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My Hardcover Book By Robert Burns
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If you’re going to start in the reselling business, why start from scratch? You can get out there, try things for yourself, and make lots of mistakes in the process. You can make some... More > uninformed buys, take unnecessary risks, and overall, hamper the potential profit margins you could be bringing in. Or, you could invest a little money right now, and learn everything you need to know about getting into the reselling industry. That’s what I offer to you in “50 Brands to Buy and Why: Flipping Men’s Footwear for Profit.” It teaches you key brands you need to know, mistakes to avoid, and teaches you every step. It’s 120+ pages, 100+ photos (all taken by myself), and more than 15 Chapters of Visual Guide goodness. Understand – this guide is focused on shoes, yes, but the Concepts explored within teach you how to resell ANYTHING!< Less
Bringing Out the Best In People - How to Apply the Power of Positive Reinforcement By Ryan Bryan
eBook (ePub): $1.59
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All-new material shows how to: create effective recognition and rewards systems in line with what today's employees want;stimulate innovations and creativity in new and exciting ways; overcome... More > problems associated with poorly educated workers; motivate young employees from the minute they join the workforce.< Less
90 Days to Discover Your Greatest Self- Book + Resource By Jasmine Blake
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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Written by a certified energy healer instructor, wellness coach, and meditation instructor, Jasmine Blake is the worlds most honest lifestyle maven. 90 Days To Discover Your Greatest Self is your... More > lifestyle change “best friend”. With tons of resources and assignments you can learn to live a healthier, stress-free, more purposeful life in 90 days. This guide is made to help you in the process of changing your life with step-by-step instructions. Each part is designed and formatted where guides, worksheets, and options are presented. The choices we make clearly set us apart from where we should be. By learning to live a life of happiness, wellness, finding balance and redefining your life’s purpose, you’ll discover your greatest self. Whether you’re in a struggle, stuck in a rut with your career, surrounded by negative people or just want to better yourself as an individual, this guide is for you.< Less
Small Talk and Big Results! - Talk So People Respond! By Alyson Bryan
eBook (ePub): $5.99
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This book will help you improve your skills in both social and business areas. “Your first impression can never be erased. You can lose people’s interest in those first 30 seconds and it... More > can take many attempts to get it back." You can avoid common mistakes and become a better talker and understanding people’s body language which can give you unspoken clues. It’s easy to follow the tips in this guide which is based on experience in a wide variety of situations. None of the suggestions make great demands on you but they will take a little tweaking to fit your particular situation and temperament. When you have read the book, go to those sections which you find most important and get started, a happier and more productive future is ahead of you!< Less