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Tales of Bohemia: Best of Stories: 1988 - 2014 By John Hindle
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“These strange tales whisper of a youth long gone into the rorschach blot of memory.” “How can one convey in words the beauty of an old woman deep in prayer or a young mother... More > making smiley faces for her baby? In the womb of womanly love we begin. And the mystery remains.” — John Hindle< Less
Rising Shadow Part 1 By J.P. Gorys
Paperback: $12.41
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The Energen: beings who control the elements, are Earth’s only defence against the Brakonians: aliens bent on harvesting Earth for Energizon, a rare and powerful Energy source. The Energen have... More > been training Humans in secret to replenish their numbers and give them an edge against their powerful enemies. 60 years after the Energen established on Earth, Pyrayus Kairran speeds to find the final member for his team, while also trying to avoid exposure and getting into trouble with the Energen High Council. When Pyrayus tries to recruit his friend, Maija, the shock of who he is, and what he can do, forces her into a turbulent world of chaos and wonder.< Less
The Story of the White Violets By Dawn D. Jones, Roma White (1892)
eBook (PDF): $1.74
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A dainty Victorian children's fairytale of purity and forgiveness from "Brownies and Rose-leaves", by Roma White, 1892, edited by Dawn D. Jones, Rosy Garland Books (Australia). A moonlight... More > party excites the naughty violets into wakefulness, and the Fairy Queen delights fairyland in her wondrous gown. Poems “A Charm of Roses” and “May Song” add a sweet ending. Antique images of children in fanciful studio photography poses and dreamy portraits.< Less
Survivor By L.J. Darden
Paperback: $17.00
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Survivor by LJ Darden Written at Cheekwood Art & Gardens, 2014 Published by A Novel Idea.