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Stopover By Mel Keegan
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Downtime becomes an explosive excursion into an industrial hell-zone. With Scorpio shut down, Kevin Jarrat and Jerry Stone are on furlough, headed for a resort in Rethan’s tropics. But when the... More > clipper detours to the halfway station of Sheckley for repairs, the vacation dissolves into unexpected, unpredictable hazard. Stone is fascinated to see the 'gas can with lights' where Jarrat spent his youth, but the tour turns deadly when they run into Scorpio escapees who recognize Jarrat, and the NARC captains find themselves on a flight right into Hades. Cut off from the carrier, backup and weapons, they’re surviving on their wits; furough looks like an impossible fantasy. A Pocket-size NARC page-turner, falling between SCORPIO and APHELION, from the award-winning author of Scorpio, Hellgate and Fortunes of War. Meet us online: < Less
Ganymede #2 By John Stahle
Paperback: $12.95
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Ganymede #2 issue, gay men's journal with fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photography, and reviews. Mark Jenkins, fascist art in Rome, decoding Oscar Wilde, indie flicks, cutting-edge gay photographers.... More > Contents and readable sample pages at< Less
Frilly Phillie By Peter Andrew Walter Cabot
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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Phillie is a sissy boy who doesn’t take things lying down! Bullied and called a dastardly three-lettered name, he sets out to find a word all his own to replace the nasty one he's been given.... More > Along the way he meets a grown-up of splendiferous gender—Miz K. Francine—drag performer par excellence. Sympathetic to Phillie’s dilemma, together they try to figure out what makes a boy a boy, and a girl a girl. FRILLY PHILLIE is a picture book of a rare fabulosity aimed at anyone aged “tween to twilight”, who has had questions about finding their identity and loving their true selves.< Less
Utopia Guide to Asia (E-Book): the Gay and Lesbian Scene in 16 Countries Including Philippines, Sri Lanka, Mongolia and Nepal By John Goss
eBook (PDF): $8.00
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The E-Book of the world's first ever travel guide to 16 countries in Asia. Inside are complete listings for Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines and Sri Lanka, plus "best of" listings for select... More > major cities in a dozen other Asian countries. Details include organizations, bars, discos, accommodations, spas, restaurants, and more. A special section of the book highlights groups, clubs, and businesses that are especially welcoming for women. Enjoy hundreds of savvy comments and recommendations from locals and travelers alike. The Utopia Guide to Asia is a landmark survey of Asia's vibrant gay and lesbian life.< Less