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The Murry Rose By C.H Fortenberry
Paperback: $14.95
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A young woman named Murranda (know as Murry) set out on a journey, in search of something, she did not know where or what she would find. She created a rose from magical seeds, within this rose bore... More > a shadow of her likeness, for whomever possesses a rose shall watch over her throughout her travels. Will she find what she is seeking? Will she face any dangers along the way? Find out these answers and more! Read The Murry Rose Series.< Less
Queen Ann in Oz By Karyl Carlson, Eric Gjovaag
Paperback: $15.99
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Picking up where L. Frank Baum left off, would-be conqueror Queen Ann of Oogaboo has vowed to find her lost parents, missing for decades. Accompanying her are the Shaggy Man, a young dragon named... More > Moretomore, and a feisty group of volunteers eager for adventure! This new expanded edition includes fully revised text, an exclusive new sequel novella, "Jodie in Oz," and the long-lost skit, "Another Adventure with Ann," performed at the 1988 Winkie Convention! Also included are new, never-before-seen illustrations along with the complete artwork of the out-of-print edition, for a total of 48 illustrations, and a brand new front and rear cover commissioned just for this edition!< Less
The Viand By John Gibson
eBook (ePub): $1.95
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Nathan Roberts, a Law Enforcement Officer, from Chicago, awakes and finds that he has been kidnapped, is naked and shackled to a steel cage by chains. He soon discovers that there are dozens of men,... More > like him, imprisoned in cages. What is going on? On talking to the men he soon discovers a link between them all but why they had been taken still remained a mystery. Every morning some of the men are dragged from their cages and taken away but why? Nathan discovers that he is not on Earth but on a distant and savage planet and that the men are being kept as food and are referred to as The Viand. When Nathan is dragged from his cage, he knows that he will have to come up with a plan of escape or be eaten alive by these savage aliens. An opportunity of escape arises, when he holds a female alien captive and he and the men are eventually released. With the help of the alien female, they manage to escape onto a spacecraft, when it arrives with more captives. How will it all end?< Less
Cosmigellan: Universe Unfolding By Lily Splane
Paperback: $11.95
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According to Cosmigellan, a gentle Phaedran accidentally ejected from his home planet by ancient ritual, it is through discovering, knowing, and embracing the universe, that one transcends the petty... More > concerns of the self to truly become. “Seek your inner truth; live to your potential.” This is Cosmigellan’s message, and for Rita it has become the only antidote to a pointless and tortured existence. Crippled, alone, and subservient to a disturbed and abusive father, Rita finds previously unknown personal strength and determination through the oftentimes infuriatingly paradoxical mentoring of her alien friend and lover. The decisions she must make will at once horrify her and challenge everything she believes about herself. Along her bizarre odyssey, Rita discovers astounding truths about the universe and the origin of intelligence itself. The wise Cosmigellan will be compelled to reveal his most guarded secret, passed generation to generation of Phaedrans…for nearly fifteen billion years.< Less