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The Fostering Lover in Peace By Dr. Badal W. Kariye
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This book is based on true story about the endless corruptions of Somalia's leaders, and how the Somali people can foster peace in Somalia? Simply, it is a good book to read and gain knowledge about... More > leadership, failures and recovery strategy for Somalia.< Less
Modern IDL By Michael Galloy
Paperback: $80.00 (excl. taxes)
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Modern IDL is an opinionated guide to using IDL, including information about recent versions of IDL, advanced topics, and best practices. Modern IDL is also a useful reference guide for both... More > beginners and advanced users, collecting tables and lists of items that are scattered through the online help.< Less
Biblical Geology: The Gap Theory Model of Creation In Light of Its Experienced and Critical Opponents By Daniel McCrillis
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In this book, you will see the most accurate account of creation as taught from Scripture and verified by science. We will leave no stone unturned as we venture through the following fields of... More > study: Stratigraphy, Meteorology, Obliquity, Dinosaurs, Fossils, Light, Greek, Hebrew, Angelology, Creation, the Fall, History, and Theology. In this book, the Gap Theory Model of Creation will not only take the stand, but give answers to all the charges it has been accused of. Furthermore, it will provide what the Young Earth Movement has failed to: a workable model that functions properly with both the Bible and Geology. See in this amazing book how the Bible reached out thousands of years ahead of the Young Earth Movement, Modern Science, and Geology providing Answers to these Questions and hundreds more! A Must for Every Person in the Ministry!< Less