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Auto Memory By Abhishek Lal, Mary Blowers, Dr Kevin J. Flannelly
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he human brain is the most complex system in the known universe. This system has developed according to the principles of evolution. Investigating the origins of the brain might lead to more... More > comprehension of its functioning. Memory is the storage, retention and recall of information including past experiences, knowledge and thoughts. Most of the mainstream cognitive psychologists suggest that memory is a unitary entity of some sort. They assume that the apparent differences in manifestations of memory represent nothing more than different combinations and concatenations of particular cognitive processes, all operating within the bounds of one large memory. We look at a model of the mind that explains how the brain develops sensory consciousness. The model draws a lot of similarities to the parallel modeling of the computer hardware and operating system available worldwide.< Less
Reflections on Relativity By Kevin Brown
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"Reflections on Relativity" is a comprehensive presentation of the classical, special, and general theories of relativity, including in-depth historical perspectives, showing how the... More > relativity principle has repeatedly inspired advances in our understanding of the physical world.< Less
The Secrets of the Seven Metals By Nicholas Kollerstrom
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This book looks at the old alchemical idea that traditional metals are inherently linked to and 'in tune' with the planets. Some experiments suggest they respond to planetary influences. The... More > author challenges the outdated dualism that science has used for three centuries, and infuses our perceptions of Nature with new life. This will be of particular interest to astrologers and school chemistry teachers.< Less
The nurse and the "crazy" By Leonardo Massi
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The essay leads the reader in a colloquial and informal way, but at the same time yet rigorous, through the meanders of the relationship between "normal/crazy". On one side the patient, on... More > the other the nurse; on the background the same social context by which both of them are being evaluated. The analysis of the madness through a social and multidisciplinary view. A light dancing through different disciplines in order to better taste the strong flavor of the madness in the patient and its bitter-sweet aftertaste in the nurse.< Less