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Far Horizon: The Garish Moon By Brian Matlack
Paperback: $29.99
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In this second book of the series Troy Eastman and his crew must face the challenges of a new world while Kaylene and Jack Barker fight for their freedom back on Earth.
EDGE: a Dawnbreaker Series Package By Dew Platt
Paperback: $10.00
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THE AQUAMATA DEFICIT A crack in cosmic configuration throws the universal alignment into disarray, bringing with it a ruptured world and a new wave of ionization creating distinctive energy... More > engineered abilities with few children born within the ruptured world. And nine year old Daniel Duncan has the only extremely specialized ability of Dawnbreaking. And to escape the entrapment set for him by the Alliance of Ages, a council of leaders, adults and empowered teens, set to oversee the rare breakout of power manifests and its implications, he makes a deal with Aquamata, to whom, based on the deal, he owes a deficit he must fulfill. -THE DEMENTOR'S SCHEME There is silent acquisition of power against Alliance authority. Their leader,who calls himself,The Dementor, declares self-sovereignty for all Degales. And as Flip renews his need to have him break dawn in order to ensure the past is indeed doomed, Daniel finds himself roped in the Dementor’s scheme and The Alliance of Age’s combat to stop The Dementor.< Less
Peripheral Vision By Mark Love
Paperback: $16.97
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What started out as a gift, turned into a nightmare. Time as you know it is now controlled by me and the children of the strings. We are the children of the God's who raised and nurished the strings... More > of life. This is our story of how everything came together, and the music which creates the energy it took to build it.< Less
Yldrath's Baffling Quest By Stefan B Sigfried
eBook (ePub): $5.38
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Three must find an heir to a dying king: Yldrath, a mythical figure with great powers; Podrg, a close friend of the king; Stelldan, a kitchen boy elevated by circumstances to his position. Their... More > weapons: necklaces and swords with eternal stones, which can give them unlimited powers – if they understand how to use them. This action packed story revolves around the struggle between the peaceful way of Ehl’Ge’tild and the more energetic - and selfish - way of Ihl’S’told. Love mixes with lust, honour meets bitter betrayal, selfish greed competes with altruistic sacrifice. What is evil and good? Truth? Love? Things go awry, people die and new contenders appears. Yldrath changes as does his main enemy Bevelug, a woman. Does she want to kill Yldrath or marry him to establish a great new dynasty? Mix Narnia, The Lord of Rings and Harry Potter. Add illusions created in an Orwellian manner and a dash of The Alchemist and we get a Shakespearean mix of comedy, romance and tragedy – but with more action. Enjoy!< Less

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Mardon Soft Mardon Soft By Roby Ward
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Sophia Sophia By CBA
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Pneuma Pneuma By Serena Kearney
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