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Baby Journal Girl Coiled By Aron Goddard
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Follow your footprints through life TM with one of our beautiful Baby Journals. All our Journals have been created with parents in mind and working off our own experience. With the Pregnancy Journal... More > and Scrapbook additions in every book and never before published artwork, you will find our books are one of a kind and something you will cherish forever. The Baby Journal has 88 pages and Original never before published artwork. These wonderful drawings capture the essence of your feelings as your baby grows. We didn’t scrimp on giving you lots of pages to record all those precious memories about your child as they grow. From before their birth, their birthdays, up to their late teens and even 3 delightfully illustrated pages to record your family history and family tree. We believe we have thought of almost everything in this baby journal for you to write about.< Less
Sleep Solutions for Children: Healthy Sleep Healthy Body By Cathy Wilson
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Sleep Solutions for Children: Healthy Sleep = Healthy Body by Author Cathy Wilson is a breakthrough approach for a good night's sleep--with NO FUSS! Two Hotly Debated Sleep Techniques for Children,... More > Babies, and Toddlers Ferber Technique - Let your child cry it out! Sensible Sleep Solutions for ChildrenPointers From Wilson’s Sleep Solutions for Children *Uncover interference sleep factors helping your baby sleep better through the night *Sleep help for disorders *Discover your child’s natural sleep rhythm and work with it *Establish a sleep schedule that accommodates both you and your child *Teach your child how to drift into restful REM sleep by themselves *Children sleep medicine Sleep Solutions for Children: Healthy Sleep = Healthy Body has your answers for your child’s restful sleep under the stars. I am not perfect…But I am REAL< Less
Overpopulation Revisited a Global Perspective By Julien Coallier
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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A look at overpopulation, both as it was incorrectly used to predict doom-gloom, and as future tool for mass advancement towards a globalized infrastructure.
" Holding Back the Tears " By Annie Mitchell
eBook (PDF): $6.12
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This is true story about a Scottish Mother The setting begins in Edinburgh City then moves onto Dundee Angus area, where the petite Scottish Lassie called Rosie Gilmour, mother to Finlay Sinclair... More > begins to turn her life around with the peace of the countryside.which does not live up to her expectations of country living, believing everyone who lives in the country should adore the life as much as she does. Rosie received news of the death of her son who she refers to as me Laddie throughout her story. February 6th 2000 Finlay Sinclair me laddie tragically took his own life. Rosie pretends her son is still alive by talking to him, for that takes away the unbearable pain of her loss. ,When memories of her past are triggered by everyday life events, her mind is taken back and forth in time - back to her own childhood days in 1960, when she flirted with the fairground boys, and forward to the day she gave birth to Finlay - ''ME LADDIE''.< Less