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Time Sequence By Joseph Fakes
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"Time Sequence" draws upon an understanding of certain Christian and scientific principles. You imagine the implications of a person being capable of overcoming the seeming boundaries of... More > space and time. Several characters investigating such a scenario explore how certain present theories might unfold in the twenty-first century and beyond. Combining elements of romance and suspense, "Time Sequence" often implicitly invites the reader to form a personal conclusion about a character or event. The book overall is designed to entertain as well as to provoke thought.< Less
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The True Natural By Tia Lynk
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Kendall Monroe is an ordinary teenage girl, or so she thought until she meets the new, mysterious boy, Lucas. Kendall discovers that she is the True Natural, an Immortal and that she is being hunted... More > for her powers. Destroying the soul is the only way for a Natural to die. With the help from others, Kendall and her Protector Lucas, search for the tool that will destroy the soul of the hunter. Lucas does everything in his power to keep Kendall safe. However, when a secret is revealed, Kendall finds herself in the middle of danger. Will Kendall get out alive or does she face the worst possible ending?< Less
GeneStorm: Fort Dandelion By Paul Kidd
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GeneStorm Book 2: Fort Dandelion Budgie riders, yeoooh! Sword swinging, gun toting action in the post-apocalypse! As Colonel of the Spark Town Cavalry, Snapper finds herself handed tough new... More > assignments. Tasked with raising a fort to protect settlers, Snapper leads an expedition out into deadly territory. But Snapper and her friends are given a special assignment. The abrasive scholar, Arduin Raymond, believes that an ancient power source is hidden beneath a ruined city. - But there are things sleeping in the dark spaces of the weird-lands. Things that were better left forgotten… ------------- This is the second novel in the GeneStorm series by Paul Kidd. Look for "GeneStorm: City in the Sky".< Less

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