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The Possession of Eddie Walker By Nathan J.D.L. Rowark
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There's a man that lives at the end of our street whom no-one knows or dares to meet. He wields a crutch to help move his feet. He takes walks late at night while our neighbours sleep. A flat peak... More > cap hides his face from the dark. A red beard pokes out from beneath; in an arc. The heels of his shoes scar the pavement a mark. The dogs on his route hear him coming and bark. Those of us up to watch his endless routine begin to imagine the things that he's seen. When we retire ourselves and settle to dream is it through his eyes still open we study the scene? Does he guard our nightmares or suffer their show? Is his job to recall them so others shall know? Or is the man that travels the pavements below ourselves in the mirror of our window?< Less
The Waterman Chronicles 3: Red In the Waters By Patrick Harris
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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Eric Atl, also known as Waterman, must return to face the Listeners and save his city of Elko, Nevada, one last time.
AFK, in Pursuit of Avengement By Huckleberry Hax
Paperback: $11.76
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The door opened, quickly. He was actually quite an attractive man. He was slim and muscular, he had a square jaw and delicate fingers. He was wearing a nearly open dressing gown. "Hello,... More > Mica," I said. "My name is Thursday." I pushed the Taser into his abdomen and sent him jerking to the ground. THE VIRTUAL WORLD IS CHANGING. And Definitely Thursday is struggling to keep up. Once upon a time she tracked down metaverse cheats; now her job is to find the online criminals who would use the virtual world to con, rape and murder.< Less
Andrea By Frank Beck
Paperback: $3.54
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An affluent bachelor who needs help with the housekeeping buys an Android as a domestic servant. The android is an attractive young woman, but he gets more than he bargained for.

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