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How some women Behaved with me By TUDOR Y PENWOOD
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This book is about the women that I have had relationships with,it is very intimate in detail(sexual),Women compare men, but men do the same,with the right approach and in most cases women love sex... More > just as much as men if not more,We all suffer trauma's in our lives,have nightmares,and in many cases different personalities, What I experienced was scary to say the least, worrying. What has been disclosed to me by many women, frightens me, as to believe what some men are capable of, and their behaviour, and to be an actual witness to some of it. I have also of course witness the capabilities of women< Less
Alpha Power: The Techniques You Need to Get the Best Females By Daniel Marques
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The knowledge presented in this book has been requested several times but only now shown due to the implications that it may have. The techniques described here were developed through years of study... More > on the basic instincts of the human mind and shouldn't be used by anyone that isn't mature enough to deal with the consequences that they may bring to his life. They also shouldn't be used indiscriminately in any given situation, because they serve the purpose of helping the reader become more true to himself and not necessarily guide anyone in the same path. The 40 chapters that this book covers, include the most important topics that define the alpha male and characterize his powerful influence.< Less
The Collector By Morpheus
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ADULT CONTENT The story of a young sergal's journey through slavery, torture, adn hell and back to freedom.
Schoolgirls Caned By Cathie
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A few excerpts: ‘Crack’ the Head’s hand landed. The Head released my wrists and helped me stand upright. “Bend over Wright, and place your hands on the seat of the... More > chair.” “Come along girl, I haven’t got all day,” said the Head impatiently clicking his fingers to emphasise his words. Clumsily I complied, and handed my knickers over with a shaking hand. Immediately the Head busied himself by laying out all the punishment implements, a formidable display. ‘Crack! Then the policeman’s hand cracked down time after time, until the girl’s backside was a bright scarlet. Time and time again, the cane landed, leaving criss-cross weals, until there wasn’t a space left unmarked. The girl groaned aloud, and the policeman laughed. Waiting outside the Head’s study, Called in at 09.10. Christ I thought the last Head was bad enough but this one is ten times worse. I was pulled straight over the Head’s knees, skirt up knickers down for a spanking I shall remember for some time to come.< Less