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Jujutsu in Japan to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in America By Daniel DiMarzio
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Japanese Jujutsu and Judo are the predecessors of modern-day Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has swept the martial arts world by storm, proving itself as one of the most effective fighting... More > systems on the planet. This book takes a look at training in traditional Jujutsu in Japan under Japanese martial arts expert Yasushi Kiyomoto. It compares these experiences with training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under National Champion and 2nd degree black belt, Brad Court in America. This book isn't about techniques, but rather what these training experiences are like and how these two martial arts relate and differ from one another. “Among the students of jujutsu and kindred arts themselves, it frequently happens that bones are broken or dislocated, sinews wrenched, and obstinate adversaries choked into insensibility.” -E.J. Harrison (1873- 1961) The Fighting Spirit of Japan< Less
MUAY: Winning Strategy - Ultra Flexibility & Strength By Master Lee
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Preparation for life and battle. Train your body and mind in the ways of the ancient warriors of Thailand. A complete collection and guide of exercise postures in Muay Thai and Muay Boran.... More > Introduces exciting postures that have been surrounded in secrecy and never written down before. • Develop strength and flexibility • Boost energy and immune system • Increase longevity, vitality • Combat disease, illness and injury • Experience extreme energy and power • Gain a powerful core-abs and back • Master the freedom to move without limitations, be able to do the splits and the advanced movements of martial arts • Transform exercise postures into powerful self-defence movements • Progress in Muaythai or MMA (Mix Martial Arts) • For beginners and experts. Includes nine lethal and easy to learn self-defence strikes. WARNING Suitable for responsible adults only. Please note- Customers will be supporting the author by purchasing this book on the following site:< Less
The role of private stadiums in football clubs’ strategy By Alessio Boghossian
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Through this analysis there will be a strict consideration of numerous factors affecting the reasoning behind Italy being so far behind other nations. Thorough successful examples will be furnished,... More > with analysis of costs and issues related to building a ground. In addition a stakeholder analysis will be made in order to better understand the global effects of building an arena. Lastly there will be an analysis of Italy in comparison to other three top nations, Spain, England and Germany who have set the example for the quality of stadium management. Lastly an overview on the future of European football with regards to stadium developments will be useful in order to understand how the clubs are filling the gap with top competitors.< Less
Competition Preparation By Susan Baxter
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This book is written for those who are new or those who would like to get a bigger picture on competing in fitness and bodybuilding competitions. The book provides you with the empowerment toolkit... More > that you need to be equipped (at least mentally) for entering. It provides a comprehensive overview of the details to be aware of, and things that you might not know that you didn’t know. It collects these all in one place as a handbook to inform with a no nonsense approach. Topics include tanning; posing; international travel; post competition strategies; advice for choosing your federation and common myths in the sport are addressed.< Less