New on Lulu What's In Your Dream? - An A to Z Dream Dictionary By Michael Vigo
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Based on the #1 dream website,, this comprehensive A to Z dream dictionary will help to make sense of your dreams and to achieve a better understanding of those confusing images that... More > appear in your sleep. With over 5000+ dream symbols interpreted, you can find the meaning to almost any dream image you can dream of. All in a well-organized and easy to read dream dictionary. So what are you waiting for? Find out what's in YOUR dream!< Less
Resonant By Casley Raine
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While losing herself in lucid dreams and visions, the only thing securing Amelia Gold to reality is the peculiar and alluring Vex. He’s new to town and although that may be true, she is sure... More > their paths have crossed before. She can’t seem to stay away from him even though she feels that would probably be for the best. Her dreams are flooded with recollections of Vex, and she experiences the impossible. Remembering memories and emotions that do not belong to her, but to a number of extraordinarily beautiful girls who are absolutely captivated by him and the dark secrets he’s kept. Falling in love was never intentional. She just wanted to continue to get good grades, apply to college for avian medicine, and graduate as a normal, non-paranormal high school student but fate is unravelling her once comfortable and predictable world for what it really is. Unpredictable, dangerous and eerily beautiful.< Less
Sex Headaches – What They Mean and What to Do By John Dugan
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Nothing kills the mood like a sex headache, but is it more than just an inconvenience? Learn about different types of headaches associated with sex and ways to prevent them here.
Riddle of Fermat's Last Theorem  By Aleksey Vinogradov
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The book is an outstanding scientist A.G.Vinogradov is devoted to the problem of solution some indeterminate equations. It is known that at present the search elementary solutions of Fermat's last... More > theorem, proved unsuccessful and cannot be considered as fulfilled. This work answers this question. It was written in 1984-87g. And has not been published in Russia. In the book submitted made by other researchers, possible evidence.< Less