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To Labor is To Pray By Mark Raney
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To Labor is to Pray is a huge, sprawling Southern novel set mainly in Swansboro and many other counties in North Carolina and Georgia. It covers several generations of one family. From commercial... More > fishermen to farmers it shows how their contrast of labors served the South so well from the old times to the present< Less
Feminine Proposal III By Sandy Thomas
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FEMININE PROPOSAL #3. "Gawd, they had made me into a woman,even to the most intimate detail. How can I ever return to being Stanley now? My manhood wasn't much before, but it was nonexistent... More > now!" The continuing story of Stan being forced to accept his wife's proposal...and become a woman. One of the best Sandy Thomas stories. Beautifully illustrated by Puyall. Quote Board. In The Pink. GIRLFRIENDS TV FICTION #4. 96 pages< Less
The Dragon Locket By Roy Boobyer
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The adventures of two children in a parallel world.Where with the help of an ancient magician and a friendly dragon they fight off an alien invasion
Cherokee Heart Legends, Myths & Stories By Tabitha R. Pike
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Cherokee Heart : Legends, Myths and Stories Under the traditional law the tales and stories in this book could only be told to the Tsalagi (The People) or other native Americans: you would have to... More > have a invitation to participate in this ritual. You are invited to join my great ancestor Morning Nananoah and I as she weaves tales that has been passed down from generations to generation.< Less