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The Gyroverse: The Hidden Structure of the Universe By Donald Wortzman
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Richard Feynman, once stated: "... the more you see how strangely nature behaves, the harder it is to make a model that explains how even the simplest phenomenon actually works. So theoretical... More > physics has given up on that." Don Wortzman hasn't. His Theory validates the twelve-dimensional helical construct explaining the strange phenomena that have stymied physicists for so long. It offers an understanding of how the universe actually works. The equivalence of the masses of gravity and inertia, a 300-year mystery, is solved. The big bang theory is described, without resorting to Inflation Theory. Additionally, particle spin, anti-matter, duality, quantum entanglement, non-simultaneity, and many other phenomena are simply explained. Nevertheless, from the inside, where we reside, the entire three-dimensional universe is on the surface of a four-dimensional sphere expanding outwardly at the speed of light. Consequently, matter is not energy, but is mass in motion at lightspeed.< Less
Platon und Hegel: Der Anfang des Denkens By Benedikt Greipl
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Eine kurze Schrift über den Anfang alles Denkens in der Philosphie, am Beispiel zwei der größten Denker der Geschichte: Platon und Hegel. Das Hauptaugenmerk liegt auf den ständig... More > auftretenden Paradoxa, mit denen sich Platon als auch Hegel auseinandersetzen müssen. Das Niveau ist relativ hoch; also nicht unbedingt für Philosophie-Anfänger geeignet.< Less
The Beautiful Face By Steven Hoefflin, MD
eBook (PDF): $29.95
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The First Mathematical Definition, Classification and Creation of True Facial Beauty. World-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Hoefflin shares his formula for creating some of the most beautiful... More > faces in the world. Dr. Hoefflin is an international authority and has lectured both nationally and internationally.< Less
The Decadal Plan for LTER By The U.S. LTER Network
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Integrative Science for Society and the Environment: A Plan for Research, Education, and Cyberinfrastructure in the U.S. Long Term Ecological Research Network