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The Trials & Tribulations of Gin By Matt Linart
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With almost a century passed since the death of Thorgan and containment of Kazimby the mental God. The Naidni Empire is at peace and prospering. The storms of treachery are now brewing under their... More > unknowing feet. The head cleric Lorax is plotting for the throne in Thandor and Thismal; with plans for the entire kingdom to fall behind them. Young prince Gin and his brother Nu stand in his way though. When the up rise of Lorax begins Gin runs away in fear and Nu is locked in the emerald of time. Will Gin be able to muster the courage to save his brother and his kingdom or will Lorax be the supreme Leader of the Naidni Empire?< Less
The Scout Brooks Story: The Freshman Invasion By Scott Donnelly
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Scout Brooks and his friends are starting their high school careers out just as they thought they would...not good. They're being picked on, find themselves in awkward social situations, and they... More > have nothing to look forward to except four long years of being the 'weird kids'. Upon joining an after school Astronomy club, Scout stumbles upon an intergalactic war being fought by a dangerous race of aliens from a far away galaxy, and his high school Astronomy teacher, Professor Ed Nog. Nog is forced into a corner and has no choice but to involve Scout in the war. As things start to take a turn for the weird, Scout will find himself on a quirky science fiction adventure. Filled with weird moments, odd alien encounters, surprise twists and a rescue mission 6,500 light years away, "The Freshman Invasion" serves as the origin story for Scout Brooks, a nerd-turned-hero, and this is just the beginning of his adventures.< Less
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Dolly has five children and is a wife who has an important journal, in where she locks her schizophrenia inside. Her schizophrenia is her children who travel to the past to discover why their mother... More > committed suicide, but Dolly doesn't know this. She is a psychic white witch and discovers what the time travelers do to her even before they use the mind reading technology on her in the past. The time travelers escape depends on the extent of Evonne's sincerity in admitting she stole her mother's journal without reading it, but Evonne doesn't tell anyone.< Less
The Selene Chronicles: The Tenegene Curse By K. Robichaud
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Ariel Lambert is your typical college graduate that is twenty-one with a degree in Graphic Design and a normal life until she meets Sirius Blake, a former lab rat who has been experimented on in a... More > Virginia lab called Farling since birth and has been living on the run since he was sixteen. After spending several months together, Sirius and Ariel become close friends and lovers until the two marry and meet long-lost relatives. But, when the scars of Sirius's past come back to haunt him and Ariel, the couple must work together to battle a spell known as the Tenegene Curse, which was cast upon Sirius by a mysterious woman known as The Dark Star Witch.< Less

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