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Too Good To Be Untrue By Joseph A. Wailes
Paperback: $27.00
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Supernatural science fiction. How do the seen and the unseen parts of Reality compare, contrast, and interact with each other? What are the parallels, and what are the differences? What conflicts... More > occur between the different aspects of Creation?< Less
The Monorails of Mars By Terry Walstrom
eBook (ePub): $7.99
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Who or what is behind the whispered messages of contaminated meteorites on two worlds? Why are rugged individualist Arctic Explorers invited to a German castle by a Martian determined to pit them... More > against each other in a life and death puzzle? Why is a Las Vegas style theme park considered the goal of faithful Christians on Earth? Why has Earth become an eco-toilet where slavery is permitted--as long as the slaves are disaffected political prisoners from Mars? Why is Earth and Mars ruled by Triumvirate of Religion, Politcs and Business as a Theocracy? Why did Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison build an "electric bridge to Mars?" Why is the son of the Lord of Apes pretending to be a religious zealot? Who is the mysterious Ada who has walked the Earth for three thousand years? Why is a Viking sword found frozen in the ice at the poles of Mars? Read THE MONORAILS of MARS for Hitchcock style suspense and macabre humor in the style of pulp Science-Fiction of the 19th century!< Less
Mind Seed : A Science Fiction Anthology By Edited by David Gullen & Gary Couzens
eBook (PDF): $5.11
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Nine classic and original science fiction stories from exceptional contemporary writers, including Shirley Jackson Award nominated Roseanne Rabinowitz and Aeon Award winner Nina Allen. Nine stories... More > that will take you to the worlds we may live in tomorrow, into deep space, and towards the far future of humanity. Nine different explorations of what it is to be human. This anthology is inspired by the work and writing of Denni Schnapp, Biologist, SF writer, and traveller. All profits will go to Next Generation Nepal, an anti-child-trafficking charity.< Less
Fall of the Honor Guard By Christian Clason, Andrew Gray
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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Vesuvius' love life falls apart, leaving him stranded in his heart. His war is changing and now the stakes are higher than ever. If he does not crumble beneath the pressure first himself, his entire... More > army will crumble on top of him. Love is a daring challenge, and everybody is out for their own lust, as the battle between terran liberty and zealot domination persists. Even General Doomhunter, General Dragon Heart and General of victory for Medelthians, or end it all.Eldrac find themselves caught up in the mess, outside of war. The return of an ancient species brings a new side to the world that may weigh in the coming< Less

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Rendezvous Rendezvous By Forest Fox
Paperback: $14.95