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Hercules Nimba Snark Stories By Ullossos Hercules Hoth-Samson
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Hercules Nimba Snark Stories is a set of fundamentalist stories to make your children, and yourself, upright, in the middle of this evil planet. Read the sinful, salacious, sick, twisted, ugly,... More > hedonistic tales of sexual madness and cold, cruel gay and criminal tomfoolery. This is sure to add to your children's virtue when they read it, and it will wise you up to all those who defy fundamentalism and its obedience to the house of God. Written by a White Arab descended from Bedouins and Right Wing People. Allah be praised!< Less
The True Jew By Llewellyn Smith
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This book is dedicated to the oppressed and the marginalized, that by the truth of the knowledge that is exposed within this text one would be able to cast off the shackles of inferiority and... More > oppression of all forms and be in a position to declare ones equality through GOD.< Less
Sathya Sai Baba — the Christ of Our Days By Vladimir Antonov
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This book was created at the request of Sathya Sai Baba. Published in Russian, it was blessed by Him in His Indian ashram. Later the text of the book was supplemented with conversations with Him.
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'ORDO-WALPURGA' translates from German to mean, 'ORDER OF THE WITCH.' This occult doctrine is a Satanic witchly exultation unto black flame. Through it, the black magic practitioner can glean and... More > hone his/her psychometric skills of the arcane arts to overcome any material or supernatural obstacle, and bend the world around you unto your will.< Less