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The Voice By Zorro Daddy
eBook (PDF): $3.99
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This story is not a pure-n-innocent tale. It is age play horror, at its ugliest. If you are looking for horror elements, consequences that can't be avoided and a tale of possible redemption of... More > self, The Voice is definitely the age play story you are looking for. The Voice is the story of Sharon Locket, a highly successful businesswoman with a secret fetish she shared with only one. But Sharon had even more secrets than that. The only problem was: She had no idea about them. To become so successful, Sharon had to step on a few tails along the way. Much like a lot of successful people, she made enemies. Some of them she knew and some of them she did not. With her career skyrocketing upward, Sharon met her past, present and future - all at once and in a most alarming way. As her life unraveled around her, she could no longer function and found herself helplessly victimized by a voice with no face. This is adult adult material and therefore not intended for minors.< Less
Emily By Christina Lee
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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Emily. That was her name. It buried into my mind and left my heart aching. All I wanted to do was embrace her and keep her safe. Safe from the darkness of her own heart and safer from the whispers of... More > our deepest fears.< Less
MOVING FORWARD: But Knowing The Rules to the Game of Love By Kenneth Brown
Paperback: $10.99
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MOVING FORWARD:But Knowing The Rules to the Game of Love. Are rules and stories with real people in mind. People who love and hate and sometimes even have sex for all the wrong reasons. I wanted my... More > stories to wrench the soul. Open the mind to feel my love, my pain and to teach us to support in the cause and our relationship with each other. Maybe my words might counsel you into coming to grips with anger, fear and pain, that’s behind our behavior in our way of living.< Less
Enjoy Your Wife, Enjoy Your Husband By Solomon Okpa
eBook (ePub): $5.00
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Marriage is to be enjoyed and not endured - this describes the totality of this book. The perceived fact that a lot of couples are distracted and tend to focus their attention on another woman or man... More > outside is the bane of marriage. The author makes it clear that: “That man outside is not better than your husband, neither is the woman outside sweeter than your wife.” You would realize from the book that you are not to endure life, but to enjoy life. One of such free gift of enjoyment is your spouse. The sad truth is that the majority of married men and women are enduring their marriages rather than enjoying it. Why? Their eyes are outside looking at the unmarried, married, young and old men and women who belong to another person. If you think that is all, you would be shocked to find more reasons inside this book and when you do, you would learn how to value your spouse more than ever, protect your spouse and above all enjoy your spouse.< Less

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