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Early Stimulation By Samira Hidalgo
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Stimulation is a natural process that parents, and especially mothers, put into practice in their daily relationship with the baby. Through this process, the child will be exerting more control over... More > the world which surrounds it, at the time that feel very pleased to discover that you can do things yourself. Stimulation takes place through the useful repetition of different sensory events which, on the one hand, increase emotional control, gives the child a feeling of safety and enjoyment; and on the other hand, extends the mental ability, which facilitates learning, since it develops skills to stimulate the same through free play and exercise of curiosity, exploration and imagination.< Less
An Illustrated Guidebook to Caring for Children with Nut Allergies By Maghen Brown
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A fun, quick, and easy way to educate your family, friends and babysitters who are responsible for your child's safety.
Parents R Us: 100 Parenting Tricks for the 21st Century By Renny Adejuwon
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Parenting is about creativity, thinking outside the box, reading between the lines and listening to the unsaid words of children. Sometime you get it right and other times the wrong decisions are... More > taken. To most of us, being parents just happened but it must be said that even the best of us need help when it comes to the never ending road of parenting. It’s a never ending road because the aim is to see our children grow as we grow older.< Less
Severely Disturbed Children By Allan Powell
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This book analyses the behaviours of 26 boys between the ages of 6 and 17yrs who were all diagnosed as maladjusted. They are all behaviourally, educationally and socially disturbed, and were sent... More > away from home in the attempt to help them overcome their difficulties. The book discusses the individuals drives and motivations, and the importance of having a deeper understanding of their behaviour and what is needed to achieve success with overcoming their problems.< Less