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The Athaan In the Bull City: Building Durham’s Islamic Community By Nazeeh Z. Abdul-Hakeem
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The Athaan in the Bull City: Building Durham’s Islamic Community tells the little-known story of the growth of the Islamic community in Durham, North Carolina. Drawing upon his own knowledge of... More > the founding and development of Jamaat Ibad Ar-Rahman, Inc., Nazeeh Z. Abdul-Hakeem, the organization’s principal founder, draws together personal recollections and the details of Durham’s major Islamic organization to tell about Durham’s burgeoning Islamic community. Reaching back across the community’s history of more than thirty years, The Athaan in the Bull City recounts how Islam’s foundations in Durham rest upon the lives of Black American Muslims. With the passing of years, the community has grown and has changed, as arriving immigrants, Muslims from around the world, have given the community a decidedly international perspective and outlook.< Less
A Commentary On the Letter from Paul to the Galatians By Nathan Deck
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A commentary on the letter from the Apostle Paul to the Galatians, also known at the Book of Galatians found in the New Testament.
Easy to Read Bible Stories By Eric Klein
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If you have ever said to yourself, "I don't read my bible because...," then this book is for you! How can I state such a bold thing? If you think the bible is too confusing, doesn't... More > pertain to you, meant only in church, etc... ...this book is for you! I've taken every story in Genesis (the first book of the bible) and given it "life." In other words, the characters are not just someone mentioned in the bible. They are people, just like me and you - trying to live their life; the best that they know how. Sometimes, they are obedient; other times, they are defiant. God is and always will be our eternal parent. Like any parent - He cares for each and every one of us, but we can't always get what we want! Read the first chapter, if you are convinced that you do not like it - there is no hard feelings. But if you do like it, buckle up - it's gonna be an exciting ride!!!< Less
SATAN's Truth By D. Philipp Kaiser
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SATAN’s Truth is a completely fictional story about Satan, and the nighttime visits he seems to occasionally make to all of us. For one person he visits, it is a nightmare where SATAN seems to... More > want to share all; his origin, his work and goals, his tools, his rewards and blessings, and his bond with God. Written from his point of view, SATAN offers, “Here is my TRUTH, and while the TRUTH never hurt anyone, this has been kept from you. I know you are afraid, and I don’t think you can handle it, but then it’s your choice as always, isn’t it? Or is it?” More information at< Less