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Nevaeh 11 By Marcel Ray Duriez
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The taking down of the Dark Lord, Naddalin finds a way of having Nevaeh back in her life- and back in the world as a whole girl, as more than just part of Naddalin's mind, they have a love for each... More > other, and trust over everything else. @duriezmarcel< Less
Eagle Spirit By F. Ingram
Paperback: $8.25
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It is the age old tale of good vs. evil and time travel from the future to the past. Let's hope that good overcomes evil and wins for all of us.
Key to Souls By Julius Simmons
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THE MULTIVERSE: A land out of time and reality where the mystical is actual - and nobody would find out other than Alyss Meister, Rosaline Hawthorne, and Ammon Bloodbourne. These students are... More > stripped from everything they know to be real to participate in a conflict they know nothing about. The stakes are high, and they are desperately alone. Light. Shadow. Peace. War. Three chosen outcasts are the only ones who might be able to save the Multiverse from its tipping point - if they can figure out who can be trusted.< Less
Nevaeh 12 By Marcel Ray Duriez
Paperback: $10.99
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Marcel Ray Duriez for 'Guinness World Records,' showing all 16 books of the Nevaeh Saga, and all 49 volumes, 6,945 pages, and word count is at (1,755,832) as of this date of 9/1/18. ‘A story of... More > lingering, liberty, and independence- like this one should not be glossed over, by others and will not, understand me, for the bravery, courage, and valor!’ Nevaeh become a deity- of her world, letting go of past demons. Naddalin is now on her own- lost in the body of an Earthy girl named Melisa they find a love for each other, and trust over everything else when she is made the chosen one. Date of 11/6/18 word count is (1,986,042) 8,205 Hardback book pages.< Less

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Moon Rebels Moon Rebels By S. H. Marpel & C. C. Brower Paperback:
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Eagle Spirit Eagle Spirit By F. Ingram eBook:

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