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Legends and Rebels of the Football World By Norm Parkin
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Norman Parkin’s exotic football career took him all around the world, and he’s still coaching football teams in the Philippines. On 8 November 2013, he touched down at Manila airport, as... More > a natural disaster unfolded around him. He decided to do something to help: to write a book about some of football’s greatest legends and rebels. Long-term aid is still desperately needed to rebuild shattered lives in the Philippines. Norman travelled up and down the UK, and spent hours on the phone to capture the stories of the heroes, villains and true characters of football, from Stanley Matthews to Malcolm Macdonald. On a quest to discover the true heart and soul of the beautiful game, he met ex-players in pubs, cafes, offices and radio stations. Open the pages to discover a world of blood, sweat and broken bones, a far cry from the multi-million pound game that football has become today. All the royalties from the sale of the book will go to the Philippines Typhoon Relief Fund.< Less
Physical Competence Assessment Manual By Kelvin Giles
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This manual illustrates over 80 measurable components of Physical Competence Assessment and each assessment is shown in detail with pictorial representation of how to perform it correctly with the... More > relevant coaching points and measurement protocols. Scoring tables are also included. This manual supports the extensive content in the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Golf Specific Progressive Exercise Syllabus software packages. It is designed to support delivery in all Schools, Clubs and all High Performance operations and is a major support to Teacher / Coach Education services and structures. This is the full version (REVISED 2014) of the Assessment Manual and contains over 55 Physical Competence Assessments under the headings: Bracing Competence - Triple Fexion-Extension Competence - Landing and Jumping Competence - Flexibility Competence - Pushing and Pulling Competence - Running Posture Competence< Less
Overwhelming Underdogs Book 1 of ? By The Laymans
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Have you ever heard anyone say, "that kid's destined to be in the big leagues"? Well, it's not true- not even close. I looked it up and- according to what I read- the definition of destiny... More > is a "predetermined course of events considered as something beyond human power or control". Here's the thing: I'm convinced that nothing in life is predetermined. You pick the direction you go and where your feet land based on your own actions. My advice to the guys who dream of making it to the big leagues is to think long and hard first as to how you want to be remembered. Not how you want to be remembered when you're no longer here on Earth. I'm talking about how you want to be remembered tomorrow; the day after today. You can try to reach stardom all by yourself, but if you do it on your own, who's really going to care anyway? Be a good friend, cherish your friendships and play ball to create times that you and your friends will never forget. Do that and you'll all get somewhere you want to be. - Sam Glennon, narrator< Less
Olympic Weightlifting Training - Get Mobile, Get Powerful By Shane Nicoletti
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Learn how to use a Barbell in your training to improve fat burning, mobility, strength and power. This book will cover Olympic type lifts with variations in S&C.This book is the official manual... More > for the SCAI FFI Barbell S&C instructor course.< Less