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The Melanin Workbook of Survival By Vinson Ballard
Paperback: $18.51
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Sometimes in life there arises a time when information is presented to you that literally knocks you off your feet. Because you find out about this Earth shaking information, it further illustrates... More > to you the remarkable beauty or magic of what can be happening right under your nose already within your existence without you even having known the amazingly wonderful things that are actually occurring. This is certainly the interesting thing about the existence of Melanin. With that in mind, you are encouraged to sat back, relax and go with me for the journey of further looking at the notion of the Melanin Workbook of Survival relative to your daily walk and how it can possibly benefit you. However, during this journey of review, you will be able to look at each individual stanza and make comments as you read along at your own pace. Hopefully, this will inspire someone to really view their selves and mission internally from a more encouraging perspective.< Less
This Is Mine: My Story, My Life By Malinda Phillips
Paperback: $19.99
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Imagine that you have five minutes to grab everything that is important to you. What would you grab? Would it be your favorite clothes? Photographs? …. You can’t take your favorite... More > kitty with you. Now imagine that you are six years old and you have to shove your belongings into a black, stretchy garbage bag. You grab the hand of the social worker who you have just met, walk out to a complete strangers car, and the worker buckles you in. In the background you can hear mommy crying. You have no idea where you are going...< Less
Slings & Arrows and Gone Omnibus Edition By Julie Elizabeth Powell
eBook (ePub): $3.34
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More Detail Slings & Arrows /Gone Omnibus Edition By Julie Elizabeth Powell Paperback: List Price: £9.48 £7.58 You Save: 20% Ships in 3–5 business days Although Slings &... More > Arrows and Gone are available separately, I felt that as the stories are undeniably linked, it would be useful to combine the two stories – one true, one fantastical answer – in one volume. In so doing, I hope that after reading the events of the first, your mind will be open to the possibility of the truth of the second. Whatever you believe in this world, I’m sure that by the time you’ve read to the end of both tales, you will never think the same again.< Less
Every Parent's Nightmare By Bruna Dessena
eBook (ePub): $6.99
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What do parents do when they suspect or discover that their child has been abused? This practical, no nonsense, handbook guides parents each step of the way, covering topics such as the signs of... More > abuse; children most at risk; paedophiles and the grooming process; online predators and cyberbullying; addressing the problem if you suspect or find out about abuse; supporting your child emotionally and practically; the legal process; preparing for court; and tips for keeping your child safe. Bruna includes the Sexual Offences Act and the Children's Act so that you'll know the child's rights and what you can expect from the legal system in South Africa. The author has included helpful resources and contact numbers at the end. Written simply and without undue melodrama, Bruna Dessena gives it to you straight. This book is highly recommended for all adults who have children or who have to deal with children in their work.< Less