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Beauty Queen Murder: Nurse Anita Cobby By Pamela Lillian Valemont
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A beauty queen of 1979, Anita Cobby was named Miss Western Suburbs of Sydney in the Miss Australia quest. Seven years later, when Anita was 26 years old, she was abducted from the western Sydney... More > suburb of Blacktown, tortured, raped and murdered in a cow paddock at nearby Prospect, on the evening of the 2nd of February, 1986. Five men, including three brothers, were convicted of her murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, never to be released, without any possibility of parole. Sister Anita Cobby’s fingers, that had so tenderly ministered to her patients, were broken, her bones dislocated, her nose and cheekbones fractured in the shocking assault upon her. The horrifically cruel murder of this lovely young nurse, so kind and caring of her patients, caused so much outrage within Australia that tens of thousands of people subsequently campaigned for the reinstatement of capital punishment. A forensic numerological criminal profile.< Less
Diary of a Robot By Lewis Jenkins
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Robotics Law One: "Do no harm to people or property through action or inaction." Intelligent machines have a large problem: What is harm? Dr. Maynard Little thinks he may have solved it.... More > The first chapters introduce Doc's own problems, his predicament, and his team at The Little Company as they build The Machine. From then on, the machine works through its problems of deciding whom to trust, while the people try to deal with the machine as it works. Things get dicey. The turning point is a televised round-table discussion where Robey (the machine's name at that time) upsets everyone except perhaps the French. Dr. Little—under pressure from Chairman Bozworth to begin making money—takes steps to make the machine more marketable and less controversial. These efforts succeed except that Doc's fix creates new problems. And other interests want to exploit or control—or steal—the TM tech. The climax of the story comes when… Well, if I told you that, I'd have to kidnap you to keep you from telling anyone else.< Less
World War O By J. J. Ward
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“World War Offshore” – no one knows how it started, or who’s behind it, but one thing’s for certain: it’s the biggest anti-capitalist demonstration the world has... More > ever seen. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators, spread across six continents, demanding an end to the non-accountability of “the 1%”, re-regulation of the world’s financial services, and a new era of social justice. MI7 takes the view that it’s best left to the appropriate law enforcement agencies – with the exception of one little detail. In order to get off the ground so effectively, its organisers had to bypass GCHQ in Britain and the NSA in America. A breathtakingly impressive achievement, and possibly an ominous one. Next time, whoever does that may not be so benign. Agent John Mordred is assigned to investigate.< Less
A Spy's Guide To Martinis By A.S. VonDilzer
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Have you ever wondered how to make the perfect martini? Let this book guide you through each step. This entertaining step by step guide includes original (as well as a few classic) martini recipes... More > created by the author. Each martini takes on a life and personality of its own, each with a beautiful picture and intriguing short spy story to set the mood and provide an exciting fantasy to daydream about while enjoying the delightful martini.< Less

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