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Genealogy By William M. Ambrose
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Yume to Akumu no Niwa ni By Himitsu
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Himitsu is a gothic and alternative model as well as an avant-garde and expressive abstract artist. This photobook, set in beautiful Kubota Gardens in Seattle, WA is a collection of images that... More > portray a dark spirit of the woods and a carefree, peaceful goddess of nature. Some clothing designs, wardrobe, concepts and makeup by Himitsu and editing/photography by Riot Images. "These gardens were extremely fun to explore and create interesting images out of. I hope everyone gets the same feeling of appreciation for and connection with nature that I do from seeing these photos, and it ignites a sense of wonder toward the spirit world." -Himitsu< Less
Journal of a Metalhead:Volume Two By Martin Anthony
eBook (ePub): $9.07
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Martin Anthony returns again with his journal of thoughts from a 19 day trip to Europe, Africa and Asia. It was all done on my shoestring and everything went off without a hitch. This 19 day... More > holiday took me to nations that I never thought I would end up visiting, but it also gave me inspiration that one day I would find my Father’s family. I attended Hellfest 2011 to see Scorpions live, visited 3 Micro-States of Europe (Monaco, San Marino and Andorra) in 3 days, I found my Cousin Charles in London and fell in love with the city of Birmingham. Along the way I dealt with missed coach connections, expensive fares, fascists train conductors and Moroccan faux guides. At the end of my June 2011 trip, my tally of nations went from 4 to 15 in only a matter of 2 weeks. Visit: for more tales from the Overland Metalhead< Less
river of monsters By Rex & Heather Gilroy
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This book presents evidence which supports the tales by fishermen etc that a population of living Plesiosaurs- marine reptiles from the Age of Dinosaurs and known by the Aborigines as the... More > 'Mirreulla', inhabits the Hawkesbury River in Sydney’s north? This evidence is backed up by Ancient Aboriginal traditions and rock art, and European eyewitness accounts dating from early settlement times to the present. The mysterious long-necked ‘Mirreeula’ known to the Aboriginal people for untold thousands of years, is a Cryptozoological enigma to rival Scotland’s Loch Ness Monsters and other Plesiosaur-type creatures seen worldwide. Read about the many tales by fishermen of frightening night-time encounters with long-necked fearsome-looking reptilian giants, mystery disappearances as well as other eerie encounters with living Plesiosaurs in the waters of this River of Monsters!< Less