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The four health systems of the UK: How do they compare? By Gwyn Bevan and others
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Since political devolution in 1999, there has been increasing policy divergence between the health systems of the four countries of the United Kingdom (UK). This report attempts to update earlier... More > comparisons of the publicly financed health systems of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in terms of funding, inputs and performance before and since devolution. It also includes comparisons with the North East of England, which has been chosen as a better comparator with the three devolved nations than England as a whole. The research is the only longitudinal analysis of its kind, building on a previous report published by the Nuffield Trust in 2010 and revised in 2011. That report presented three snapshots before and after devolution, with the most recent data being for 2006/07. This latest report gives trends over time for a wider range of performance indicators from the late 1990s to 2011/12, or 2012/13 where data were available.< Less
LESIONS OF CERVIX - A REVIEW By Dr. Gunvanti Rathod et al.
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Colposcopic examination of cervix with cervical cytology is very frequently used to screen the cervical lesion. Accuracy of cervical cytology is less as compared to Histopathological examination.... More > Therefore histopathological examination of biopsies of cervical lesions and hysterectomy specimens is the gold standard. Carcinoma of the cervix is the most common cancer in Indian women and accounts for 20% of all malignant tumours in the females. In this book we discussed anatomy, epidemiology, aetiopathogenesis, benign squamous cell lesions, benign glandular lesions and other tumors of the cervix. This book is very helpful for postgraduate students and faculties of Pathology and Obstetrics and Gynecologists.< Less
Healmotions By Simona Galabova
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Healmotions is a project which aims to look for beauty by digging deep into human emotions. Because we have positive emotions when we are healthy, or feel healthy, the project researches the ways in... More > which design can bring happiness in human lives. It then advances to the idea of how to make parents and children with ASD happier by providing them with tools which can save them time, emotions,money and nerves.< Less
LESIONS OF BREAST – A REVIEW By Dr. Gunvanti Rathod et al.
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The incidence of breast cancer is slowly increasing and is known to occur in older age group especially peri-menopausal and post-menopausal. The importance of early diagnosis cannot be underscored as... More > management and survival is markedly improved with early stage of breast cancer. In the present book, laboratory diagnostic procedures like FNAC, Core needle biopsy, Histopathological examinations of breast lesions, histology and cytology of various breast lesions have been included. Details given in this book are very useful for undergraduate, postgraduate students and faculties of Pathology and Surgery.< Less