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2121: The Redford Files By Nikkita Pierrottie
Hardcover: $29.99
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The Redford Institute for the Psychologically Impaired is just one among many such facilities these days, but it remains special in a rather peculiar way. The patients it houses are of a certain... More > devious variety that, for one reason or another, have altogether missed being washed (and let me tell you, it isn't anything so pleasant as a bubble bath). But I digress! Redford is quite the exciting place. There's pants, toast, and curious happenings (a disturbingly delectable mix including bamfing trees, zombie fever, and body-swapping) that all clearly agree something is fundamentally and absolutely wrong. But if you walk through that door... Join the newly-arrived patients of Redford as they struggle to make some sort of sense out of a world that intends to do anything but. ... (There's cake.)< Less
Stalker By Oleg Dron
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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The book is based on the game Stalker , read and enjoy this book to all fans of the famous game Stalker will be interesting not only to play but also to read the novel. This is the first part of the... More > book will soon be released sequel! book series STALKER:In the mist zone Thanks to the translation of the book into English Oleg Dron!< Less
Time Vault series By Nick Betar
Paperback: $7.91
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A group of friend's get together on the journey that will take them to a new discovery through the vaulted passage ways of a mysterious chamber of time and space. This will lead the most interested... More > in the group of this time vault, Lorenzo and his partner Renee, to decide what they should do in their lives and that, whilst in the midst of a group of friend's who decide themselves onto this incredible path to this magical realm of another world through their interest of archaeological discoveries, they discover themselves. Lorenzo and Renee know the history of the area they are in before them and the situation from a different perspective and so as to discover who they are and that they could catch up on a discovery they could not have guessed at even though seemingly they lead the group there. They felt the time vault with a seeming endless unerring within themselves that seems to travail this story, including a past of acquaintances and forgotten areas of their life's path and a re-establishing..< Less
My Brothers’ Keeper: Book One of the Keeper Trilogy By M. L. Magee
Paperback: $19.99
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When Scarlette Manning is thirteen years old, she witnesses a tragedy in her family and is forced from that day forward to carry the guilt and responsibility of a gift that she involuntarily... More > receives: mystical powers. Because her parents believe magic is the family curse rather than a gift, she is forced to master her powers in secret in order to protect herself and her family from supernatural dangers. Now twenty-two, Scar has lived a lie, concealing the most important aspect of herself from those she loves most. She believes she has been successful in hiding her powers—until the night when one of her brothers has a life-altering experience that sends her spiraling back to the horrific event of her childhood. Although she cannot change his fate, she may yet be able to use her craft to tip the scales from death to life. In this novel of magic and the supernatural, only time will tell whether a young witch can keep her family safe from the terrors that roam their town.< Less

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Moth Moth By Roger Welsh
Paperback: $9.99