessment questions and continuing nursing education (CNE) credit opportunities; more than 75 contact hours are available.< Less
A Derivation of a Motion Sensitive Einstein Tensor for Contextualized Rotating Mass By Gary DeWoolfson
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Location vectors that describe the positions of points on spheres that are centered at the origin of coordinates can be constrained to specify rings that rotate about their axis of symmetry with an... More > angular velocity that is characteristic of the ring. When the partial derivatives of said vectors are put into linear combinations that produce at every point in space-time a system of four mutually perpendicular unit length reference vectors those pointwise systems may aggregate to comprise for space-time a vector field of orthonormal reference frames. We can devise a simple system for which the Riemann tensor contains no explicit dependence on the angular velocities, or a relatively complicated system for which they do show up in Riemann tensor components. But the physical quantities of the stress-energy-momentum tensor components are specific to a vector reference system of choice, so we calculate a Riemann tensor that suits that choice and then the Einstein tensor that suits the system.< Less
The Science and Design of the Hybrid Rocket Engine By Richard M. Newlands
eBook (ePub): $7.45
This is a textbook about rocket engineering, concentrating on the nitrous oxide hybrid rocket engine, both small and large. It’s also a book about the science of chemical rockets in detail:... More > three of the chapters are full of in-depth rocket science describing how all chemical rockets work. After a first chapter brushing up on the science and maths you’ll need, the book describes the choice and safe use of hybrid rocket propellants, and how they’re handled in practice. Then there are the rocket science chapters. Then you learn how to design, construct, and operate, a large hybrid rocket engine capable of getting you into Space. The book also includes a practical guide to the testing of hybrid rocket engines large and small, and how to fly them safely. Included are full instructions for programming a rocket trajectory simulator in Microsoft Excel, and several appendices containing rocketry information and equations, and instructions on how to design a bell nozzle.< Less