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The Lion of Gold By Iza Scott
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Need a good book to brighten you and your child’s spirits? Our story begins with a bullied lion named Jua who takes a journey through the forest to find his purpose in life. From there he... More > finds himself meeting his new, soon to be dear friend Macaque, a Long-Tailed Macaque. Who actually turns out to be the main character of the series. In this story Macaque helps Jua discover who he truly is, and as well, showed him that his strange and unique appearance could actually be his greatest strength. Through this discovery Jua is able to use the very thing he despised about himself, to help the ones that he cared for the most.< Less
Layered By Lynette Ferreira
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Fifteen-year-old Caitlyn had just met Shayne, and, even though, her best friend, Sophia warns her to stay away from him because he could be contagious, Caitlyn is drawn to his haunted eyes. Now she... More > is stuck in those memories, she cannot escape and she can feel the darkness coming for her. Then she starts to play a computer game. Hannah is orphaned after her dad dies, and her mother leaves her with family Hannah has never met before. Then Nathan is a little friendlier toward her, and in him she finds an ally against the darkness. As their worlds are layered, will they learn that hope always prevails?< Less
There Are Ghosts On Eaglesham Moor By Gordon Mackenzie
eBook (ePub): $9.20
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This in an adventure story about two sisters and their brother, who are forced to leave their parents and hide on a desolate moor from the police and an assassin who might kill them: the three of... More > them are trapped on the moor, unable to leave it and return home. In a state of Limbo, they meet two friendly ghosts, who take them to the cottage of an old woman. She looks after them, giving them beds of straw to sleep on, and feeds them. She tells stories of strange happenings on the moor. And of evil people on the moor. It is hoped that with the help of this old woman, the two girls and the boy will find a way of leaving the moor. But first they must get rid of the most evil ghost, Jackdaw: when alive, he was a Highwayman and a Robber.< Less
JD's Baseball Game By Stacey Hamm
Paperback: $10.00
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It is JD's first baseball game. He is nervous about playing in front of a crowd and his team. JD's coach helps him get the courage to play. JD makes several strikes while playing. Before the game... More > is over, JD scores the winning home run for his team.< Less