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Flowers 2013 calendar By Cheryl Alexander
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Gorgeous flower 2013 calendar. 12 detailed, close-up photographs of stunning and colorful blooming flowers. Original nature photography by Cheryl Alexander.
Freebooksy Bookish Quirks Calendar
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The Freebooksy Bookish Quirks Calendar celebrates readers by pointing out funny things that we readers do or think. In short, it's a collection of quirks from bookish people!
Mountain Mirrors 2014, Photography by Michael Courtney By Michael Courtney
Calendar: $15.00
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Reflections of mountain scenes in lakes and rivers in California and Oregon.
Whippets in the Studio 2014 By Daniel Shalloe
Calendar: $36.06
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Whippets are sighthounds, similar to greyhounds and they make wonderful models in a photographic studio.