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Schoolboy Sister By Alessandra de Lyte
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Rebellious older sister gets herself expelled from school, and is kicked out of the family home. She moves in with an older girl, who lets her take the lead and gets a job. Her younger brother visits... More > to get away from an unhappy home life and rowing parents. His sister reminds him, in front of her girlfriend, that used to play the role, many years before, of being the obedient younger sister his big sister had always wanted. They bully him into becoming a teenage girl, Sasha, take ‘her’ out shopping and meet an old flame. He is at university study to Psychology, and is specifically interested in certain drugs and hynotic techniques the military are developing for brainwashing. He hypnotises Sasha and places a post-hypnotic suggestion that he will seduce a boy she has chosen for him/her, when the trigger word is used.< Less
A Different Kind of Love By Elaine Babich
Paperback: $12.00
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Kaitlyn Simons, now a single parent, is back where she began, at her parents' house with her young daughter, Jeanie. Kaitlyn finds out that living under her parents' roof comes with the same rules... More > that she faced as a teenager and it's just not going to work out. She needs her own space for herself and Jeanie and is determined to find a good job and a place to live. More than that, Kaitlyn still struggles with her post-traumatic stress disorder from being an abused wife and still has occasional issues with epilepsy and depression. She has a hard time trusting anyone new and is very careful with her heart and her loyalties. But just around the corner, opportunities for love arise and Kaitlyn must use what she has learned from her mistakes to choose a love that will last a lifetime.< Less
Supreme Dating & Getting Laid Guide By St. Don Juan
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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Secrets on how to get women to want and desire you, and how to find the most beautiful girls ready to get laid, will all be exposed for you in this short ebook, and I hope you will enjoy these sneaky... More > tricks. Dear friend, seeker of love, I will now disclose the methods I have been using successfully for years to meet the most beautiful women, in ways that are easy and straight forward to do, which have given me multiple regular lovers that I can access at a regular basis, and also always get new ones when wanted.< Less
Femme Toy By Alessandra de Lyte
Paperback: $9.54
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Badly in need of discipline, teenage boy Francis displays all the arrogant traits of the unruly male until his big sister applies her system of control. Read how ex-policewoman Liz proves how... More > multi-talented a modern young woman can be when she sets out to enforce complete compliance and appropriate discipline: "Max however, was hugely turned on. Max’s dick was, he felt, the largest in the world." "Tracey encouraged him, (actually, Max bored her already)." "Towards the end, Tracey gathered some friends around, and they solemnly gave Francis a present." “you’re so brave to dress as a girl. We love boys like you. Please dress for us. Be a girl like us!” "They huddled him into the changing rooms and dressed him in a gold dress, stockings heels and make up and with a very sexy shiny red wrap." “MAX?!” “Oh wonderful!” “Oh Francis!!” I’m Julie, thank you!” I’ll wear my blue nightie I think. Can I borrow your denim dress tomorrow?”< Less