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Cyrano and the Journey Back By Malcolm Ellis
eBook (ePub): $5.48
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A strange Englishman journeys down through France to an old chateau, determined to find out why the girl who loved him sent the letter that drove him into a mental institution. Still haunted by... More > flashbacks of their Paris affair and walking the uncertain edge of sanity, he talks far into the night with the evanescent figure of Cyrano de Bergerac about why he is being followed and threatened … and hoping for a small miracle. From the independent judge’s medal award: “From the outset the reader is made to care, desperate to know what brought him to this state. And, as with all the best stories, one cannot guess the final denouement. This is a finely crafted story of an enduring love that becomes an obsession. This writer knows how to build tension, create three dimensional characters and write realistic dialogue.”< Less
The Dragon Locket By Roy Boobyer
Paperback: $9.98
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(3 Ratings)
The adventures of two children in a parallel world.Where with the help of an ancient magician and a friendly dragon they fight off an alien invasion
The Year the War Came Home By Richard W. Paterson
Paperback: $19.50
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Max is about to be drafted into the Vietnam War when, over his objection, his overbearing father hires radical Francie to assist Max in the family business. Her strong desire to be part of the family... More > puts off Max, but he and Francie fall in love. His growing opposition to the war eliminates any possibility he will submit to the draft. When the pressure mounts, he and Francie contend with ways to make peace, love, and music--and arrive at very different solutions.< Less
Café Dulcet By Chiquis Barrón
Paperback: List Price: $11.95 $9.56 | You Save: 20%
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(3 Ratings)
Set in the colorful backdrop of the Arizona-Mexico border, Café Dulcet is an insightful story that follows Ximena "Nena" Ferrer through a closely-knit series of past and present... More > events in her life. A captivating, female-character-driven, contemporary drama that draws on a diverse array of characters to complement Nena's strong yet quirky personality, Café Dulcet is a flavorful discovery of the similarities between coffee beans and people as they go through the processes that test inherent natures and strengths, and ultimately shape and give them their flavor and purpose. Café Dulcet is also a reminder that no matter how foreign people’s lives may seem -- their language, their experiences, their culture, their place in the world -- there is always a point of convergence. Coffee, with its global, all-senses-evoking qualities, oftentimes serves as that unifying factor.< Less