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THE SEED HOLDS THE TREE By Kenneth & Shirley Knight
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(Add the PDF version for visually impaired) A story of India and the Kingdom of God. Over 180 historic photos. "This amazing chapter of Indo-Canadian Baptist partnership came into focus...... More > Remember their story, and imitate their faith". -- Dr. Robert Berry, former General Secretary, Canadian Baptist Ministries “A fascinating work. What a gift to anyone interested in history, missions and ethnography! A very gifted recreation of the story.” -- James Taneti, Ph.D. candidate. “It held me spellbound. A profound story that is still growing and spreading in the 21st century.” -- Dr. John F. Keith, author, former General Secretary, CBM “It amazes me to see the absolute transformation. What I am today, I owe to what happened.” -- Rev. Dr. Pran R.Parichha, India. A history of the seeding and growth of the church among the Oriya people of Gajapati District, Orissa, India, written by two of the Canadian Baptists who were part of that story.< Less
Annals of Beara Volume I By Riobard O'Dwyer
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This is the first of a comprehensive three volume set, representing an entire lifetime of work by the esteemed Irish genealogist, Riobard O'Dwyer. Volume I includes all of the parish records for... More > Adrigole and Allihies on the peninsula of Beara, each carefully translated and transcribed for posterity. These water stained and sun bleached manuscripts were very close to becoming illegible when Mr. O'Dwyer single handedly saved their precious information for generations to come. The Annals of Beara is, without a doubt, the most important genealogical work of the O'Sullivan family and the other tribes of Beara.< Less
Headington Hill Hall- The forgotten years- 1939 -1958 By Dawn Griffis
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My reason, for writing this book, is that I believe a tribute is in order, to recognise all who were part of Headington Hill Hall during the years 1939 to 1958, either directly or indirectly. The... More > contributions these people made have had a profound affect on future generations. Vis-à-vis: My father would be recognised for his significant role in inventing the Oxford Lift. The staff, surgeons, nurses and therapists at St Hugh’s and other affiliated hospitals, be recognised for their dedication and skill was immeasurable. What they started, in the way of treatment, was essential for the eventual well-being of ‘The Boys’. It was ground-breaking in many ways. What was learned from the whole experience has set the standard for rehab in the following decades. This is Dawn’s fourth non-fiction book. The first two were set in England, and the third was primarily set in the United States.< Less
When Sun-tzu met Clausewitz: John Boyd, the OODA Loop, and the invasion of Iraq By Daniel Ford
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John Boyd was a fighter pilot in the Korean War, an instructor at the US Air Force Fighter Weapons School, and arguably America's greatest military thinker. His concept of the OODA Loop helped guide... More > the US military during two wars against Saddam Hussein's Iraq. This 3500-word 'long essay' was prepared for the War in the Modern World programme at King's College London by Daniel Ford, an American journalist and historian.< Less