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Theories of the Nature and Universe: Comparison of Pure Buddhist Philosophy and Science By G. W. Muditha Champika
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In this book, you can find analytical answers for most unanswered questions in science and human history. All these answers are according to more than 2500 years old, Buddha's original unaltered... More > teachings as in ancient mysteries books. I hope you will see the world in a different view after reading this book. I have answered to the most basic but unsolved questions like; How mind and brain work? Is life only on earth? Does life begin at conception? What is the most basic partial of the nature? How much size is universe? What is the time? Does creator god exist? Are men superior to women?< Less
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Commemorate & Amalgamate - The Star Voyager Series - Vol. 15 By John B. Bolton
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Fleet Command COM personnel are receiving COM signals on the Alliance Distress Channels that are almost completely indecipherable. They do know they are coming in from the Tolandoan and Jestoid... More > Empires and possibly from the FZ (Forbidden Zone) as well. The COM computers later partially decipher the signals and they seem to indicate those 3 empires/zones are under attack. The Tolandoan Monarch, King Harald IX calls Pres Panzer to inform him of their plight and requests swift military assitance from the Alliance. Panzer agrees to help them in hopes of acquiring treaties and maybe even unification. During RADM Buckton's war planning he discovers who the invaders are and is infuriated. He's so mad that's when he tells the President and command staff he does not want to just attack and beat these invaders, he's DEMANDING to take the fleet to their home world and decimate it to eliminate their threats to peaceful empires forever. His ultimatum is he will resign his commission if he is not allowed to do this.< Less

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