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Transcending the Matrix Control System, Vol. 2 By Montalk (Tom)
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Now you can own a printed and bound version of, totaling 1400 pages spanning two volumes. Includes every article and illustration! This is the Second Volume, containing the Gnosis... More > series, E-Mail Q&A, and Research Notes. Available in hardcover for durability and higher maximum page count limit. (Version 2.0 is current as of Dec 21, 2014. Main changes from prior versions: E-Mail Q&A expanded with latest entries, removal of several old Research Notes, revision of a couple other Research Notes, revision of Gnosis Part 2, and reformatting). For available discounts, please check: Other books by Montalk on Lulu:< Less
DIIMSA Pics-Fair: Chemistry, Topic - Physical and Chemical Changes in Chemical Reactions By Karl Spencer, Barbara Foots
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Grade Level: High School. Content Area Focus - Chemistry, Topic: Physical and Chemical Changes in Chemical Reactions. Program: DIIMSA Pics-Fair is a topic- or... More > concept-to-picture Instructional Assignment that provides a way for students to "let the camera drive the content" as they explore and research science in their own communities. The primary goal of DIIMSA Pics-Fair is to allow students to make connections to their learning in a different context by using authentic images captured by students themselves. Students will learn how to analyze and research their selected topic or concept by using a dynamically-captured digital image that directly relates to it.< Less
AWAKE: by an Elephant in the Room By greg hoey
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This a a somewhat tragi/humourous memoir, but for all of that it has no agenda like so many who use their own personal accounts to implore their readership into some kind of political activist... More > mentality usually related to some minorities entitlements or rights. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE BOOKS!! It is meant to be read purely from a literary perspective none other. "Read what the reactionary, fundamentalist christian lobby, the political establishment elite and what the over-gentrified, bourgeoisie liberal left of the literary world would prefer that you did not read. A great book that definitely isn't for literary snobs!"-Evening Standard Book Review Quarterly.< Less
Small Fry By K.R. Smith
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Lucia becomes an older sister as B and Declan delight in their domestic bliss. However, raising half-breeds and training them not to hunt human is nothing compared to being hunted themselves. ... More > Whereas the parents and the pack prove willing and able to fight, B's visions as a 'Light Person' are darkened by what looms ahead. The Lokoti National Park turns into a battle ground, as the warfare of fang vs. claw takes place. Friends and family members are lost and the tribe is changed forever. Amidst the grief, further tragedy strikes with the arrival of B and Declan's third daughter. Although it seems Declan's nightmares have come true, B's real strength shines through.< Less