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Secrets of a Royal Guard By Anzel
Hardcover: $26.13
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This book is sold at-cost; no profit is made from this sale. --- From the outside looking in, life has never been better for Silent Knight. He is the first pony in a long line of Royal Guard... More > ancestry to earn a commission, he has a loving mare by his side, and he bears the kingdom’s highest honor for bravely risking it all to protect Princess Luna. The future shines bright with potential, but the shadows of the past lurk at every twist and turn that lies ahead. Guilt, anger, and regret are constantly at war in the depths of Silent Knight’s mind. Despite his best efforts to enjoy the life he has, he finds himself trapped in the past, reliving the moment when his unit was ambushed and his ponies were killed. He refuses to show any weakness, instead hiding everything behind a tough face to protect himself and those he loves. But his true feelings—and what he plans to do with them—shackle everything he holds dear with chains forged in secret.< Less
Inversion II - Creatures, Fairies, and Haints, Oh My! By Paul Stansbury
Paperback: List Price: $16.95 $13.56 | You Save: 20%
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Inversion II - Creatures, Fairies, and Haints, Oh My! is the second volume of Author Paul Stansbury’s Inversion Series. In these stories, you will again experience a world where the rules as... More > you know them do not always apply. There you will find the creatures are, as you would imagine, a bit out of the ordinary. For the most part, they are unsavory beings and best avoided. You will also find fairies: imaginary beings of supernatural powers. Usually seen in human form, they can be clever, playful, but can also prove mischievous given the right circumstances. And as for haints, those of you from the South may be familiar with the word. Haints are manifestations attributed to something beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature - spirits and spooks so to speak.< Less
Becoming By Merlin Gideon Gray
Paperback: List Price: $12.00 $6.00 | You Save: 50%
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You wonder what it's like to be something different. Something out of legends. Something your parents hate you for. When your life is that of an impossible myth and you wake up each day knowing... More > it's the real world. To run and hide is only a temporary solution and will never really solve the problem. Sometimes you have to turn around and face the problem. This is what "becoming" means. Becoming all of that and yet living to tell the tale. A tale you are holding in your hands at this instant. Fear not. Open it up and find out the truth. It is a truth only one of my kind can talk about. And trust me it's worth it. Falawk Iring Rogue.< Less
Into The Blood By Dini N. S. Shue
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
When your life comes at the cost of your genetic code, Run. When science forgot to obey the code of 'Do No Harm', everything went wrong. A civil war that has been the result of madness has taken its... More > toll on the world. The Resistance is all that stands between The Three Trades, or as they are now simply known as The Government, and the eugenic destruction of three cities and the countless lives within their borders. Those of too-much power and too-little conscience have created horror from curiosity, and there's no telling if this is the beginning or the end.< Less

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Dark Was the Mountain Dark Was the Mountain By J. Owen
Paperback: $10.49
The A-men The A-men By Alex 'Hood' Fuller
Paperback: $21.99