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A Simple Prayer By Keith Johnson
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A great spiritual master from India visited the USA in the early 1900s - Paramahansa Yogananda. This short but insightful and meaningful prayer is inspired by his teachings and message.
Absolute Nightmare on Dartmouth Road By Oremie B
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A story of one woman's fight for justice and basic human rights. Those who should have helped further traumatised a victim of crime by refusing to act on her behalf, in spite of mounting evidence. ... More > A tale of victimisation, betrayal, defamation of character, perverting the course of justice and more as those who should have helped by investigating impartially refused to do so. Because their aim was to protect the perpetrators and crush the victim along with her allegations. The author writes with humour and honesty she also discusses such subjects as religion, astrology, strength and the relevance of these subjects in her life. She writes about how she coped with the worst trauma and upset of her life due to her neighbours. A compelling read about small time conspiracy. If you are tolerant of drugs for personal use, this might change your view. If you are connected to housing associations in any way(especially a tenant of a HA), local authorities, government or similar, you should read this.< Less
EYE II EYE: The Tale of a Shepard and the King By Joe Shepard
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Have you ever asked yourself the question why? Why like this, why now, or why me? For some of us the question is not whether or not we've found ourselves in this position, but how many times...... More > Author and philanthropist Joe Shepard has delivers a masterful work -guaranteed to bring clarity to age old question. EYE II EYE: The Tale of a Shepard and the King takes us on a spiritual journey of self-awareness. His philosophical approach opens us up to a world of endless potentiality. While his candid writing style keeps us grounded on the road to enlightenment. The eye sees through the lens of perception; and Dr. Shepard pens a prescription that offers remarkable clarity to the divine relationship between life and love. Everyone will find themselves in this volume. Littered with intrinsic riddles of wisdom that speak life with every line, Eye II Eye is the ultimate love story to be read by every woman and realized by every man.< Less
How She Did It: A Son's Confession By Patrick Maunda
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This book is a son's confession of the good parenting steps taken in his life. The author was raised by a single,little educated mother. He sets to confirm the steps the mother took to make him who... More > he is(The award wining son). He confirms this in relation to a parenting checklist every person thinks they know. He also gives a brief testimony of himself in every topic covered. All the described have been proven to work. This book is a true confirmation of how she did it. The mother was widowed at a very young age. People said she was too young to be a widow, but she did it anyways.< Less