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Ensign - November 2014 By The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
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These are the General Conference Addresses of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as found in the November 2014 English Liahona and Ensign magazines. Formatted for eBook.
Scotland: volume 4 By kai stevenson
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I slept with a God and I became a Devi- true grimoire tale,…fantasy journey or: gospel truth- "when my beloved returns to the house, I shall make my body into a Temple of Gladness.... More > Offering this body as an altar of joy, my let-down hair will sweep it clean. Then my beloved will consecrate this temple-"- "Vaisnav Baul song,-" Devi said again,…discussed sex-magick, while dead pope John Paul stared at the woman in the burqa …while papa looked off licked chocolate from a fing'r… later joseph argued: “luigi says: …there is no savior per se,…it is mankind whom wants somebody to fix the problems,…magicians are the same, Joseph, and priests,…it is the personal journey tha’ is only relevant, one becomes one’s own savior,…” luigi’s opinion here, ‘course: “…is: the creative matrix tha’ is usually called ‘god’, does come in forms, maybe this is jus’ men,…Joseph-“< Less
The Illumination of Vivien Leigh: A Time-Traveller's Memoir By Michele Bardeaux
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Even as a child, Michèle Bardeaux remembered another incarnation, yet kept this almost exclusively to herself for most of her life. Until a series of inspirations impelled her to share her... More > experience and tell her story first-hand, from the perspective of Spiritual Illumination. In this stunning memoir, she explores the Spiritual purpose behind her past and present lives, and her reasons for reincarnating so quickly. She writes of her longing for her old family, her poignant return to both India and England, the numinous source of her performances, as well as her past-life relationships and how those relationships have carried on. She also sheds light on the so-called “bipolar disorder”, one of the pervasive mysteries of the actress’s life. On the occasion of the centennial commemoration, the very private Ms. Bardeaux offered her story.< Less
Scotland: volume 3 By kai stevenson
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…occultists and New Age proponents deciphering the numbers or worried on internet chats,…while abaddon was emailin’ Christ, in scotland: “…magick is or is not a... More > manifestation of the mass unconscious, 11:11 …least, as a number of awakening.,-“ least Devi saying, yes,- yes,- they had discussed this, Devi told the lil' blue flame,- damn, eh?…and: “I SAID: Chapter 27: part b-“…surely chat bein’ regardin’: “…volume 2- “not 3?” …now the lil' elemental jus' wide- eyed, …Devi planned go to the vatican to talk to the dead- alive John Paul ghoul, for Daniel did plan to leave the realm….again here wast three immortals- sorcerers,- an' one wast christ himself, an' they with eye to discussing christiandoms fallacies, too…was this an occultic muse?< Less