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ALIEN INTERVIEW Hardbound Edition By Lawrence R. Spencer
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Copies of two letters, Top Secret military transcripts and notes from the late Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy, an Army Air Force nurse at the Roswell Army Air Field 509th Bomb Group in 1947. In her... More > letters she asserts that the transcripts are an exact recording of a series of interviews she conducted with an extraterrestrial being as part of her official duty as a flight nurse in the U.S. Army Air Force. During July and August she interviewed a saucer pilot who crashed near Roswell, New Mexico on July 8th, 1947. The being she interviewed identified itself as an officer, pilot and engineer with an Invasion Force from a civilization she refers to as "The Domain". Their space craft use the planet Venus and the asteroid belt as space ports in our solar system. The Milky Way galaxy is a tiny area within the territorial possessions of “The Domain”. The interview transcripts were kept secret – under threat of death - by Nurse MacElroy for 60 years, and released a few months before her passing at the age of 83.< Less
Brazil Photo Journal By Tyler Jessen
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A collection of photos from a trip to Brazil, composed in a journal form. The trip was funded by an AIA traveling scholarship offered by a firm in Denver, Colorado. The journal talks about the... More > requirements for the scholarship, how I applied and ultimately won the scholarship, and then documents the trip to Brazil. The trip took place in August of 2014, where I explored three of the most well known cities in Brazil: Rio De Janeiro, Brasilia, and Ouro Preto. The main emphasis was to capture the vernacular architecture and juxtapose it to the more iconic architecture that is easily recognizable by the average tourist. The purpose was to point out the importance of both as Brazil gets ready to host two major world events: The FIFA World Cup and The Olympics.< Less
Faith and Reason By Ayatullah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani
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A Compendium of Fifty Questions and Answers Related to Islamic Theology, Jurisprudence and Other Themes Answers to a series of questions often asked by young Muslims growing up in Western societies.... More > The questions are on diverse topics ranging from Divine will, marriage, the role of women and the 12th Imam< Less
Soured Love: A Book of Poems By Alexa Rosa
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Soured Love: A Book of Poems written by Alexa Rosa offers a collection of poems about the pain, anger, frustration, and disappointment one feels when the love for someone turns sour.