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NOCTURNAL MIND Study of the behavior of nocturnal predators in captivity and specialized training guide By Anna Sanchez
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This book is particularly directed toward falconers and professionals who desire to specialize in nocturnal raptors. The first section is an immersion into the life of nocturnals and serves as a... More > basis for the second section, where their behavior is analyzed. Based on the understanding of the mindset of nocturnal raptors, this study permits an understanding of their behavior and the reasons for it, as well as highlighting the differing habits of diurnal and nocturnal predators. Supported by years of experience, study, observation, and testing, this analysis intends to improve their lives and treatment in captivity< Less
Lights of Summer: The Will to Play By Alexander Rebelle
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In the wake of an early December snowstorm, Aries Constantine makes his morning jog across the sand of a quiet Cape Cod beach. No one lives on the beach in the winter. Aries is all alone for his... More > morning run, or at least, he thinks so. On this cold December morning, he meets a mysterious young woman on the beach. But who is she? Where did she come from? And how does she know his secret? How does she know about the life he thought he left behind? Lights of Summer: The Will to Play is the first installment in the Lights of Summer series, a thrilling and uplifting tale of hope, love, sex, rediscovered dreams, and the sport of baseball.< Less
Kettlebells - Train a Little, Gain a Lot By Shane Nicoletti
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Kettlebell Training is a full body training system that incorporates all the muscles of the body in a functional capacity. It is the ultimate fat burning method of training suitable for most people.... More > It will change the way you train forever. Each movement uses the core and abdominal area in conjunction with major muscles of the body. As well as working your neuromuscular system it will challenge your cardiorespiratory system (heart/lungs) too. Kettlebell training will shorten your training time and double your gains. Because of the nature of kettlebell training it will speed up your metabolism increasing your calorie burn. This manual will help you discover the benefits of Pavel Tsatsouline's unique method of hardstyle kettlebell training. This type of training is ideal for the person with little time on their hands. Hardstyle kettlebell training is a form of strength and conditioning that promotes power production over power conservation, which is ideal for all sports.< Less
SHOW ME THE BALL By Jeffrey Klepacz
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This Dayton Baseball Hall of Famer draws on over 30 years of umpiring (Real Minor League baseball) plus 16 years as a player.SHOW ME THE BALL! is an authentic, behind the scenes look at umpiring from... More > almost every level of the game. This book covers many aspects of umpiring including the story line of Jeff, his colleagues and their attainment of excellence in this craft. This book is filled with entertaining anecdotes as well as many opinions on controversial subjects, managers and players. Not only will this book tell an American success story but will be filled with hard-ache, tragedy and many life lessons. But most of this entire book is a narrative all of us can ascribe to. It talks about the American dream, hard work, solid values, the love of God and Jeff's unabashed love for his wife and his two children. It truly is a story of infatuation. Not withstanding, Jeff does a masterful job of weaving his remarkable life into a compelling story that includes many other excellent umpires from Dayton, Ohio.< Less