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MUAY: Winning Strategy & Supplementary Postures - Special 2-In-1 Edition By Master Lee
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Train your body and mind in the ways of the ancient warriors of Thailand with this special 2-in-1 edition. Includes 12 extra routines. A complete collection and guide of exercise postures in Muay... More > Thai and Muay Boran. • Develop strength and flexibility • Boost energy and immune system • Increase longevity, vitality • Combat disease, illness and injury • Experience extreme energy and power • Gain a powerful core-abs and back • Master the freedom to move without limitations, be able to do the splits and the advanced movements of martial arts • Transform exercise postures into powerful self-defence movements • Progress in Muaythai or MMA (Mix Martial Arts) • Quick and fun to learn with easy to follow instructions and pictures • For beginners and experts. WARNING Courage and consistency required. Suitable for responsible adults only.< Less
The History Of Sunderland AFC To 1887/88 By Paul Days
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The first historic account of Sunderland AFC appeared in the two Wearside dailies, The Sunderland Echo and the Herald, in December 1887, by which time the club was well established and important... More > enough to have its history recounted. This account was written only a few brief years after the football clubs’ formation and yet both reports contain inaccuracies, jumbled facts and confusion. A critique of the first article in the three part series, in particular, would be both illuminating and quite scathing. The transcript of that three part series, that you are about to read, published in 1887 was consolidated and sold as a booklet by The Sunderland Echo and it could be purchased for a nominal sum by members of the Sunderland public. No copies of the original book has, as far as we know, survived.< Less
The Blueprint still standing By Tyler Harris
Paperback: $14.51
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Its a book, we talk about how I raise by a single mother. Also how to be a student athlete and try to balance my life.
Ninja Mind: Ninjutsu Training for Danger Prevention By Li Jing Yuen
eBook (ePub): $1.99
In ancient times the Ninja needed to be aware of danger, even while they slept. This was done by training the five senses and the most difficult to obtain, the sixth sense.By exposing themselves to... More > danger they developed the ability to sense not only on a physical level but a spiritual one as well. In this book are simple methods to train you awareness skills to be aware of danger before it happens. This book is for those who want to train "the warrior within."< Less