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Habitat for Humanity Charlotte Construction Manual; Approved Home Building Methods By Anna Gallant Carter
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The Habitat for Humanity Charlotte Construction Manual has been formally adopted by the Board of Directors as its Approved Building Methods. It includes more than 450 pages, over 570 photographs, 115... More > detailed construction drawings, and step by step instructions on tasks that HFH Charlotte regularly asks its volunteers to complete. The manual is very specific for how HFH Charlotte builds its homes (both Standard and Historic styles). Even if your affiliate doesn't build exactly like we do in Charlotte, we hope that you find portions of the manual helpful. It is designed to encourage leadership as well as a high level of productivity, efficiency, and quality. Chapters include: Floor Framing, Layout, Framing, Vinyl Siding, Exterior Trim, Insulation, Drywall, Painting, Interior Trim, Storage Shed & Appendix. Preview is in color. Book can be purchased in color or black and white. Lulu sends all of the author's proceeds directly to Habitat for Humanity Charlotte< Less
LIGHT- Introduction to Optics and Photonics (hardcover) By Judith Donnelly, Nicholas Massa
Hardcover: $108.00
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LIGHT–Introduction to Optics and Photonics by Judith Donnelly and Nicholas Massa is an algebra/trig based introduction to optical science and photonics technology. This is the full-color... More > hardcover edition. You may also download an electronic (pdf) version of the text. The text is also available in paperback in either color or black and white. Fifteen chapters, 371 pages. January 2010 revision includes extensive Glossary of terms.< Less
LIGHT-Introduction to Optics and Photonics (paperback) By Judith Donnelly, Nicholas Massa
Paperback: $90.00
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This is the spiral bound full-color soft cover version of LIGHT, an introduction to optical and photonics technology at the algebra/trig level. 15 chapters, 371 pages. January 2010 revision includes... More > an extensive Glossary.< Less
Start a TV Station:Learn How to Start Satellite,Cable, Analog and Digital Broadcast TV Channel, and Internet TV. Also a Special Section on “How to Start a TV Show” By Brock Fisher
eBook (PDF): $47.99
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Want to Start a TV Station or TV Show? Are you wondering what is your first step? Well we have put it all together for you in a book so you can get the information you need to begin. Want to start a... More > TV station but you have allot of unaswered questions? How much does it cost? What type of equipment do I need? How much does the equipment cost? How is the equipment set up? What things do I need to know before I begin? This is probably the first book ever written on how to start your own TV station. This book is to the point, and the author does not waste time on worthless information. If you are looking to start your own TV station, this is by far your best resource for beginner information. This book concentrates on several aspects of starting a TV channel and includes information on Internet, Cable TV, Satellite, and Analog and Digital Broadcast TV. If you want to own your own TV station, then don’t let this opportunity pass you by.< Less