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Ministering Angel By Elizabeth Horrocks
Paperback: $9.50
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"The tall, fair man stepped through the wall, carrying the sleeping girl in his arms. He paused, looking at the second girl, also fast asleep, in the double bed. The size of the bed was... More > fortunate, and made things easier. He slipped the one in his arms into the bed alongside the other. She murmured a little, but the sleep spell held fast, and she was soon curled up in comfort, breathing softly" Thus begins a strange time for Laura, a modern teenage girl, and for Fiya, the girl left in her place. Laura is transported into a parallel world, but one where events and people seem oddly familiar. This is a fantasy for all ages, from mid-teens up, to enjoy.< Less
Vampire For Hire: First Eight Short Stories (Plus Samantha Moon's Blog and Bonus Scenes) By J.R. Rain
Paperback: $15.00
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The first eight short stories from the #1 bestselling "Vampire for Hire" series by J.R. Rain, including, "Teeth: Fang's Story," "Vampire Nights," "Vampire... More > Dreams," "Halloween Moon," "Vampire Gold," "Blue Moon," "Dark Side of the Moon," and "Samantha Moon's Blog." Also included are three bonus scenes/outtakes from AMERICAN VAMPIRE and VAMPIRE DAWN.< Less
The Spirit of Amber Rose By Christopher Wittkugle
eBook (ePub): $2.95
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A galactic civil war has just ended and the galaxy teeters on the edge of anarchy. There is no fuel for interstallar space travel and many of the colonies of the Solon Impyre are cut-off from the... More > rest of the galaxy and are spiraling into anarchy. with no food and no water being delivered, these coloines will die. Johnny Hiro is a retired fighter pilot turned junk dealer. He has been searching for the ghost ship "Amber Rose" for seven years. Now, he thinks that he may have located her, but his past has come back to haunt him. He and his crew must race against time to bring "Amber Rose" back to save the galaxy from the brink of starvation< Less
Masters of Illusion: Five Science Fiction Stories By Jeff Ferraro
Paperback: $10.55
Ships in 3-5 business days
What do you do once you find out that your life is no longer your own? Do you strike back against those who are mocking your very existence, or is it best to simply play along with whatever sinister... More > plans your captors have set before you? Max Alwell has found himself in exactly that type of situation. He has been finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate between nightmare and reality. Truth and lies are constantly being fed to him in a ruthlessly vile mixture, which only adds to the deception. Is he a guinea pig being tested for some purpose beyond his comprehension? Is he a victim who has been inserted into some nefarious game of which he has no knowledge? Or, has he reached the afterlife, where it merely slipped someone's mind to tell him that he was dead? Read more to discover the truth behind the mystery... (Total 401 pages/136,000 words) **My short story "Masters of Illusion: Rain World" is available for FREE download! It includes more previews for this novel. Check it out!**< Less

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