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Mr. Gruffy and the Little Town of Happyville By Barbara Zimman
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In the little town of Happyville, lived only families of little people of all shapes and sizes. They were all happy except for Mr. Gruffy. A series of events taught Mr. Gruffy a very valuable... More > lesson.< Less
Blue Monkeys By lisa stokes
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BLUE MONKEYS, a coming of age novel, tells the story of Ali, a fourteen year old girl growing up on an island off the coast of East Africa. Ali has more freedom than other girls her age because her... More > brother has been disabled since birth, and Ali assumes his responsibilities as well as her own. Her parents are afraid Brother will spoil her chance for a good match, so Ali’s father intends to accept a dowry payment from an older restaurant owner named, Yasir. Ali will do anything to ensure her brother’s wellbeing, including marrying the wealthy Yasir if she has too, but complications arise when she develops feelings for Olo, a young Maasai new to the island. When Olo invites Ali to join the futbul team at his immigrant camp, their friendship allows her a glimpse into other possibilities for her life. BLUE MONKEYS is the story of how people struggle to love and survive, and how the yearning to understand ones place in a family isn’t always clear.< Less
King Lion By Victor Kibe
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This is where the laws of the jungle are going to be tested and no one knows whether they might fail...
The Secret Recipe By Umberto Spezi
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This is an adventurous book written in an easy to follow way for young and adult readers. It is about a girl whose parents are kidnapped, she goes through series of adventures to discover the truth... More > at the end. It also contains colourful photos to make the reading more entairtaining.< Less