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The Final Circle of Paradise By Arkadi Strugatsky, Boris Strugatsky
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Ivan Zhilin visits a seaside resort city to investigate a series of mysterious deaths. The culture of this city has become utterly decadent, the product of an age of universal affluence. Zhilin... More > refers to the present state of the world as "the age of the boob" where the highest priority is placed on orgiastic pleasure and staving off boredom, to the neglect of culture, education and scientific progress.The ultimate expression of the decadence of Earth culture is the mysterious "Slug" which is apparently responsible for the deaths that Zhilin is investigating. "Slug" turns out to be a way of generating an artificial reality significantly more intense than normal reality, to the point where there is virtually no comparison between our reality and that of the "slug." People become addicted to it and spend increasing amounts of time unconscious in their bathtubs until it kills them by nervous exhaustion or brain hemorrhages. This is "the final circle of paradise."< Less
The Vexing Companion By Douglas Hatten
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Gavin and Sarah were to be the Adam and Eve of a new world, that is, until Gavin found his wife dead in their garden. Now isolated on an alien moon with no way of returning to Earth, Gavin intended... More > to kill the monster that had murdered his wife. The problem was…the creature looked exactly like his departed wife. Somehow, it had transformed itself into the spitting image of Sarah. It even wore the yellow summer dress she loved so much. That little detail bothered him as much as anything. Out of everything from her wardrobe, why had it chosen that particular dress?< Less
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The Snail On the Slope By Arkadi Strugatsky, Boris Strugatsky
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The Snail on the Slope by br.Strugatsky consists of the two largely independent stories of Pepper and Kandid, which are nevertheless brought together by the forest, their continentwide silent... More > antagonist. Pepper, is afraid to resist the Directorate but yearns to do so. He yearns to enter a mystic forest but is trapped on a cliff top where he can only glimpse it. He toes the line and inspite of his yearning does nothing more than watch. Kandid manages to understand the reality when he ends up in the forest. After encountering mysteries of the forest and the unexpected forces therein. Kandid decides not to surrender under any circumstances. He is the proactive one either marooned or blessed to be in a forest of untold truths made of magic and wonder. His suffering includes the fact that the forest is ruled by a race of ruthless parthenogenic amazons that tolerate his male presence but offer little else. He can see the beauty within but not partake of it, could a man imagine a more frustrating torture.< Less

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Lazerman Lazerman By Dennis Sayan
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