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A Simple Guide & Philosophy For Living Life By James A Brown
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A Most Powerful insight into making Right Choices and Right Decisions in life...from High School to many years as an adult. This book will give you simple, yet HIGHLY EFFECTIVE tools in dealing with... More > life increasing challenges. Many people do look back and say; "If I ONLY KNEW BACK THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW", my life would be different. This book is a MUST HAVE for: Parents, High School/College Students, Young Adults, Everyone. This book opens the door to conversations that many parents need to have with young adults under their care. It will motivate and inspire you to take action, set goals and help you inspire others. Parents, if you feel you haven't had adequate time to prepare your children for life beyond the home, this book would be a Great gift to yourself and to your children. This book can be a Homework Assignment for your children. Or better yet, a "How To Prepare For Life" assignment that you both can discuss in the days, months, and years ahead. It will definitely give them a head start in life.< Less
Power Phrases for Parents: Teen Edition By Cameron L. Caswell, Ph.D.
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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Parents know that conflict with their teen is inevitable. But when it occurs, many struggle with finding the appropriate thing to say. In her easy-to-use guidebook, Dr. Cameron Caswell shares over... More > one thousand powerful phrases to help parents of adolescents handle even the most challenging situations with poise and grace, and quickly resolve issues before they spiral out of control. Dr. Caswell—a family coach and developmental psychologist—puts the right words at parents’ fingertips to help them address tough topics such as bullying, Internet safety, sex, drinking, cutting, and more. She also provides talking tips, useful resources, informational cheat sheets, and customizable contracts to empower parents to: Address disrespect Boost self-esteem Cool down heated situations Encourage accountability Enforce rules and consequences Provide constructive feedback Say “no” with authority Tackle tough topics< Less
Family Book Night By Holly South
Paperback: $12.99
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Holly South provides a step by step guide to starting your own family book club. Whether your children are in preschool or high school, Holly provides a list of books that you and your family will... More > enjoy reading. Read a book, ask a few questions to get the conversation started, enhance the experience with related activities, and enjoy a story based theme meal.< Less
How to Stay Married in the 21st Century By Kelly Coryell
Paperback: $16.99
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This book helps couples in their marriage to find fresh and unique ways of rekindling their love for each other. Their teenaged daughter, Kye Woods, who is an avid soccer player decides to try to... More > keep her family together and gets her team and her town to help out.< Less