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The Winds of the Fields By Aladdin Jones
Paperback: $9.99
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This is the tale of two siblings that spend most of their time together. During one of their adventures, they find themselves lost in the woods, and come across a town that seems to have stood still... More > in time. Or has it...< Less
Honey, Bunny & Potts By Dorothy Urbanek
Paperback: $9.39
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HONEY, BUNNY, & POTTS is a wonderfully silly story perfect for reading out loud. Words, grammar and punctuation are best suited for an established reader while the fun is understood at any age.... More > Giggles will erupt to the expression-filled reading that naturally comes from the scenes to which all ages can relate. Potts lives with his mother, brother and sister in the remote part of a quiet farm where life is routine and peaceful. But Potts has a habit of disrupting this idyllic life with negative behavior that his patient and kind mother knows he can learn to control. With the loving support of his family and the unintentional influence of Grandma and Grandpa Urbanek, Potts certainly learns a lesson he will never forget. And, of course, those who know me know this story stems from real life and lessons taught with smiles.< Less
Cassina and The Time Portals By C A Martin
Paperback: $6.47
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Cassina learns from her friend Steve that there are time portals in her city of Salisbury, often at shops whose names give a clue as to the time traveller's destination. This way she can visit key... More > times and places and, following Steve's clues, interact with events and change them. The dark forces take an interest in Cassina's adventures and are watching to try and intercept. Cassina's mother acts as protector and guardian at the threshold to prevent them slipping through in pursuit.< Less
Hardcover: $25.00
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A muffin named Stan is sad because his friends want to be something they are not, and they wonder why he doesn't feel the same way.