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Fate of Leone By Christine T. Pachana
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Maya Leone leaves her hometown to start a new life of her very own. She changes her medical career to a full-time waitress to shadow out her failure as a nurse. The memories of her tragic past is... More > completely erased, but it is suddenly ignited by an unexpected individual who she later becomes extremely close to. The diminished nightmares she has suffered comes back to haunt her at full force and won’t lose grasp of her till the very end. Maya suffers alone, but will she allow anyone to break that emotional wall to help her through her treacherous journey. Only one is able to. She cross paths with Gabriel Lennox, a well-headed billionaire who helps her unlock the mysteries of her locket; in it is a key which opens a Pandora’s Box of secrets. It leads to a discovery of one common core Gabriel and Maya share and it’s by fate that will unleash answers that both Gabriel and Maya has been solely seeking. Within that time, they will find themselves ultimately falling deeply in love with each other.< Less
Sexing the Noun By J.D. Lonaire
eBook (PDF): $4.99
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Donovan McClintock knows two things about sex. 1.) She wasn’t having enough of it. 2.) She would like to. Sean McAvoy, her overworked fiancé, was more turned on by the sight of their... More > bed than he was by her. Rather than spend her life rotting in the marital hereafter with a perpetual spooner, Donovan hires an escort for sex lessons to revive her dying relationship. It’s just research she tells herself. Her escort, Alessandro Sorrentini, has other ideas. Disarmingly handsome and charismatic, Alessandro and his lessons threaten to unravel the relationship Donovan pledged to do anything to save. Donovan is torn between the man she has always wanted and a man she never knew she needed. All she set out to do was to get screwed, but she never meant like this.< Less
Paperback: $15.95
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Collette, a recent widow, escapes her past by traveling far away from the troubles of her old life. She finds herself staying at a manor in a small enchanting French town, where her conquest for... More > love can have a new begining. Collette’s adventure is not only frought with romantic escapades, but mystery and intrigue as well. Enter a dark mysterious man and a white wolf.< Less
Christmas Miracle By Shara Azod
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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Dressed up as Santa at a suburban mall isn’t where you’d usually find a Hollywood heartthrob, but it is Leslie’s secret passion. It helps him connect to Christmas traditions long... More > gone for him, and maybe even captures the innocence of his childhood once more. The very last thing he ever expected was a precious gift of his own. One that reminded him of the miracles Christmas could bring. One thing was for sure—he wasn’t about to let his Christmas Miracle slip away from him, no matter what it took to keep his most precious gift.< Less

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