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Poetry - Volume One By Dakota-Luise Wolf
eBook (ePub): $5.87
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A collection of various poetry from A to E about different emotions and feelings that I have felt at different times in my life.
A POET'S CORNER. By Sears L Barnett Jr.
Hardcover: $47.75
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My Facebook page has now been SUPER-COMPRESSED into a 150 page BOOK. "A Poet's Corner" is a BOOK of UNCOMMON NON-SENSICAL PROSES, and my second book of poetry, & my FOURTH book release.... More > It's a bouquet of 88 thorny QUESTIONS with complemetary SOUL-UTIONS written by Sears L Barnett Jr. Featuring: Bonus proses by my older sister Sharon V Schroeder, my nephew Sean D Schroeder, with my two nieces Nikita N Schroeder, and fellow poet & writer, Ekua Adisa. I've written ALL (FOUR) of my Books (Including The memoir, "BARNETT CROSSROADS") as a gentle REMINDER to my SELF. If these Books can help INSPIRE and REMIND at least ONE person to find their SOUL WORK & PASSION, even if that person turned out to be me, my SELF, & "EyE", then that is more than enough, for ALL of US! Om To The NEXT One. The Poet aka Le PENseur meditating on a vibrant, burning Ultraviolet Rose. 'ROSARIAN' ― persons with expertise or a special interest in the cultivation of roses; A Community Garden of Flowers. Paradise! இܓ< Less
The Day is Almost Done and other poems 2012 / 2013 By Chamberlain Peirce
Paperback: $17.50
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A collection of lyrical* poems dealing with varied subject matter, such as life and romantic life, love and romantic love, and death and romantic death, including some poems dealing with the nature... More > of humans and of their joy and suffering, some poems with the nature of this physical world and those horizons of it which we cannot see beyond, as well as several poems about animals, one about a parrot in a cage, one about a Bird of Paradise sitting on a tree overlooking the sea, and one detailing the courtship of a mollusk. There is also a poem that is a tribute to Wagner as well as poems that are concerned with the nature of art, along with some poems that are intended to be humorous.< Less
Self-Restraint By Sarah Maeder
Paperback: $8.00
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Self-Restraint is a collection of poems written between November 2013 and March 2014. Topics covered include rape, depression, and getting through a particularly bitter New England winter. Maeder... More > wrote 720 poems over the season that were edited down to 56. This is the second installment of a four part collection. The first is "No Flowers: The Summer Poems".< Less

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