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the life of high school girls By dakota pope
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Mybook is about my life but in a twist. lots of things happen in this book that are real.
Community Role In Peace and Development By Kelly NGYAH
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It is obvious that recent global and local development talks and agendas have mostly centred on community perspectives. Whether based on the United Nations priority working policies against or,... More > national and local level discriminatory and marginalisation manoeuvres, the notion of ‘Community’ stays preponderant in both legalist and political growth contours. Issues of feasible community conflict moments via major war-torn zones to modern technologically built communities (online communities) are now our days a major call for concern towards conflict management objectives. This study material brings you closest to the application of community concepts in addressing the conflict moments. As well, as assessed global trends on conflicts remain high and though several writers and development agencies attempt purporting numerous solutions, herein another is a new/innovative model for analysing conflict catalysts and qualifications within community perspectives towards resolution measures< Less
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Asperger Syndrome, Hybrid Souls and Hybrid Selves By Catherine O'Brien
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Many Asperger individuals feel like they are marooned on the wrong planet. Strangers in a strange land, they might wonder whether they in fact have extra-terrestrial origins. Based on the Asperger... More > literature and on Michael Newton’s thoughts on ‘hybrid souls’, these two social constructs have in common a high frequency of psychological pain, confusion, isolation, depression, and suicide ideation in their lives on Earth. Why is there not more literature explicitly bringing these two forms together? Is it possible that people on the autistic spectrum have in fact come from another planet, literally? The contents of this book started out as multiple blog posts published online between October 2012 and December 2013. Due to a growing interest in my application of hybrid soul discourse to the literature on Asperger Syndrome, I decided to develop these blog posts into this book. My thesis is that being Asperger’s is not necessarily more or less ‘disabled’ or ‘disordered’ than being neurotypical.< Less