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Jared's Story … Living a Challenged Life By Larry Kidder
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Dorothy was pregnant with her second child. Her motherly instincts told her something was different this time: the baby didn't move much and just "hung there." However, her pregnancy went... More > to full term and she delivered Jared. She knew something was wrong when she wasn't allowed to hold him. Delivery room personnel handed him to neonatal ICU specialists. She finally learned that Down syndrome was suspected. Distraught, she and her husband wondered how they would ever raise a Down syndrome child. Against the trends of the day, where such children were mostly institutionalized, they decided to keep Jared and raise him themselves. They even went as far as to mainstream Jared with normal children -- both in school and in sports. Read how they persevered against many external forces to raise an amazing young man.< Less
dimension's of my mind By stephen rivitt
Paperback: $11.25
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a perspective read of my thoughts on today's modern life . two real stories open the book followed by thoughts of my own with a hated top ten . with a rap song I've written to say don't follow... More > popularity or gain pointlessly in life. and a ready made top ten for the reader at the end ..< Less
Woman First Mother Second By Nicole Walker
Hardcover: $29.99
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In this inspirational guidebook, Nicole A. Walker shares her life experiences, personal thoughts and tips to getting your life on track. Follow a journey of a supermom of four battling Lyme Disease.... More > See her courage, strength and motivation to change despite the odds against her. As she provides you with the tips, tools and resources to make changes in your life. Nicole will inspire and motivate you to seek, analyze and reinvent the woman you desire to be. So whether you are a woman looking for change. A mom searching for some parenting tips. A teen girl expecting her first child. Or woman trying to conceive another baby. Woman First Mother Second will educate and empower you to change.< Less
Bar and Bat Mitzvah Speeches Made Easy By Jacob Perlis
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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Write a beautiful speech in less time. Make your child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah even more memorable. You can write the perfect speech and deliver it flawlessly with our help. It’s an honor to... More > speak at such an important occasion in the life of a child, and you know this, so you accept the responsibility of preparing a little something to say once all the guests take their seats. Still, you might have a few of your own hang-ups to get past to give a successful speech. You avoided public speaking classes all through school and avoid it whenever possible, or maybe you’re scared of stumbling over your words and making a fool of yourself in front of all your friends, relatives, and in- laws. We’ve broken down all of the elements of how to write a bar or bat mitzvah speech so that writing this speech is nothing but easy for you. You’ll even be able to essentially cut and paste these elements together, which means your speech will be pretty finished by the time you finish going through this book.​< Less