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Strongmen Surfers Paradise By C Michael Garcia
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SURFER’S PARADISE depicts the clash between good and evil in a race against time to track down the Chosen One. Nothing will save you, unless you can find The One that will fix you. Don't be... More > layered in deception; know your Creator and find your inner power. STRONGMEN has become something of an underground phenomenon. It has both a cult following and a mainstream magnetism that defies understanding. The 1996-1999 TV series was viewed by 65million people in 18 countries. Recently the film production team who brought the Strongmen to life pitched, developed and filmed a movie called STRONGMEN “Lucky Break” which is set to explode across global screens soon. But a deeper story has yet to be told, one that unravels how a committed team of superhero loving creators took on the likes of the two largest graphic novel companies in the world and introduced the world to a new kind of character, one who has evolved beyond brawn and even now claims a place in the next evolutionary pantheon of humans.< Less
The Titans 01: Drowning In Darkness By Tyler Ernst
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Maxine Shadowheart, the result of a union between two Demon Tainted individuals, is raised and kept safe by a pure demon. The demon of Pride no less. But her past is catching up to her. As is her... More > future. When a small girl named Kitten appears on her front doorstep, explaining both that Maxine is the last few survivors of her race and that Kitten's mentor is in trouble, Maxine wastes no time going to her aide. But it doesn't take long for Maxine to run into trouble, nor does it take long for trouble to find her. With a crazed woman trying to slaughter everyone in sight, and Kallinnian Keepers on her tail, will she be able to trust her friends through not only the good, but the bad? Or will she give up and fight the inevitable on her own?< Less
Diaries of Afterworld Book 2: Building a Life ePub By Dale Johnson
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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Book 2 in a series. dalewj is a real avatar in a real MMORPG game called AfterWorld. Watch dalewj change from a newcomer to a full grown citizen. In his journey he will meet new friends, battle with... More > old friends and again deal with death. dalewj will also create the first known history of the world he lives in. It is not a question if dalewj can is more important question if the AfterWorld survives.< Less
The Blue Flame By Roby Ward
Hardcover: $39.98
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Greg Sanders has been granted fantastic powers. He however fears the gift will bring a drastic change to the universe, so has secluded himself to study his blessing. What he learns is that the... More > universe will barely be bothered, but his life will be completely altered. The story revolves around Greg attempting to establish himself among people that have similar blessings, those that want to make use of his gifts, and beings that simply want to somehow adjust their lives to having such a powerful person in their presence. Matters of love, diplomacy, and metaphysics all intertwine as Greg seeks to settle into his new existence. In the midst of everything, he must choose whether his life is better with his fantastic gift or without.< Less

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