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The Radicchio Project By Tom Young
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The Radicchio project is a detective story set in a hotel twenty years in the future. The book begins with the murder of Genavarrio Radicchio, CEO of the hotel. From there it jumps back in time and... More > leads the reader through the events leading up to Genavarrio’s death, showing what might have motivated the various different suspects to commit the crime.< Less
The Eternal Cold : Skeleton Crew Book 1 By R. M. Gordge
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First in the astounding Skeleton Crew series by the master of science fiction R. M. Gordge. High concept drama set thousands of years in the future within the realm of mankind's closest neighbor in... More > the galaxy. In an idyllic future there is no need to turn to crime, and yet Arc has chosen to be a villain. He is captured and after being dead for a time he awakes back into this world to find that his memory is gone and he is at the mercy of harsh galactic law. It soon becomes clear to him that things are very wrong in our future, and perhaps this idyllic empire of the stars is the opposite of what they portray themselves to be. Firmly in the clutches of this terrible empire he believes that all is lost, when he hears a voice, a whisper in his mind. Arc had died but wasn't entirely gone. Pushed back deeper into his mind a second split personality formed, and remembers everything, and knows a way to fight back.< Less
The Villain & The Golden Apple By Ken Doggett
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Two novellas and a short-short: In the first novella, THE VILLAIN is a member of the Enclave of the Villainy who goes outside the rules. Using his power for just the “party displays”... More > practiced by the others was not enough. Forging his own path, specializing in Illusion, he violates not only the rules of his Enclave, but of society itself. Now, after years on the run, he must use his illusions and all of his skill to defend himself against its power. THE SECRET OF LIFE, THE UNIVERSE, AND EVERYTHING, a short-short that explains pretty much everything. In the second novella, THE GOLDEN APPLE is a prize asteroid fought over by both Earth and its former colony, Mars. But it appears that the squabbling factions have crossed paths with the wrong man. After he loses everything to the war, he finds a drastic way to end it.< Less
Return to Skull Island By Ron Miller
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Only moments after a giant ape crashed onto 34th Street, filmmaker and entrepreneur Carl Denham found himself on the run, with not only insurance companies hot on his heels but Thomas Dewey, the... More > fiery District Attorney of New York City. It's a flight, however, that throws Denham squarely into the convoluted machinations of a mysterious, bronze-haired tigress named "Patricia Wildman," machinations that take the pair from running guns to a Central American revolutionary to finding themselves in Manchuria in the midst of the Chinese struggle against the Japanese. Carl and Patricia deal as best they can with prisons and firing squads, madmen and zealots---all to say nothing of the Japanese navy, a ruthlessly ambitious officer and the fate of the civilized world. But never did either of them think that the answer to their dilemma lay in leading a Japanese invasion of fabulous Skull Island and the mind-boggling secret that waited for them there.< Less