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The Shadow of Yesterday's Man By Tony Ives
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Sci-fi crime noir: When a dead man sets you on a collision course with the police and a gunfight in a cemetery, as a reasonably respectable PI, you might feel the need to reconsider your line of... More > work. But when a dead woman comes back to life to hire you and someone blows your house up, it might be time to get out of town.< Less
David Sanders Mind Sharing By David K. Brown
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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David Sanders is a genius. He lives in a time when poor parents of brilliant children like him sell their children’s intellectual ability in a new type of slavery. Up until now David has spent... More > most of his day in a chamber not much bigger than a coffin so that one of the most powerful men on the planet can use David’s incredible mind as his own. A new technology, cranial neuro knowledge sharing, allows anyone who can afford the price to have real-time sharing of knowledge from one person to another for limited periods. For years David was a willing participant and strong contributor to this way of life. Now all that is about to change and David Sanders will be transformed into someone very different. He is about to become the number one enemy of the state … and nothing will ever be the same again!< Less
Vitamin F By Len Berry
Paperback: $19.99
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Since the genetic crash eliminated most of the male population, Genetic Security had become the way of the world. Random genetic scans, registering males, laboratory fertilization—it was the... More > only way to secure the gene pool from destruction. As a college freshman Bridgett wants to fit in, find love, and enjoy life. Meeting Penelope has put her on track for at least one, if not all of those things. Bridgett’s life is her own. Her genes, like everyone else’s, are state property. It was only a matter of time until someone came to collect.< Less
The Selene Chronicles: The Star of Winter & The Vixen’s Beautiful Beacon By K. Robichaud
Paperback: $10.34
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Ariel and Sirius have just begun their journey to break the curse and they are prepared to do so at any cost. With the help of long-lost relatives and some new friends, they'll work together to... More > defeat the Alphas and The Dark Star Witch. However, when the death of a comrade and the painful wounds of the group members are re-opened, they must fight to keep their sanity. Also, when the secrets of the enemy as well as Ariel and Sirius's pasts are revealed publicly, will it bring the group closer together or will it tear them further apart when the journey has only begun? Find out in the second installment of this romantic, action-packed tale as good and evil battle it out in The Battle of Selenton.< Less

Alpha Cas Alpha Cas By Nick Jenkins Paperback:
$20.00 $14.00
Page Travelers-Unification- Page... By JB Kinsey Paperback:
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