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Loving My Father: A Remarkable Life By Charisse Feliberti
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There is a message in his story that needs to be heard. It needs to be told. It needs to be put into words. Dad was an inspiration in my life. He taught me right from wrong. He taught me to be... More > myself. He taught me to not conform to the world. He taught me to have my own voice. But most of all, he taught me about love, the kind that is unconditional, the kind that is everlasting.< Less
Your Legacy of Words: The Workbook By Eric Sheridan Wyatt
Paperback: $16.99
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When my grandmother died and I was asked to give her eulogy, I had, in my possession, one of her Bibles. In the margins of that Bible, she had written several things: words of wisdom, take-away... More > points from some sermon or another, personal exclamations. In addition to that Bible, I also have several recipe cards, written in her sometimes-unsure script. These relics are precious; they are more valuable than a priceless antique or an original Monet. I am happy to have them. What I don't have, are her stories—those stories she would tell after dinner, or while she was stringing beans, or sewing—those stories that would pass on to me the beliefs, values, and experiences that had shaped her life. I cherish the few pieces of her story that remain, and I long for more. Ultimately, whether the writing you do in response to this Legacy of Words Workbook is done for your own benefit, or you plan to pass these words on to someone else, what you are committing to do is leave “just a little more” of yourself behind.< Less
A Simple Guide & Philosophy For Living Life By James A Brown
Paperback: $10.95
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A Most Powerful insight into making Right Choices and Right Decisions in life...from High School to many years as an adult. This book will give you simple, yet HIGHLY EFFECTIVE tools in dealing with... More > life increasing challenges. Many people do look back and say; "If I ONLY KNEW BACK THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW", my life would be different. This book is a MUST HAVE for: Parents, High School/College Students, Young Adults, Everyone. This book opens the door to conversations that many parents need to have with young adults under their care. It will motivate and inspire you to take action, set goals and help you inspire others. Parents, if you feel you haven't had adequate time to prepare your children for life beyond the home, this book would be a Great gift to yourself and to your children. This book can be a Homework Assignment for your children. Or better yet, a "How To Prepare For Life" assignment that you both can discuss in the days, months, and years ahead. It will definitely give them a head start in life.< Less
Under the Influence: The Town That Listened to Its Kids By Patty Jo Sawvel
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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2014 Global Ebook GOLD MEDAL WINNER for Current Events. Completely Revised 2nd Edition--True success story about how teens and adults join forces to tackle the student drug problem. Driven by raw... More > first person accounts, readers experience the full 360-view of issues challenging today's youth and solutions that work. Explores drug legalization controversy. FULLY EMBEDDED LINKS TO WEB RESOURCES.Chapter 13 answer the question: Why do two teens from the same family make opposite choices about substance abuse? Discover the relationships of COPE, CONNECT, CONTROL in assessing risk factors.The book includes three mini books: A CALL FOR COMPASSION--10 Tips to Drug Proof Kids (Acquire the tools to help, not hurt a fragile situation.) PARENT HANDBOOK(Scientific studies, including 12 family rules that work)TEEN HANDBOOK (Top 10 Stressors of Youth supplemented with real life stories.Loaded with web links, toll free hotlines so young people can sneak around and discover answers for themselves.)< Less