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BROWN SPLAT By 'Rock Rampant'
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Containing nothing of any literary worth, Abstract Shades Of Life: A Mammoth Epic Of Rhyming Distortions is a ten part lyrical commentary based on The Pantomime Of Real Life! BROWN SPLAT by... More > ‘Rock Rampant’ is the third instalment. Proud to be a non-intellectual, and with his ‘kiss-my-ring’ attitude… ‘Rock’ gives anyone and everyone a serious verbal shellacking with his little ‘magic’ pencil… if, for no other reason than… well, simply because he can! GET READY... BECAUSE YOU’RE IN FOR A RUDE AWAKENING!< Less
Concerning Ministerial Visions - Volume 2 By Clinton L. Ryan
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To have a better understanding of Ezekiel’s prophecies, we have to learn something of his background. The books of Ezekiel and Daniel are similar in their background in many ways. All of... More > Ezekiel’s ministerial life was spent in Babylon, with the exception of his visionary glimpses of life in Jerusalem. Since he ministered both before and after the destruction of Jerusalem during Nebuchadnezzar’s invasion (586 B.C., his early prophecies emphasised the impending calamity, while his later prophecies stressed the nation’s restoration and building of the Temple. These things will become clearer as we continue our study of the contents of this book and the time in which this prophet lived. This volume covers chapters ten to seventeen.< Less
":History-spain" By Maxim Borzenkov
eBook (ePub): $5.00
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From this book you will learn how to develop tourism in Spain, about how tourism is formed over several centuries.
Release from the Cross By Emil Toth
Paperback: $12.95
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Paul Sentes is home from the hospital, recuperating from being shot three times, while he was on a cross in his front yard. He looks forward to a quiet existence but the Unholy Four have other ideas.... More > Previously, they had burned his cross and now they have abducted Paul to perform a demonic ritual with deadly intent. Narrowly escaping with his life, Paul travels to Spain with Bronson to visit a monk, Brother Gregoria. While there, they participate in a march, protesting abortion, when a sniper opens fire on the crowd and a bullet cuts his visit short. Back in the states, Paul looks forward to visiting with people who had camped out on his lawn, and becomes involved in rescuing a young girl from a voodoo cult, a physical confrontation with a Native American and a psychic battle with a shaman.< Less