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Teixobactin By Dhruti Mehta
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The overview on New antibiotc introduced in market after 25 yrs of research which kills the bacteria without detectable resistance. The new antibiotic introduced is termed as Teixobactin. The... More > different methods for its synthesis and various studies performed on it are enclosed here along with the different identification methods and its uses which will provide sufficient information for the researches for further studies in the future. This product might be commercialized without leaving trace of the pathogens.< Less
Help Your Mind to Change - Seeds for the Change By Rosa Ucci
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“ Rapid and conspicuous socio-cultural changes always have a strong impact on human life and a significant influence on mental health. . . the cultural system introjected during the first years... More > of life tends not to modify. It is the central nucleus of psychology” The author has held a series of conversations with persons who are no longer young but are not resigned to taking back seats. She has explored with them the current changes in society, researching the essential capacities to face new challenges, different circumstances and societies of the contemporary world. These debates, rich in interrogatives, at times rather disturbing, and with surprising answers have paved the way to a better understanding of ourselves and of the world around us, even though it appears so different.< Less
Programme Outline By Samina Jaweed
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Performing Arts Programme Outline for the Implementation of Creative Therapies
Fundamental Nature of Matter and Associated Mysteries By George Nixon
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This book contains the only conceptual explanation of gravity as a creative force available in the literature since Sir Isaac Newton stated that he makes no conjecture regarding the nature of... More > gravity. With regards to gravity and other perplexing anomalies, this work provides a fundamental dynamic conceptual description of how gravity is generated and provides the mechanism as to why light is curved by the presence of bodies containing mass. Matters property of inertia is conceptually explained along with the reason why in a vacuum, all bodies of matter fall at the same rate. A conceptual explanation of the creation of an electron and all its attributes such as phase of charge and electric field are provided including explanations of our laws of motion, conservation of energy and momentum etcetera. See book preview.< Less