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The Story of a Sage By Mike Collins
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A story that crosses the boundaries of time and space as our hero Lee transcends the mortal coil to be elevated to other planes of existence. All in the search to be reunited with the lost spirit of... More > his lost love. Through the distant lands of Egypt to the Mountains of Nepal Lee travels in his everlasting search to be whole once more. The plot leaves you guessing as Lee travels through the world of secret societies and occult magicks. Lee fights through the lands of the dead to the vast emptiness of spaces void. This epic journey is written in a Lovecraftian style, with its dark and mysterious undertones it is sure to leave you always questioning what is real.< Less
2345: A Letter from the Future By Brandon Goldentree
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What can a man from the future possibly tell mankind that will avoid its suffering and extinction? In the following pages, we will witness it, as we read the words of a letter whispered in a dream,... More > supported by vividly images, to the Author of this book. Truth, imagination or merely a channeling that we may distrust, the fact is that all the descriptions here presented have been confirmed by current events. Nevertheless, the future is made by those that are now creating it within their lives, with their actions or the lack of them. So, knowing what may happen will allow us to become responsible for that future as we have here a chance to see what we’re creating. The following words describe the letter received, a gospel to those now present in a crucial period for the future of the planet and the destiny of the entire human race.< Less
SIETE MINUTOS By Ismael Camacho Arango
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Siete minutos is a book about life in Latin America, when everything gets disrupted by wars and revolutions, but then a man emerges ready to conquer the world. After his humble beginnings, Homer... More > wants to have some money. Then he becomes very rich as the sun explodes, killing humankind and bringing apocalypse to his soul. The book has a humoristic look on life. We see the corruption and intrigue existing in Latin American governments then and now, as Homer takes advantage of society in general.< Less
The Ghost of Charity Alden By Henrik Moller
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The Ghost of Charity Alden revolves around Charity Alden, a girl who drowned in 1796 at the age of sixteen, an event she hasn't quite gotten over despite the passage of a quarter of a millennium. ... More > Mostly, she's content just to watch her little town of Lexington, Virginia, grow as the centuries pass. But then, one night a couple hundred years after she died, Charity iencounters a real living, breathing, guy who can actually see her. He can hear her. In two hundred years, no other living soul had ever been able to do that. And he's handsome, he's fun to be with, and Charity's been lonely for a long, long, time. He's not dead--yet--which is a bit inconvenient, but, well, what relationship doesn't have it's awkward little wrinkles? But there are far, far, worse ways of dying than simply drowning. Death so far gone in rage and grief that echoes of it, even centuries later, can kill. And it's up to Charity and Eric to save Lexington from horrors from out of the past.< Less