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Be He Alive or Be He Dead By Martin Dieghen
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Set in the mid 1980’s, this is the sequel to I Smell The Blood Of An Englishman, in which Police officers in the Far East are left perplexed by a series of sabotage incidents where the victims... More > prove to be heroin smugglers. As the trail leads back to the very producers of the drug in the Golden Triangle, the detectives and their superiors are left with the sobering realisation that another reckless act of criminal damage done to the barons could unleash a massacre upon the subsistence communities living in the shadow of the opium crop, and lead also to opening up the wounds of the still recent Vietnam War. Is this the man from Colombia mysteriously still alive and raising his sights?< Less
Storm By Sharyl Bales
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March 21, 1976 Family and friends are gathered at Buckingham to celebrate Signe Carlson’s 51st birthday. Mick McKenna’s gift to Signe is a month long cruise on their yacht, The Enickma.... More > Where they will cruise is up to Signe and she chooses to travel to a long cherished destination to see the ruins of Nan Madol on Pohnpei, an island in the Federated States of Micronesia. Exotic names like Majuro, Vanuatu, Espiritu Santo, the Caroline Islands Archipelago. She wants to see them all. Little did either Signe or Mick suspect the deadly threats they would encounter! Not only from human pirates, but also from Mother Nature. Her name, this time, was Typhoon Pamela. From their home in Scottsdale AZ to many of their exotic ports of call to a boardroom in Austin TX, Signe and her family as well as Mick and his associates at McKenna International work against time once the schemes of the man they came to call ‘The Puppet Master’ are discovered and before his plans have a chance to turn deadly.< Less
Murder In a Small Town By Elizabeth Deal
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Katherine Olivia Stell is an amateur detective in high school. when girls start turning up missing and later dead, she helps investigate. the killer threatens her life. she has to catch this killer... More > before he catches her.< Less
The Final Cut By Aimee Regina Belle
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Billie and Diana, sorority sisters, roommates and best friends, are polar opposites, but both of them jump at the chance to work on the set of a thriller filming outside of Vancouver. Just out of... More > college, they can’t believe their luck at scoring their dream jobs. Their luck sours and their dreams turn into nightmares when they arrive at the isolated set. They’re working with the director from hell; the cast and crew squabble and hook-up like high school cliques; and filming begins in a few days, but the script hasn’t been finalized yet. Things just get worse when people start turning up dead ...< Less