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Itasca Bank hardcover By Gerald A. Danzer
Hardcover: $20.60
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A History of the Itasca Bank & Trust Co.
2009 Arizona Tax Guides By Pat Derdenger, Esq., Ira Feldman, CPA CVA, Edward Zollars, CPA
Paperback: $120.00
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The Arizona Income Tax Guide is an easy reference guide that highlights the differences between Arizona and Federal income tax law and provides references to the Arizona Revised Statutes. This guide... More > is available as a separate purchase on Lulu and was revised January 15, 2010 to include changes made by the Legislature at the end of 2009. The update is available on the PTW web site: The 2009 Arizona Sales and Use Tax Guide is a resource for Arizona and city sales and use tax returns and details the various tax rates that apply to each type of sale or product, and the administrative and Model Cities Tax Code provisions. The 2009 Arizona Property Tax Guide outlines the tax reporting requirements, analysis of forms, audit and appeal procedures, and small business exemptions. Includes the Guide to Unclaimed Property Reporting.< Less
PMA 2008 U.S. Consumer Scrapbook Report (PREMIUM Edition) By PMA Marketing Research
eBook (PDF): $149.00
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In May 2008, PMA conducted a survey of consumers in the U.S. The objective was to measure the current consumer involvement in scrapbooking, develop profiles of the major consumer segments, evaluate... More > the emerging role of computers in the scrapbooking process, record purchasing patterns and spending, and gauge interest in other photo related products and craft projects. The PMA 2008 U.S. Consumer Scrapbook Report details the findings from the survey. This premium edition supplies companies with a complete look at survey results, saving them the time and expense of conducting their own survey. In addition to the basic report, this edition includes over 100 pages of data tables with a breakdown of the answers to each question cross-tabulated by demographic variables including household income, presence of children, age, employment, and ownership of digital camera.< Less
Managing Canadian Electronic Records 2012 Edition: Standards, Best Practices & Implementation Issues By Vigi Gurushanta, Robert F. Smallwood, E-Records Insitute
Paperback: $199.00
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This 2012 Canadian E-Records Management Guide - fully updated and expanded - is the most complete and current publication issued to date. It provides a comprehensive review of Canadian electronic... More > records regulations, standards, Best Practices, and project implementation issues. It also covers vital records, digital preservation strategy, and leveraging Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for records management. It covers taxonomy development, and it gives some tips for "green" records management. It goes further and outlines the key principles and issues in Canadian e-discovery, according to Canadian law. Co-authored by Vigi Gurushanta, who served as national President of Canadian Information and Image Management Society (CIIMS), and served as Chairman of Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) Standards Committee on Electronic Records as Documentary Evidence. He also was a member of ISO and AIIM Standards Committee on Evidentiary Support and Document Imaging Standards; and Robert Smallwood, industry expert.< Less