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Trail Magic and the Art of Soft Pedaling By Scott Thigpen
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Known as one of the toughest races in the world, the Tour Divide is an unsupported off-road event. If your tire is flat, you fix it. If you run out of water, you must find more. If you’re... More > caught in the middle of nowhere, exhausted and blurry-eyed? Find a spot to nap amidst nature and try not to bother the Grizzlies. Starting from zero, Scott trained for two years while maintaining a busy family life, a freelance career illustrating for the Wall Street Journal and The Atlanta Journal Constitution, and a teaching gig at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Scott was preparing for the ride of his life. In June of 2013, he climbed on that bicycle again, this time to race against 167 other people from all over the world on a trek that would take him from Canada to Mexico in 22 days. Captured through Scott’s vivid words and wondrous illustrations, this is the tale of one man’s quest to break free of the typical life and conquer his wildest dream.< Less
Wigan Athletic - Beer, Birds and Football By Steve James
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It may not have been the greatest of seasons, but it certainly has been a rollercoaster ride to say the least! From slapping a man's arse to seeing the Premier League title being lifted at my local... More > stadium. Along the way, I've spent hundreds of pounds on beer, chatted up (and knocked by by) many girls, been molested by the living dead, drank with Norwegians in the centre of Wigan, went raving in corduroy - and saw some utterly brilliant - and rubbish - football along the way. This is a story that any twentysomething football fan could identify with - Beer, Birds and Football. What else could you want?< Less
Sailing Nautical Skills By Emil Tomašević
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The book Sailing Nautical Skills is a summary of rich nautical experience through the history of the Mediterranean and Adriatic sea. This book tells us about the history of the cradle of Western... More > civilization a rich itinerary about Greek, Roman, Venetian and other seafarers. The author Emil Tomasevic, is himself a true heir of the Mediterranean sailing school. His life experience acquired through his activities on the sea, make this book even more captivating. It is a book about sailing, safe navigation, an ode to the sea and sailors of the world.< Less
Baseball By Masaoka Shiki
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This is a translation of three newspaper articles written by Masaoka Shiki to introduce baseball to the Japanese people.