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Why! By Papa Spyk
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The reason for me writing this book is to try and stop the mental torture that our kids get unfairly put through during messy divorce and custody battles. I have experienced this myself and it almost... More > killed me and I've seen the damage it has done to my very own little Angel, my Angelyna. I want to put a stop to this and hope to change the custody laws throughout the world so both parents get equal rights to have access to their children. I also want to thank everyone who has contributed their horrific stories and experiences that they have gone through and especially the effect it has on our children. May this book make a difference for our children… It's about fighting Parental Alienation... Papa Spyk< Less
My Mum is Poorly By Joolie Hanger
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Using my own experiences I have written this book to help children understand what is going to happen to their mummy if diagnosed with a brain tumour. Whilst waiting in hopsital waiting rooms for my... More > own treatment, I found lots of literature to help adults, but nothing to explain to children what was happening. I hope I have achieved this with my book and that it helps other families.< Less
Parents R Us: 100 Parenting Tricks for the 21st Century By Renny Adejuwon
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Parenting is about creativity, thinking outside the box, reading between the lines and listening to the unsaid words of children. Sometime you get it right and other times the wrong decisions are... More > taken. To most of us, being parents just happened but it must be said that even the best of us need help when it comes to the never ending road of parenting. It’s a never ending road because the aim is to see our children grow as we grow older.< Less
2015 Colour Planner By Ellen Ewart
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My personal 2015 planner as a Stay-at-Home Mom. This will be tweaked each year until it works perfectly for my needs. Meanwhile, here it is for anyone else who would like to try it out. It's a little... More > rough around the edges as I am NOT a designer and this is the first prototype. Hope it serves you well!< Less