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Swarthmore College Women's Basketball 2014-15 By Renee DeVarney
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Yearbook about the 2014-15 Swarthmore College Women's Basketball Season.
Finding an Edge: Professional Value Betting Methods on Horse Racing By Ron Loftus
Paperback: $18.40
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• A book of substance that specializes in Value Betting on Horse Racing and provides a comprehensive insight into how serious players & professionals make it pay - Focusing mainly on Betting... More > Exchange & Bookmaker wagering, some aspects of the book could also help tote board bettors. • Bookmakers make it pay by loading the odds in their favour and so can the average punter – Regardless of any winner picking or trading strategies, if you don’t beat the odds, the odds will end up beating you, so identifying value in the price is essential and Finding an Edge contains advanced techniques with logical procedures and detailed examples. • On and Off Course Track Betting Strategies • Proportional Staking & Betting Bank Management • Identify profitable Each Way Bets (Win & Place) • Tote Exotics Selections Formula • Convert win odds into approximate True Win & True Place prices • Timeframes • Backers Book, Hedging, Trading, Backing, Lays, In-Play, Saturday Arbing + Lots More(Updated 2014/15)< Less
Patrick O'Brien's Grand Prix Rating System: Season Summaries 1960-1969 By Patrick O'Brien
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The 2013 Formula One season was dominated by the Vettel/ Red Bull-Renault package, which won 13 of the 19 races. Many reckon that Vettel is one of the great drivers. Some however argue that Vettel... More > was fortunate in having the fastest car, the Red Bull-Renault. Just how good was Vettel compared with his peers? This publication compares grand prix and Formula One drivers, cars and packages in simple arithmetic terms. For the first time the driver has been separated from the car and each is expressed as separate performance elements that make up the performance package. Just how much current four-time champion Vettel contributes to the Red Bull-Renault’s recent dominance is explained and quantified. The author’s analysis starts from the first car race in 1894, from Paris to Rouen, and includes over 1,200 grand prix races. The Patrick O’Brien Grand Prix Rating System is divided into seven sections, one for each decade spanning the Formula One era (1950-2013). This book covers 1960-1969.< Less
Duck Hunting Lake Erie 1943–1954 By Bruce Barber
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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A duck hunters stories about hunting Lake Erie 1945-1954 Hard weather hunting and few duck hunters at the time.