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The 2nd Book of Wisdom By Klaus Wirtz
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The beginning of "The 2nd Book of Wisdom" and its completion is my development, my knowledge and how it is applied progressed many times. Wisdoms are generally always right and always... More > wrong. It is the question of the respective state of development of the individual and his willingness to recognize, to examine them honestly and implement. In some wisdom, they have opened the door to further and higher knowledge. It is always difficult (It's always so hard or easy as you would in his view makes) that they are understood, because we are human and readers so different to explain findings so. Differences in the way, how far it is, experience and willingness. Although the goal is the same in the end, if you look at the already is, consciously or not. For the person who is in so far as the implementation or the understanding of individual truths mean fewer difficulties than for the wrestling even after his path.< Less
Secret Recipes for the Body and Spirit By Eugenia G. Spirides
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This book is about changing your physical body and spirit. This is done through various processes. You can accomplish this by decluttering your home which helps give you more energy, eating healthy... More > which helps you feel better and possibly lose weight, aromatherapy which can help with physical as well as emotional ailments, and using color in your home to evoke a certain feeling in the rooms.< Less
2015 Live In the Moment Planner By Eva Arebalo
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April 2015 - March 2016 Quarterly Paperback Version The purpose of this planner is to have one book at your finger tips all year long. It is designed to keep all your goals, affirmations, notes and... More > happy thoughts on your mind at all times. It has a daily tracker for daily exercise, water intake, personal development and IPA's. This is the only planner you will ever need. It has a section for you to write down your 6 most important to do list and a spot to write down 3 things you are grateful for everyday. This planner will help you stay on track with your goals and really help put you in a positive mind frame with the motivational quotes.< Less
Conquering Codependency - Loving Without Leaning By Susan Kramer
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Written from a spiritual point of view, 82 lessons on codependency, stress, and anger with sections for kids, teens, and adults. Lessons can be followed chronologically or at random. Each... More > codependency topic includes a prayer or meditation or both for reflection and inspiration. Topics include revenge, instant anger release technique, substance abuse issues, stress release, all presented in a practical way aimed at recovery. 155 pages. 21,000 words.< Less