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Sex Swap to Serve By Glynis Dunnit
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Boys find out how it feels to be a girl: girls who choose to be boys. Humour, saucy innuendo, lively imagination, fine detail of dress and jewellery, you feel what they endure. ‘The young... More > Master’ in a Victorian household swaps it all with the young housemaid, duties, clothes, room, her internal “plumbing” with contents. A witty ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ role reversal that goes all the way, from both point of view; then much further! Young man plans to reprogramme the female of his species to fit his chauvinistic mould, but his secret is out and others, all-female, plan to use the techniques that he invented and they have refined, to do the reverse. He is caught in their web to become their poor little DollyGirl for the rest of his life. Girls’ school win the Marching Band competition, by the girls swapping pupils!< Less
There's No Place Like Home...for sex education By Mary Gossart
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Young people’s natural questions, behaviors and curiosities around sexuality create some of life’s awkward and challenging moments for parents. Yet these opportunities invite parents to... More > have important conversations – to share personal values, beliefs, and age-appropriate information with their children. There’s No Place Like Home… for Sex Education offers a friendly and practical guide for having these conversations with confidence, comfort, and humor, from the experts at Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon. Mary Gossart has worked in the field of health and sexuality education since 1975. As the Vice President of Education and Training at Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon, and more importantly as a mom and “Grammy,” she supports families in having honest, intentional communication about sexuality.< Less
Strictly Girls By Margare Moore
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She’s left school, in her first job, still at home, Mum decideS she’ll take no more impertinence from her, making the point with hairbrush and paddle. Corporal punishment from late 19th... More > century, a stern Governess, girl she disciplined. Back to stay with an Aunt, now almost grown up, things remind her of a PREVIOUS spanking, one thing leads to another! out of the dorm at night, leads to much use of slipper, cane, on two girls! Interesting thought-experiment on the limits of corporal punishment, just how much is too much, even when permitted. Auntie Jane, a Duchess, turns out to very old-fashioned about manners and respect, and an expert on the customs around using the rattan school-style cane. Girls feuding over a boyfriend goad the Mistress into spanking them with hand and ruler and they both come to regret it, but it brings them together, boys forgotten! Tickle-toe torture in the choir stalls. Posh daughter takes advantage of the maid; but fair’s fair, gets what she richly deserves!< Less
Trust No Man Fear No Bytch By Cee Gee
Paperback: $9.99
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This book is about a four letter word; Game. It doesn't matter the race of a man; they all play their wonderful game faithfully. Inside these pages you will learn the mannerism game of men.

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Moist Moist By MJL
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