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Broken But Not Destroyed By Michele S. Moore
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Being Broken is not and never has been a state of permanence. However, throughout the course of life, we find ourselves in a state that suggests that as tough as it's been to deal with, trying to... More > find a way out is even tougher. You don't have to stay that way. You can find your way and sometimes, it takes someone that has battled, fought, suffered and has experienced loss to help someone else to their place of redemption. Once you find your way, then it's a testimony to tell others. This book tells a story and shares a life that isn't perfect, but was perfectly made. Allow it to help you to a similar place.< Less
7 Steps to Discover Your Inner Greatness By Cyrus Harper
Paperback: $14.95
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7 Step Guide to Discover Your Inner Greatness written by a Humanitarian Award Recipient. Deciding what we want to do in life can seem difficult. Yet the question is simple. We complicate it with... More > overthinking and indecision. We make a habit of evaluating the variables and possible outcomes. Is it remotely logical to believe that we know the results of actions we’ve never engaged in? Which leads to the obvious question, “Then why do we do it?” In particular, when we believe that we would fail at something if we try, what makes us think we can know without even trying? Believing that we would fail prevents us from pursuing our dreams and discovering our inner greatness.< Less
Time Management: Inspirational Life Hacks Volume 1 By Nigel Openshaw
eBook (ePub): $1.99
People with problems in life do not take the right steps to get any job done. Make sure you work out what needs to be done accurately. Over the parts to follow in this book you will find many... More > exercises you can try to fit into your life. People want things in life; that is natural. Why would you not want them? However, the problems that occur are their goals are too big. They will want the luxurious vacations and expensive cars tomorrow. We all do, but we have to put things into perspective. To get to that nice car, first you will have one that is not so great. As time goes on and you earn more money, you then upgrade. Over time, you finally reach your goal. They are great, so long as they are in bite-sized pieces as we go along. This book explains more about this.< Less
Education: A Waste of Time? 7 Critical Elements Needed to Fill Key Gaps in Your Education That Waste 5 to 10 Years and 10s of Thousands of Dollars By Brown, Jeffrey P.
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Do you know that every 26 seconds a public high school student is dropping out? That roughly half of those that go off to college don't graduate? That within 5 to 10 years 70% of college grads are no... More > longer working in jobs related to their major? There's A LOT of wasted time and years (10s of thousands of dollars and upward of 5 to 10 years). But there IS something you can do about it by applying the principles in Education: A Waste of Time? to your life.< Less

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