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Poison Lilies By Melissa Jacques
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Unfamiliar fingers gently caressed my arm, “Good Morning.” His voice and hands bought instant moisture between legs. I paused for a minute then jumped up out of bed as the thoughts of... More > last night’s escapade filled my head. “What have I done”? I asked myself quietly as I quickly dressed. Daren is going to kill me. ‘Yes Daren is going to kill you’, an unwanted voice echoed in my head. “I have to get out of here”, I said aloud as I looked for my shoes. This sexy thriller will have you guessing and wanting more. A must read..< Less
Rekindle Your Marriage And Your Sex Life: Discover The Path Towards Deeper Intimacy and Greater Sex With Your Wife By Fred Martin
Paperback: $13.93
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You lost touch with your wife and sex has turned into a boring and rare activity. Learn how to rekindle your marriage and your sex life by following the proven method from French coach Fred... More > Martin. This book is a guide on waking up her libido, on creating the conditions to restore great love making sessions that will leave you feeling deeply in love with your wife and deeply loved by her.< Less
Poison Lilies By Melissa Jacques
Paperback: $14.99
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Silence broke. “Can I join you?” My heart jumped through my throat and I almost choked on it. “Are you okay?” I looked at him and replied “I must have told you some good... More > stuff last night.” He stood up and stripped naked. I shifted my body up giving him space to get behind me; once he sat down I felt his erection immediately. That oh so warm feeling returned and at that moment I was glad the evidence was submerged under the water. “You did.” He said in a mocking voice. “Lay back.” and I did as I was told. His chest was hard and firm and it felt perfect, too perfect. “This feel’s good?” I said as I laid with my eyes closed. “It does.” He replied and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me under my earlobe.< Less
Deadlier Than the Male By Rubber Al
Paperback: $14.37
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Rubber Al, as his name implies, has been a rubber fetishist all his adult life. The material, it's look, smell and feel has been a continued fascination to him. There's rarely a time when a rubber... More > scenario is not front and foremost in his mind. He took up writing, just for fun many years ago, and to get down on paper some of his many fantasies. He lives in Canada, and spends much of his time travelling. As his writing indicates he's also interested in forced feminisation, cross dressing (only in latex!) femdom and rubber bondage. In this book, Jo discovers that her best friend and her own husband might be up to something and plans her revenge, however, things do not go quite as planned and she discovers a side to her that she never knew. Her best friend discovers things anew as well, but the life of Jo's husband will never be the same again!< Less