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McMurry Talon 2014-15 By McMurry University
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The McMurry University (located in Abilene, Texas)Talon yearbook for the 2014-2015 school year.
Anarchists, Beats and Dadaists By Jim Burns
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This seventh collection of essays and reviews kicks off with a survey of some overlooked British poets from the 1940s who, through a network of little magazines with anarchist inclinations, attempted... More > to offer an alternative to the MacSpaunDay generation’s sensibilities. Another piece considers how British writers were monitored by MI5 and local police forces, while a third switches attention to the USA and looks at the still-controversial case of Alger Hiss and his alleged role as a spy who passed information to Russia. There are essays about lesser-known Beat-related writers like Bob Kaufman and Brion Gysin, inspections of some little magazines of the 1950s and 1960s, and two long reviews which consider the effect that Dadaism had and the role played in the movement by Tristan Tzara. Walt Whitman, Woody Guthrie, and Malcolm Cowley also make an appearance.< Less
The Truth About Surround Sound By Jeffrey Wilson
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Whether you are an audio novice or an experienced technophile, this ebook is for you. Let’s take a few minutes to review the basics of surround sound, and the principles behind it. If you are... More > new to surround sound, this will help you to understand the concept. It will also refresh the memory of those already in the know. These are the basics of sound. Discover everything you need to know by grabbing a copy of this ebook today.< Less
Sound The Alarm ! By A.K. Chesterton
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This booklet is intended to serve a dual purpose. It will introduce new readers to the policy of Candour, the British Views-letter, which espouses the British Imperial cause. Indeed, its contents are... More > the substance of articles published by Candour. The second purpose is to explain the motives which have led to the formation of the League of Empire Loyalists, a devoted band of patriots pledged to serve the British future by maintaining a relentless opposition to internationalists intent upon enslaving the world through Communism or through Debt.< Less