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The afterlife really does exist. There is an enormous amount of evidence proving that it is so. It has been by confirmed by professors, scientists, doctors, lawyers and even converted sceptics. Some... More > of the more convincing evidence comes from the Scole experiments, cross-correspondence, and solid materializations All of the evidence proves that the personality lives on and that when we die we will meet our loved ones again. We should all look forward to that day. And although there are no churches or religions there, I hope that, like me, it brings you peace of mind. Have a good life< Less
Zohar. Volume 2 By Shimon bar Yochai
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Chapters: 6 Chayei Sara, 7 Toldot, 8 Vayetze, 9 Vayishlach, 10 Vayeshev, 11 Miketz, 12 Vayigash, 13 Vayechi, 14 Shemot, 15 Vaera, 16 Bo, 17 Beshalach, 18 Yitro
Finding Peace In The Storms Around You By Steven James Fredrick Jr.
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We all have times in our lives where we need peace. As Christians we are called to be peace-makers. The key as we grow in our walk is to have peace when everything is going haywire. Usually when... More > everything is going good , we have peace , bu we must try to have it especially in those ruts of life. This book is short , sweet and to the point. Peace In Tragedy , Jesus' Peace, Peace In Your Calling/Walk ,etc. These are some of the areas of peace i address in this book !< Less
The Searcher and the Seeker By David Farkas
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The author's original thoughts and comments on the twenty-four books of the Bible.

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