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The Detective Games - #1: Trial By Firefight By Zechariah Barrett
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Leor is a simple detective. A gentleman, at that. His case record is pristine and loose ends are something he scoffs at. Until he meets Joe Holmes. Then Jean. He finds one detective after another... More > is after the same singular thread. He speculates that this thread is one of many, a portion of strings with one great orchestrator whose motive is malevolence. As ambiguity grows and the danger is heightened, Leor wonders if this is one case he should've left in his past. In this first serial: "Trial by Firefight", the story truly begins. Leading up to and past the events of the teaser, Leor seeks the truth surrounding his previous case, that of "Désolé Mansion." But when his investigation leads to a fight for his life, Leor realizes he's gotten in too deep. This third edition includes an explanation of French terminology used within the context of the story, as well as a teaser of Beyond Chivalry — the next installment in The Detective Games series!< Less
Rutland at the Wind Farm By Melvyn Dover
Paperback: $10.07
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Mark Rutland, ace photographer, is short of cash. He finds himself heading for a remote site on which stands a wind farm with a difference; it seems it turns with no wind. Easy job. All he has to do... More > is photograph the launch event. Sir Peter Masterton and his Technical Director Dr Lena Vashenkof enlist the help of fading actor Gerhard Brant to entice investors. Rutland being Rutland tries to capture backstage candids, which is when the day goes pear-shaped. A man is killed. His niece is positive he was murdered. Can Rutland help her prove it? For Rutland it's not easy, especially as Sergeant O'Connor treats him as a suspect. What is the secret of the wind farm that costs more than one life?< Less
Rutland at the Grand Prix By Melvyn Dover
Paperback: $9.97
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Mark Rutland, ace photographer, finds himself in Monaco. He's in trouble from the moment he produces his camera. He's not impressed. Things improve briefly when he meets up with his old friend... More > Bernard LeBeau. Before long he's full of guilt for not preventing a tragedy. Realising he's attracting the wrong kind of attention himself, Rutland has to work out what he knows or has done that others are desperate to keep concealed. Can he and the Team Jadder mechanic Lei Lei San Ling catch the culprits?< Less
Murder at the Baltic Coast Hotel By Richard Hernaman Allen
Paperback: $10.62
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1995. Nick and Rosemary Storey, recently retired, visit Riga and Jurmala, at the invitation of a former Latvian customs officer they met in 1974. At the hotel, Nick trips and breaks his ankle.... More > Confined to a wheelchair, he indulges in people-watching, notably a fancy Russian wedding. But when the groom appears to have been murdered and the hotel want some independent witnesses to the investigation, Nick and Rosemary help with the enquiries which include several Russian “businessmen” and a secretive organisation called the Kalovit Group. Using observation, interviews and such clues as have been left, they struggle through indifference, lies and lack of evidence. Though the evidence overall points in several directions, a few true words give Rosemary the inspiration to solve the crime. “Murder in the Baltic Hotel” is the fifth book published in a series of detective stories, mostly set in Customs & Excise by Richard Hernaman Allen, a former Commissioner.< Less

Diary of a Robot Diary of a Robot By Lewis Jenkins Paperback:
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Secrets Secrets By anita dawes Paperback:

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