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Beautiful Marine Life By Jens Troeger
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Another year of diving the American West Coast—from California to British Columbia—has passed. And again it is time for a new calendar! The calendar shows my favorite photographs of this... More > past year, from the tiny polyps living on Red Gorgonians and curious Fringeheads to larger fish like California’s Garibaldi. I’ve tried to portrait this beautiful marine life in the context of their respective habitats, and to make the pictures as engaging and interesting as I’ve experienced them during my dives.< Less
My Calendar By Mike Butler
Calendar: $14.99
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We see the primal world of naked reality through the filters of thoughts, feelings and emotions that our monkey minds generate and project onto this vast, lush, gorgeous field of sensory experience.... More > These filters create a version of reality that obscures the sacred space of the here and now, leaving us in a stale, mundane world of frenzied activity, wrestling with our hopes and fears. Abstract art helps to break down the habit of solidifying our perceptions into a leaden world of frozen objects.< Less
My 2016 Bird Calendar By Stephen Johnson
Calendar: $16.95
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This calendar has many common birds found in Colorado. All photos were taken during the 2015 Calendar year. Some from my backyard and others from many other areas along the Front Range of Colorado.
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