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Roly Waterloo's Jolly Buns Large Print Edition By M.T. Boulton
Paperback: $6.48
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A Sleepyhead Storybook Roly Waterloo's Jolly Buns Large Print Edition The second in The Happy Animal Adventures Once upon a time… Roly Waterloo is a dear little bear cub with very sunny... More > outlook on life in The Enchanted Kingdom. Here is a delightful bite-sized short story. Tale featuring the rather bun-loving bear cub. And an utterly unpleasant bird. Dum-tiddly, dom-pom Pom-dom, dum-tiddly And, as for adventuring; well, this is carried out in his home, which, after a surprise, and a sprinkling of mischief, a shindig turns into a ghastly turn of events. Curl up with an M. T. Boulton book Dum-tiddly Dom-pom Ideal for journeys, bath-time or when snuggling down for a duvet day or in bed. M. T. Boulton's work covers a sprawling wide range of ages from stories of the littler people, very young, to tales for much older children. For a complete list of titles available see inside the frontal area of the jacket's book. Roly Waterloo's Jolly Buns Pom-dom Dum-tiddly< Less
Lost in Wonderland By Joel Mercier
Paperback: $7.99
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The world’s most famous characters come together in this mysterious and exciting retelling of the classic “Wonderland” books. While trying to escape the trials and tribulations of... More > growing up, young Alice finds herself following a peculiar white rabbit into a world beyond wonder. In a place where up means down and right means wrong, Alice tries to make her way back home and escape the clutches of Wonderland’s two worst inhabitants, the arrogant Queen of Hearts and the frightening Jabberwocky! The only solution is for Alice is to face her fears of growing up once and for all. Lost in Wonderland tells the famous story in a fresh new way with unexpected twists and turns, contemporary music, and exciting theatrical effects.< Less
Ollie - The Odd One Out By Alison J Martin
Paperback: List Price: $19.50 $9.75 | You Save: 50%
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Ollie, the Orangutan, shares a habitat with some Chimpanzee's, and he can't understand why the others are brown with long tails, while he is orange, with a short stumpy tail! What follows is a... More > magical story about his identity, and a baby monkey is saved along the way!< Less
Niñas Bellas: Come In All Beautiful Shapes, Sizes and Colors By Dania V. Peguero, LMSW, Ed.S.
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This book teaches children that what they see on the outside isn’t always what it seems. A story about four girls who look different but discover they have alot in common. Children learn to... More > explore differences and the value of acceptance.< Less