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The mandala in Nichiren Buddhism, Part One: Introduction, mandalas of the Bun’ei and Kenji periods By The Nichiren Mandala Study Workshop
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“The mandala in Nichiren Buddhism” is the first comprehensive analysis of Nichiren’s mandala in English. As the total number of pages in a single volume would reach 720, the book... More > has been divided into three parts. In this first volume, the origin and evolution of Nichiren’s mandala are examined, while the extant works produced in the Bun’ei and Kenji eras (2.1264~4.1275/4.1275~2.1278) are analyzed in detail. The second volume will thus examine the whole extant corpus produced in the Koan period, while in the third the missing, but catalogued mandalas will be analyzed along with a study of Nichiren’s works from an holistic perspective, including the scrolls authored by his immediate disciples and later successors, within the various traditions. Together, these three volumes shall provide the reader with exhaustive information on Nichiren’s mandala.< Less
Zapped: The Madrigal By Mike W. Henry
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When a zap from a Christmas lawn figurine transports Jenny back in time 500 years, she finds herself in a real fix. The only way to get back to the future is to get a shock during a time when... More > electrical fixtures have not been invented yet. A comedy Madrigal dinner theatre loosely based on Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.< Less
And God Said/And God Said By Dawn Wessel
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Why did there need to be 2 tablets of stone? Why did Elijah cut his offerings in two? Why did Moses strike the rock twice? Why are 2 detainees associated with Josephs story when he was in prison? Why... More > did the women that Jesus commended give 2 mites? Why did Jesus appear to 2 men on the road to Emmaus? Why did he send the disciples out 2 by 2? What is so important about 2 (or twice) in the Bible?< Less
THE GOSPEL OF JOHN Original Version - Volume II By translated by James David Audlin
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The only narrative about Jesus by eyewitnesses, this is also one of the world's greatest literary works. The unfinished text was spirited off to Sinope when the author was sent into exile. Even... More > there the hand of Rome nearly destroyed it. Rescued 35 years later, the author's spiritual heirs published it. While in Sinope some pages got lost or disordered. After publication various editors changed the manuscript repeatedly to suit the changing doctrines of early Christianity, even adding spurious new material. Thus the standard text is an inspiring mess, but still a mess. This translation restores not the unfinished original text, but the masterpiece the author sought to compose: a first-hand account of a real man sent to urge humanity to accept God's will, set down before doctrine repackaged him as an incarnate deity. Volume One contains the carefully restored text and a history of the gospel. Volume Two includes commentaries that burnish this masterpiece for the modern reader.< Less