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12 Months With Santa Claus By Linaelen Sara Quero
eBook (ePub): $3.89
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12 Months for 12 Tales About Santa Claus and His Life In Laplad. A Wonderful Trip In a Magic Land With Mr and Mrs Claus and Their Friends Elven, Fairies and Rendeers.
Eli Electron By Sharon Disher
Paperback: $14.00
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Eli Electron always feels so negative. That is because he carries a negative charge. His cousins Ernie, Ellie, and Elizabeth Electron help him realize how important he is to our world. Electrons make... More > lightening and electricity which runs many of our everyday appliances and machines, including roller coasters.< Less
Meet the Mutts: A CritterKin Tale By Jena Ball
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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Welcome to the wonderful world of mixed breed mutts where 8 goofy dogs embark on adventures full of teachable moments that include everything from avocados, muffins and hots dogs to the importance of... More > training your person. Each of the 8 mutts has been lovingly illustrated by the author, and is loosely based on a “real life” dog. All the dogs have unique lessons to learn, giving kids the chance to see and experience life through their eyes. We think you’ll quickly understand why kids agree with Doxie when he says “Meet the Mutts” is “Wow, Wow,Wow!”< Less
The Dog Who Could Speak Cat By Nuala Willis
Paperback: $9.94
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Dogs are really smart. They can guide, guard, sniff stuff out and cheer us up, but few are as smart as Thor, a tiny Pomeranian, who lives on a canal boat near The Zoo. He can not only speak in... More > perfect Cat to his feline shipmate, Willoughby, but remarkably, he can also grunt, squawk, squeal and growl in the languages of all the animals living nearby. He likes to carry messages and gossip between their cages and fearlessly chats to the tigers who call him ‘Snack’. When two pugs, Miss Toast, a keen blogger and her adventurous friend Gertrude come to stay on the boat, all four animals get caught up in thrilling adventures that coincide with the arrival at the Zoo of a new gorilla…….< Less