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Ward Pipper's Sacred Estate By Gail Matelson
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An odd name for sure! However, the guests at the Ward Pipper Sacred Estate believe there's something more peculiar going on than just the name! Ten strangers sign up for a student retreat program,... More > having no true idea what the next month will hold. This suspenseful murder mystery takes place in this most surprising of settings, a spiritual retreat. There's ever evolving secrecy, murder, mystery, romance, sex, psychological deception, spiritual insight, criminal behavior, humor and transformation... Just to name a few! And it all happens at the Ward Pipper Sacred Estate, where the practice of 'clear mind' meditation is taught. The students are told that they will learn how to achieve a blissful life, a joyful life filled with wisdom ... That is ... If they even make it through the entire program!< Less
By Chance By E. Denise Billups
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Visions of the past and present are haunting and enlightening, but visions of the future can be frightening, especially knowing how you will meet your demise. On the morning of December 15, 2014,... More > Tara McPherson comes face-to-face with her fate, as she steps onto her office piazza. When her eyes meet with those of a strange man lurking at the gate, a 187 year old vision commences.  Tara McPherson was seven when she experienced her first premonition; it was so sinister she repressed it and her gift of clairvoyance. Thirty years later, December 15, 2014, when malevolent Tom Spencer enters her life determined to exact his vengeance on Alcott Home and Design’s (AHD) Dream Team – Tara McPherson, Laura Alcott, and Leanne Davis – Tara will have to relinquish her fear and see her premonition if she’s to save herself and her friends’ lives.< Less
Sister's Hero II By Quardeay Julien
Paperback: $9.13
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Just when Asia Jones thought that life couldn't get any worse, she realizes that she's dead wrong, but if she can't get past the demons that haunt her. she very well may just end up dead.

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