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Surfski: Perfecting Your Technique By Kevin Brunette
eBook (PDF): $11.50
SURFSKI: Perfecting your Technique is aimed at individuals keen to evolve their stroking action, with the objective of enhancing stability and attaining boat speed. A perfect technique, one that is... More > smooth and effortless is the dream of every paddler and once achieved, draws the attention and admiration of paddling peers. Because there is plenty to learn, it is sensible developing good technique from the outset. Once a movement is embedded into muscle memory, it can take drawn out interventions to deconstruct and rebuild. Style can depend on the conditions in which you are mostly active, such as downwind or flat water. Key to achieving a perfect technique is to use a craft and wing bladed paddle appropriate to your paddling personality. These must support your level of competency and at the same time provide a springboard for optimisation. Good technique sets the best paddlers apart from the rest.< Less
50 British Butterflies By Rob Wood
Hardcover: $99.79
Prints in 3-5 business days
Many collectors of sports and tobacco cards regard the Turkey Red Premiums as the most beautiful cards ever created. Produced by the American Tobacco Company in 1910 and 1911, very few collectors... More > have ever seen the entire set of 126 athletes, much less in pristine condition. This book catalogs the complete set of lithographic images, reproduced and digitally enhanced from an original set. Collectors and non-collectors alike may now experience the beauty of these cards, as they existed almost 100 years ago.< Less
Molecular and Biochemical Enhancement of Chlorophyll in Sports Turf By Jeff Haag
Paperback: $29.88
Prints in 3-5 business days
As sports turf managers we love green aesthetically pleasing turf. Chlorophyll is a key component in photosynthesis, however, certain events can disrupt it's development. This book elaborates on... More > proper chlorophyll development and methods to help prevent it's breakdown.< Less
Surfski: Paddling Downwind By Kevin Brunette
eBook (PDF): $11.50
SURFSKI: Paddling Downwind is targeted at individuals keen to unravel the secrets of paddling with the wind. It takes considerable skill to anticipate the swell patterns created by the wind and find... More > a path through the heaving peaks and troughs, but the outcome is being able to link one run with the next, moving as fast as the swell, sometimes faster. The sea has unrelenting power, demanding courage and precision to negotiate a safe downwind passage. Many complex factors come into consideration, including the swell speed, direction and size, and the interaction between wind and ocean swell. The wind direction, strength and gust strength are further factors. A downwind activity in extreme conditions will test your full range of competencies, including your mental resolve and self-sufficiency. A downwind proficiency might seem a distant goal, but difficult to realise. With competency, you can enjoy the freedom on offer by the open ocean, with its never-ending changes and challenges.< Less

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Un-Limit Yourself! Un-Limit Yourself! By Nick Baker
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