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The Reiki Teacher's Handbook By Teri A. Barnett
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The Reiki Teacher's Handbook, a composite of all the ReikiOne Reiki Manuals, takes your teaching a step further. This book provides you with all the tools you need to teach Reiki including attunement... More > information for each degree. Throughout The Reiki Teacher's Handbook you'll also find space for notes, journaling, your personal symbols, etc. Written from the perspective of an experienced Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui Shiki Ryoho method, you will find this book easily adapts to other forms of Reiki and can grow with you as you progress on your teaching path.< Less
I Now Pronounce You... By Krazy Kaur
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We’re coming up on the 25th anniversary of the surprise hit film, Thelma and Louise, which seemed to strike a cord with the American public, in particular American women. Like Thelma and... More > Louise, many women in our society start off on the road trip of their adult lives with every intention to keep their place and follow the rules. The trouble is that too often men don’t play by the same rules—and if they cheat, women lose. As a consequence, like Thelma, who for years put up with an overbearing husband, women often suffer as second-class citizens, if not with respect to competing with men in our society, many times in their relationships where power is not distributed evenly. I Now Pronounce You… was written to give the reader a chance to recognize in the novel’s characters, issues they may be dealing with in their relationships. Once identified, the solutions to complex problems are never straightforward, but a good therapist can be invaluable as an aid to working out those solutions.< Less
Music to Awaken Heaven on Earth By Hal A. Lingerman
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Music to Awaken Heaven on Earth by Hal A. Lingerman is a comprehensive effort to find those musical selections which uplift and heal. It is a book whose insights are timeless. Great music is... More > ageless; great music IS. It reminds us always of our immortality. You never hear Beethoven or Bach or Brahms or Chopin or even Tchaikovsky and his lovely melodic works without knowing YOU will go on and on, even as that music will go on and on. SOUND is in this plane, but YOU will go on to the higher planes to live.... If the music has a message that touches life universally, it will continue. (Flower A. Newhouse)< Less
Boundless Paradox By David L. Kahn
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The odds against being alive and having conscious awareness in this moment are trillions to one, and yet here you are. Centuries of complicated religious and scientific rationalizations cannot... More > explain why your consciousness is functioning in this moment. Perhaps the answer to this question is quite simple, even obvious, with the evidence showing up everywhere in plain sight.< Less