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My Ordinary Extraordinary: Moving Out By JLS
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Have you ever reflected on a seemingly average time in your life, and realized it was actually a lot more important than you initially believed? This short story is the first in the series of... More > extraordinary, ordinary events that happen in life. Moving out, away from your hometown and parents and comfort zone, is terrifying. Change is almost always terrifying. Everyone experiences change at some point in their life. This honest, raw recount of a young adult's experience while adjusting to college will leave you contemplating life, loneliness, and why ordinary events aren't so average after all.< Less
Vintage Family Memories By Guadalupe Martinez Aguiniga de Arreola
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Compulation of old family photographs and family lineage for the Martinez Aguiniga Family from Ziquitaro, Michoacan Mexico. History of Michoacan and the origins of the first families in Ziquitaro.
The Willing Prey By Scarlett. T. Sunday
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This is a story about a beautiful immortal alien woman. A Vampire who uses guile, deceit, and dreams, to seduce her human prey. She is a woman we would all like to be, and one we would all like to be... More > seduced by, man or woman, because by the use of her pheromones she is irresistible to both... Which one of us would not like to live forever? She is a formidable warrior, and her lives, past and present, color the pages of history from the Romans down to the present day.< Less
Killing for Christmas By D. A. Barker
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Late December in Northern England. A man, warped to his soul, waits to kill in the hope of erasing a lifetime of evil. A porn entrepreneur plans to flee with his mistress and embezzled millions. An... More > Asian youth is at war with his conscience, torn between his love for a one time whore and his duty to honour a family arranged betrothal. A lonely policeman, pining for his wayward wife, is inveigled in the web of a female executive, hungry for sex but also hungry for power. And David Bane, a convicted killer released from Jail, haunted by his butchered wife and mesmerized by a girl so like his wife she might be her twin but yet is twenty years younger; a girl who calls herself Midnight, who sells her flesh on the net and has no shortage of buyers, a girl who is watched, kept on a chain by an oversized pimp as mean as a mule and as strong as a mountain gorilla. All are linked. All are drawn in. All collide and explode in a super nova. This is “Killing For Christmas.”< Less