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The Etiology of Cancer By Carmi Hazen
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Cancer is a biological process. It begins with an imbalanced terrain within the digestive tract which ultimately contaminates the blood supply and lymphatic fluids. Combined with missing nutrients... More > and an attenuated circulation of body fluids often combined with an irritation or tissue injury, the cancer process begins. Humans enjoy a great deal of control over their bodies and armed with proper knowledge, cancer can not only be prevented, it can also be cured. Medicine is a cartel that controls virtually every aspect of medical practice. Effective remedies for cancer and most other diseases have been suppressed and thus today's practitioners toe-the-line in blind obedience to the pharmaceutical empire who are the over-lords whose only interest is the bottom line. Doctors are not taught the mechanism of disease and have been led to believe that germs are the cause of disease when they are mostly just the result of it.< Less
The Origins of Religion: A Dissertation upon the Divine Manna of the Ancient Jews and the Eucharist of the Catholic Church, the Blood and Body of Christ; as reference to Sacred Mushrooms. SPECIAL EDITION. B&W By Nicklas Failla
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Throughout the ancient stories of humanity; plants and fungi have been used as a source to contact the divine reals by Shaman and Priest alike. These experiences are often potent enough to form... More > Mystics, Prophets, Spiritual Gurus, and even gods. Psychotropic substances in the modern era have been virtually demonized and condemned by most members of society or labeled as recreational by others - leaving any claims to a spiritual connection castrated at the thesis statement. Scholars fear tackling this subject by reality of being ostracized from peers and/or banished by the Church if not outright imprisoned by the state.< Less
What's Going On: My Generation By Niles Hawkins
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This book discusses major topics and issues in this generation such as technology, bullying, the style of dressing up, etc.
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This introductory textbook introduces the reader to basic statistical concepts using Microsoft® Excel. Using easy to understand examples and straight forward and real world situations, the... More > reader will be able to easily understand how to perform basic statistical analysis using Microsoft® Excel. With over 150 example problems, this textbook will help even the beginning student master important concepts.< Less