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A Hard Look at Hard Power: Assessing The Defense Capabilities of Key U.S. Allies and Security Partners By U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute, Gary J. Schmitt
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Since the end of World War II, the United States has made maintaining a favorable balance of power in Eurasia a core element of its national security strategy. It did so in good measure by... More > maintaining a large conventional military force that was based not only at home, but also in bases spread across Europe and Asia. That strategy was buttressed by developing security ties and alliances with key powers and front-line states. The implicit bargain was that the United States would help keep the peace on their door front if they would provide access from which American forces could operate and, in turn, maintain credible forces themselves to reinforce and support U.S. efforts at keeping the great power peace.< Less
Philalethe Reveal'd - Vol.1 B/W By Captain NEMO, Fra' Cercone
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For the first time the major work by Eyraeneus Philalethe Cosmopolita is disclosed to the reader of Alchemy as a comparative study on three original editions, supported by an historical survey about... More > Elias Artista and the New World utopia. In the XVI century a bunch of fools dreamed to establish a new society, based on Mother Nature’s knowledge; unfortunately, that dream failed to became true. Philalethe, one of those good men went back to his laboratory and to the ☿ of the Philosophers: he left us his Secrets Reveal’d. His work is a true masterpiece of Alchemy, extremely difficult to be properly understood by those who are not ready to leave logic, vanity, and lust for possession. Since the academic world presumes that the Ancient Art is just a junky forerunner of chemistry, we assumed that Philalethe, an alchemist, deserved to be studied and commented by operative alchemists. His teachings are outstanding, and no one will never be able to enter the Shut Palace of the King without Humility and Patience.< Less
Queen: The Complete Chord Songbook By Steven James
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Never before available, all 167 songs from Queens entire catalogue easily shown with chords and lyrics. Ideal for starters or die hard fans.
The Lotto BlackBook By Larry Blair
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