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My Grandchildren's Ancestors, Coil-Bound, Rev 4, Nov 2015 By Gordon Henry Syms
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This is a coil-bound photo and a relationship book. It has 38 photo albums with over 500 photos on 90 pages of my 2 great-grand children, 12 grandchildren, 3 children, and their parents, spouses and... More > partners. It contains 40 relationship and 19 ancestor charts, and 7 family group sheets with over 500 small pictures. These charts show people connected to other family members. In fact, not counting the preliminary pages, table of content and index, there are only 28 pages of the 195 pages without pictures. This book starts with photo albums of my two great grandchildren, Grace and Anthony McCullough, followed by an ancestor chart back to their great grandparents. Next it has photo albums and ancestor charts of their parents and their two uncles and partners, followed by similar items for their grandparents. I hope they will like seeing their pictures on the cover and in a book, with relatives that they know. Also included is the relationship of Grace McCullough to Adrian Syms, her first cousin once removed.< Less
Basic Care of Baby By Hanadi Safar
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This booklet provides an overview of some of the special characteristics you may notice about your newborn, and guides you through the basics of infant care. It will also help you recognize... More > potential health concerns with your baby, and know when to seek medical help. Keep in mind that no booklet can replace the advice and care you receive from a doctor and other health care providers. We encourage you to consult with your baby’s doctor any time you have questions or concerns about your baby’s health< Less
Tangled Webs By Barbara M. Robinson
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Bringing up a child is a time-consuming but rewarding task for any parent. But what is it like for the parent of a child with a disability? What then? Anxious and concerned parents, conscientious or... More > dismissive caregivers, arrogant or caring do-gooders, insensitive or dedicated professionals, all come together to form Tangled Webs through which the journey of a child with disabilities and her family are portrayed. This is the story of the dedication of the people who supported Sharon, who was born with Down Syndrome. She matures despite all headaches, problems, and doomsayers, to become independent from her family. It is a story of triumph in a world of adversity. Tangled Webs has a message for everyone in today’s society; parents, educators, social workers and medical care providers; anyone who has contact with people with disabilities.< Less
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