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Azure Seas & Dragon Isles By Tygati
eBook (PDF): $3.50
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Far to the east lie the mysterious Dragon Isles - none have seen the creatures they are named for in so long that their existence is now naught but myth. When a young man fleeing for his life reaches... More > the shores of the Dragon Isles, what he finds will change not only his life, but his entire world.< Less
Ganymede #3 By John Stahle
Paperback: $12.95
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Ganymede #3 issue, gay men's journal. Daniel Mendelsohn on Cavafy as a gay poet, Richard Canning on Saint Laurent, rare Glenway Wescott story, strong new gay fiction and poetry, nine striking... More > portfolios of cutting-edge gay photographers. Contents and readable sample pages at< Less
Dangerous Moonlight By Mel Keegan
Paperback: $24.93
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In the spirit of FORTUNES OF WAR comes this rollicking, romantic adventure in the world of highwaymen and smugglers. Harry Trevellion would have been a gentleman if his father's estate had not... More > crumbled; Nick Gray is the favorite but illegitimate son of a rich man, fated to work. His brother, Paul, is a scoundrel waiting only to inherit, and Paul scorns Nick, while Nick performs dangerous work. He's a jewelry courier — and it's inevitable that he meet the irresistible rogue, Trevellion. A midnight world opens up before Nick: he's drawn into a realm of chanceries, bawdy houses and glittering mansions, and a stormy affair with powerful consequences. The day Paul has awaited arrives — the old master of Rosewarne Park is gone, and his will plunges Nick into jeopardy. It's an age of swords, duels, deceit and sizzling sensuality. Readers who loved FORTUNES and DECEIVERS will relish this novel. "Mel Keegan's name is a byword for thrilling gay adventure in the past, present and future" - MILLIVRES on AQUAMARINE.< Less
Stopover By Mel Keegan
Paperback: $13.47
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Downtime becomes an explosive excursion into an industrial hell-zone. With Scorpio shut down, Kevin Jarrat and Jerry Stone are on furlough, headed for a resort in Rethan’s tropics. But when the... More > clipper detours to the halfway station of Sheckley for repairs, the vacation dissolves into unexpected, unpredictable hazard. Stone is fascinated to see the 'gas can with lights' where Jarrat spent his youth, but the tour turns deadly when they run into Scorpio escapees who recognize Jarrat, and the NARC captains find themselves on a flight right into Hades. Cut off from the carrier, backup and weapons, they’re surviving on their wits; furough looks like an impossible fantasy. A Pocket-size NARC page-turner, falling between SCORPIO and APHELION, from the award-winning author of Scorpio, Hellgate and Fortunes of War. Meet us online: < Less

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