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If the mind fits, shrink it. By Brian Spellman
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My first book of original quotes. Emphasis upon personal psychology and repudiation of American culture, media and politics. (161 pages)
Nature's Delights Angelfish Cross Stitch By Sheila Tulok
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Angelfish are a delight to watch as they gracefully and swiftly swim about in their territory. Opalescent scales and multi-coloured markings encourage long viewing periods of these gentle fish. You... More > may get the same result from this cross stitch pattern that depicts an angelfish living in it's freshwater habitat. Using symbols to indicate colours and types of stitches required, the pattern is easy to read and follow. Utilize your developed cross stitching skills to create this unique cross stitching of a multi-coloured angelfish. Includes blank pages between pattern pages to enable you to make notes as you stitch along!< Less
Un-Sentenced For Life By Jo Ann Schneider Farris
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"It's complicated." No, I'm complicated. Is there anyone like me? Is there anyone out there who is Jewish, who was attracted to the love of the Jesus Movement, who worked as a... More > teacher in a Pentecostal Christian school, who lived in a Christian commune, who attended a deaf church, who served for years with Jews for Jesus as a volunteer and also a missionary, who spoke in hundreds of churches, who worked for Focus on the Family, who led a cause to expose the "wrongs" of Jews for Jesus, who also taught skating for years, who raised her children as secular Jews, who sought G-d in Orthodox Judaism, whose husband almost died in a horrible accident, who unschooled her children, and who became "sort of famous" because of her writing about figure skating? Perhaps Jonah and I also have something in common... I do hope that whoever reads my story will enjoy getting to know me and at the same time be entertained. Happy reading! JO ANN< Less
Natural Ranks: 19 Ranks of Power By Pablo Villaseñor Villegas
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This text, contains many images, providing examples to what a natural rank is. It includes description of the personalities natural ranks possess. This work breaks the notion of "equality",... More > and establishes what true social class is. Through the study of this work, you will be able to recognize your natural rank, and that of others.< Less