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Think Pink- The Complete Edition E-Book By Ran Pink
eBook (PDF): $29.99
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In 2004 Think Pink was a pamphlet. In 2006, 200 hardcover Think Pink- The Complete Edition were printed and sold out to magicians and mentalists around the world. Now its finally time for the ebook.... More > Imagine being able to divine something a person is merely thinking under test conditions using just a piece of paper and a writing utensil. The Complete Think Pink contains more than beautiful techniques, it is a dissertation on the psychology and process of using it, which can be applied to so many mentalism routines. The illustrations and text make learning it fun and easy. Ran has also included routines and ideas from some of today’s top innovators in mentalism including Andrew Gerard, Greg Arce and Kenton Knepper. “Think Pink is one of the most powerful tools you will have at your disposal, these touches that are offered here are priceless. If you really want someone to think you can reach inside their mind and reveal their innermost thoughts, this is the one thing you MUST know”. - Andrew Gerard< Less
The Indie Film Rule Book By Heidi Van Lier
Paperback: $49.99
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A STRATEGIC GUIDE TO INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING and all the INSIDER TRICKS you can't possibly learn anywhere else. **All from prominent indie filmmakers and festival staff.** This book... More > is designed to help the inexperienced (and experienced) filmmaker go from zero to Park City while optimizing their chances of succeeding in the world of truly independent film. + EMAIL ACCESS and help for your specific film! + INTERVIEWS WITH YOUR HERO FILMMAKERS and FESTIVAL ORGANIZERS… Including CHRIS MCQUARRIE (The Usual Suspects/Way of the Gun/Valkyrie), DAVID HAYTER (X-Men/X-Men2/Watchmen), HENRIETTE MANTEL (An Unreasonable Man: The Ralph Nader Story/Producer/Director), MARK PELLINGTON (Going All The Way/Cold Case/Henry Poole Is Here), DAN MIRVISH (Slamdance Co-Founder/Writer/Director), PETER BAXTER (Slamdance Co-Founder/Producer), AMY DOTSON (IFP New York), and MORE! ---- (CLICK underlined title or <> to check out back cover, bio, and more info.)< Less
GHOST COACH By James DeHaven
Hardcover: $22.00
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The mysterious soldier appeared only in the shadows or when an accident was about to happen. Was the truck haunted or not? Go through the restoration process with Jeremey and decide for yourself as... More > events unfold that change the lives surrounding the truck.< Less
No Sleep Till Saltburn By Mark Gregory
Paperback: $17.26
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(5 Ratings)
"Gregory's writing is full of enthusiasm and self-deprecating humour, and he evokes vividly the naive spirit of a pre X Factor age when bands' careers were built on hard touring and leopardskin... More > waistcoats!" GEOFF BARTON - CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE - "Endlessly entertaining!" STEVE PRATT: NORTHERN ECHO - “Saltburn, Salford, Salisbury, or Southampton, if you followed any local music scene back in the day, this is a must read!” MIKE SWEENEY: ROCK RADIO - “Bloody Brilliant! Great use of pyro!” GARY PHILIPSON: REAL RADIO - “No Sleep Till Saltburn is an important book. It captures an untold story, and also gives you an insight into the humour, the 'Carry On' atmosphere of the time”. CHRIS PHIPPS: ROCK MUSIC HISTORIAN, ITV - Mark Gregory drags you kicking and screaming back to the truly “Golden Age Of Rock & Roll”. A time when you worked hard, played hard, and rocked even harder! A time when there really was… “No Sleep Till Saltburn!”< Less