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The Beguiler's Boxed Set By Robert Stetson
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Let this be a warning to everyone. Read and heed. If it disgusts you, do not look away, for when you look away is when it happens. This is the story of Slater Stone and his rise to power from the... More > Senate to the Presidency in a one world government paradigm. The world borders are disappearing. Currency is changing. International Law is melding governments. Disarming the public is an international goal. There is a master plan. This is only a story. Go back to sleep.< Less
Deadly Alliance: The G.E.A.Rs of War By Pieter Albert Mertens
Paperback: $14.14
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This is the 2012 Edition of the first book of Deadly Alliance: The G.E.A.Rs of War with 10 new chapters, new characters and improvements. Set in the near future after the Mayan calender predicted,... More > the world is at near brink of war and crisis. The rouge nation and the shadowy corporation are planning to dominate the world by attending to use the ultimate weapon: the G.E.A.R (Genetic Engineering Armed Robots.) But the only way to stop them is the Deadly Alliance, the band of international anthropomorphic heroes and thrill-seekers with their incredible fighting skills and deadliest incarnations.< Less
Psycho Skills (Sample) By L. Dreamer
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David Nebro is fourteen years-old and already finishing his college schooling. Silvia Merrez is the head detective of the Psycho Sexist case. And what these two have in common is more of a who, than... More > a what; Sarah Morgonson is that who. Sarah Morgonson was once a college student just as David now is, but there’s a secret she has kept for all these long years; a secret that holds the answers both David and Silvia have been searching for since they’ve known her. The question is will they both get their answers?< Less
Murder Among the Nudists By Peter Hunt
Paperback: $19.98
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Trade paperback. In 1934, when MURDER AMONG THE NUDISTS was written by Peter Hunt, nudism had a special place in society, and it was no place for a police inspector — or his detective friend.... More > But when murder rears its ugly head at the local colony, the intrepid detective bites his lip and gives it up for the Queen — and goes undercover in a nudist camp. Action at the camp goes about how you'd expect, but I dare you to keep a straight face when Detective Alan Miller briefs his fellow policemen — in the nude.< Less