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More Words from the Pacific By J A King
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More Words from the Pacific is a short collection of poems and poetic short stories by J.A. King
Inspire Me By Rakesh Kumar Verma
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This collection of poems is a shining jewel in the crown of the poet, Rakesh Kumar Verma who is also an artist whose expression in the form of poems and arts represents the modern life and the ray of... More > hope for humanity. His poems have deep impact on the mind of the readers. The original theme of this book is to inspire the people in all phases of life, whether it is the love, or job, or the true senses of life. Book stands as a real fellow in supporting the emotional and extra-temperamental situation of human, whenever they require. The readers can easily connect his poem to their life. This collection of poems is divided into six sections, namely, Section: A “Guidance & Inspiration for Success in Job”, which is a good collection of poems which will inspire the readers to excel in their life. The poet has tried to relieve human from the tiresome work-life. This section guides the reader through the long journey of life by describing the meaning of work, and suggesting the ways of success in their causes.< Less
Just a Kid By Jeremy Void
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First, he brought you short fiction with his debut book, Derelict America. Then he brought you even more short fiction, better faster and more severe than the last, with Nefarious Endeavors. Then... More > he brought you poetry, mostly nonfiction based on his own sick existence, with Smash a Lightbulb. Which was followed by a collection of visual poetry called "The SkullFuck Collection" in his fourth book, Erase Your Face. Now Jeremy Void, having mastered the English language, grammar, and all things verbal, brings you a collection of experimental prose and poetry, taking his writing in a whole new direction.< Less
queer porn tv enterance (accidental book) By Tom Comitta
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From "First Thought Worst Thought: Collected Books 2011-2014" by Tom Comitta. Published by Gauss PDF in 2015.

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