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In fact, if any one like to scale down and trim down excess body weight and consistent about it than try to complete and thorough assurance without an iota of suspicion about these potions in the... More > book to make rid of flab on tummy area or in a different spot on the physical structure. Excessive fat anywhere in the torso area and exclusively belly flab remain peculiar and irksome; create a fearful position for a person. The causes could be junk food taking in carbohydrates in heavy amount or indolent slothful life style. To make out with this nuisance concern, some remain hungry and starved, but tummy remain in the same location with same size and self obsessed treatment make harmful side effects of their physical condition. It can disturb emotional, physical energies and sexual desire as easily……. Sufficient people habitually wish to burn down the flab from belly region and make an incorrect approach to contract out the unnecessary immensity of fat from the tummy department.< Less
The Elyon By Uri-EL Uriyah
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The Elyon is the Book of the Most High, delivered by the Archangel Uriel, through his Scribe Uriyah (Holy Guardian Angel of the earthly hermit scribe). Monotheism, Panentheism, Mysticism,... More > Gnosticism, Shamanism--the teachings of many boiled down into an essential monotheistic teaching without all the cultural, geographic, historical, and ethnic baggage of those that have come before. This is not another New Age revelation, but is a message from the God of Melchizedek to our time. It is not merely religious, but an entire worldview and future vision, and indeed, a lifestyle.< Less
Black Magic Victims & Expelling Talismans By Dr. Anees and "SAVANTS"
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Black Magic, in the path of necromancy is an attempt to recognize knowledge and influence of rituals, symbols, actions, gestures, speech and speech communications, those influences on the destiny... More > and health of the victim. Generally magicians believe that dark magic is an exercise in isolation and secrecy to have personal spiritual growth. They state that usage of black magic has been sustained since the earliest human cultures and deliver a significant spiritual, religious and medicinal use in many civilizations. They further added that theory of black magic is a fact which can produce a result somewhere else, cooperation with the evil spirits those causes the adverse effects and black magic is a scheme of knowledge used for adverse actions within societies.< Less
The Purr-ple Power Cats Ventures By Marysue and Angela Taylor
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The Purr-ple Power Cats Ventures, Book One. Have you ever seen two, plush, purple-furred cats, wearing fashionable purple boots, hot wigs with glitter shades to match, singing the oldies and... More > original songs on a bicycle built for two? These purple, sister cats, Razzle and Dazzle, pedal down an endless cobblestone pathway, trying to make the world a better place with all the animal folk they encounter on their journey. Their Purr-ple Cat destiny is to hand out gemstones to others to use appropriately, for goodness sakes, joy, honesty, and peace-along with good manners, of course. The beauitful artwork are oil painting by the talented artist, Hiroko Sakai.< Less