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Blissful Journey By Muna K. Yousef
Paperback: $13.00
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This book contains a collection of poems in which the author expresses her inner as it relates to God, the role of God in her life, being peaceful, and the working of the human heart in the context... More > for the search of happiness. Several poems explore the role of Angels as well as messengers of peace. The author also examines the human psyche and its struggle with day to day uncertainties. This book offers a sweet treaty on the interior of the soul as it tries to ascend and be close to her creator.< Less
World War III - Unmasking the End-Times Beast By Rabbi Simon Altaf
eBook (PDF): $11.99
Who is the anti-Messiah, what countries are aligned with him and many of your other questions answered. All revealed in this book. Which might be the ten nations of the anti-Messiah? What did the... More > prophets say on these events? Is the anti-Messiah a Jew? Where is Babylon and the daughter of Babylon in 2015. The true epic battle for Jerusalem. What part will the United States and United Kingdom play in the End of Days. See how accurate Rabbi Simon predicts the coming together of these nations. What are the ships of Kittim, who is Ararat, Minni and Ashkenaz? Who are the two thirds of people that will be killed?< Less
Prophet In a Box By Les D. Crause, Daphne J. Crause
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Your Journey as a Prophet of God - Taken from a live seminar this teaching will lead you through all the stages that a Prophet of God will go through. This comprehensive seminar covered the full... More > teaching on the ministry of the Prophet, from basic prophetic ministry right up to Full Prophetic Office. Expect to get challenged, because Les and Daphne Crause did not pull any punches during this seminar. They called things the way they are and addressed many of the errors that are made by those who think they are prophets. In one book you will get everything you need. This is the Prophet In a Box!< Less
Supernatural Release By Keith L. Marks
Paperback: $15.00
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Keith Marks is an advocate of faith in the supernatural lifestyle. The moment I stepped in to the christian faith, I was provoked to seek forth the Kingdom of God. Shortly through life experiences,... More > Keith Marks realized it only can be accomplished by faith through the supernatural. God desires to bless all of His children and heave is not limited in a supply of blessing. The requirement is to pursue the supernatural and access the promises by faith. Walk in the supernatural to experience blessing of healing, deliverance, prosperity and spirituality. ~ The supernatural is Gods way to bless the believer . ~ The supernatural of God does not have3 limitations, restrictions and boundaries. ~ The supernatural is accessed by faith. ~ God is the God of the supernatural. Access The Supernatural Of God by Faith.< Less