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Two Decades with Jack & Jill By Teal Post
Hardcover: $36.00
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This book is a dedication to the career of Kimberly Wilson for her 20 years at Jack & Jill Cooperative Preschool.
The Black Behavior Workbook: Vol. Two By Vinson Ballard
Paperback: $17.97
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In continuing this edition of the Black Behavior Workbook, it has become equally fitting to express the dire need to bring attention to the notion of pursuing favorable behavior being an example of... More > class and quality for an individual’s daily attempt at exercising it representative of their recommended daily survival attempts. Volume Two of the Black Behavior Workbook will further attempt to illustrate to the reader and other willing participants additional selected cultural perspectives of models relative to how we may individually and collectively consider carrying ourselves. With that in mind, you are encouraged to sat back, relax and go with me for the journey of further looking at the notion of the Black Behavior Workbook: Volume Two relative to your daily walk and how it can possibly benefit you.< Less
Slings & Arrows By Julie Elizabeth Powell
eBook (ePub): $1.66
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Nobody expects to lose a child but when it happens what can we do? In the sea of grief that seizes the soul how can we swim against the tide? But when that loss is compounded in each minute of every... More > day, what do we do then? Slings and Arrows is a story about the consequences of a moment, a moment, which separates a mother and daughter in ways impossible to imagine. It charts their parallel lives, each suffering, one knowing, one not. It is brutally honest; an account filled with bewilderment, guilt, anger and pain yet it also holds the key to hope. That whatever happens, the bonds of love can never be broken.< Less
A Man's Guide to Developing Love and Happiness By Shyam Mehta
eBook (ePub): $2.01
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In this book, I show, both men and women, that you can lead a happier life, a more peaceful life, than you think. The unpalatable truth is that Western civilization creates enormous stress.... More > From morning to night, from birth to death, you are expected to and you expect to perform. Accumulating stress over many years has a major deleterious effect on your mental, emotional, sexual and physical health and happiness.< Less