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Exploring through the rain forest of Puerto Rico and get the feel of how beautiful and peaceful it is inside the forest.
Primates Calendar By Kellscraft Studio
Calendar: $14.00
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Nice wall calendar with 12 original illustrations and related descriptions from the book, The Wild Beasts of the World, Vol. 1, 1909. This is the first in a series of Animal calendars. The primates... More > include: gorilla, chimpanzee, lion marmoset, mandrills, spider monkey, red howler, lemur and many more< Less
The Taechon Beach Calendar 2015 "Golden Years" By ronny moore Airborn Productions
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Taechon Beach 2015 "The Golden Years" A 12 month calendar with pictures from Taechon Beach and the missionary community that spent their golden summers there. "The Golden... More > Years" Photos by Ed Kilbourne Sr., Betts Huntley, Chang-Si, Thomas Park, The Underwood Collection, Larry Thie, and Peter VanLierop. This calendar features photos from the "Golden Age" of Taechon Beach, from the late 1950's to 1990.< Less
Insects By Karrie McHugh
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This calendar is filled with different types of insects including butterflies, bees, etc.