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3 Loader By Martin Murtagh
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3 Loader is an assortment of happy, sad and intermediary sound bytes. The Up Load is bright and hopeful, the Down Load is more gloomy and the Over Load falls between the the other 2. The title is a... More > pun of the word Freeloader. The author was born in Kent to Irish and Maltese parents and has been writing since 1973. His hobbies include Backgammon, Classical Music, Art and Walking in the country< Less
My Perfect Wife By Kansas B. Franks
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My Perfect Wife is about the Perfect Thoughts & Feelings that I have for My Wife, along with the Letters & Numbers that corspond with my Thoughts & Feelings throughout the book. Giving... More > My Perfect Wife a True Understanding of where my Mind, Body, & Soul lives in writing for Her.< Less
At the Hut of the Small Mind By Sanford Goldstein
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Sanford Goldstein’s 'At the Hut of the Small Mind' is a classic of English-language tanka. As much a work of Zen as of tanka, it was written while the author spent several days on a natural... More > farm operated by a Japanese Zen master. While there he met several other seekers, but most of all, he met himself. It may have been a black butterfly winging into his hut to escape the rain, or a white hen who joined the seekers at the master’s feet, but there are messages here. Subliminal messages that require a mind free from the distractions of daily life to open to them and their is-ness. The reader, like the poet, arrives with ambiguities and departs with them, but somewhere in the middle something changes. The satori that eluded the poet at the beginning of the sequence is found in the hairstyles of sumo wrestlers at the end. This is intuitive poetry. Like Zen, it can’t be explained in words. The reader can only follow the poet’s footsteps and draw their own conclusions.—M. Kei, author of January, A Tanka Diary< Less
Amante oscura By Diego Sanchez Chico
Paperback: $7.10
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The poetical magic of the universe inhabits history and the moment, the ephemeral and eternal.

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