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Reflections on Fundamental Matters: Not for the Satisfied Mind By John H.T. Francis
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Addressing important questions that have been discussed across many times and cultures, this essay, written in a simple style, seeks to awaken you from the slumber of intellectual complacency.... More > Author John H.T. Francis presents a multi-disciplinary look at prevalent interpretations and fundamental questions of human interest. He tackles many of humanity’s most important and difficult topics, drawing on many fields of knowledge and action, including science, philosophy, sociology, economics, politics, anthropology, and psychology. This study explores history, knowledge, the human mind and psyche, the nature of existence, the phenomenon of life, socio-economic and political dynamics, ethics, religions, and several current, pressing individual and collective challenges. It provides elements of answers and attempts to position subjects of general importance under a new light. Universal in his approach, Francis reaches out to those who are interested in delving deeper into the human understanding.< Less
Suzuki Carry & Every Factory Service Manual F6A Engine By James Danko
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New Edition! Version 2! All new and included part numbers! Inluding Turbo Parts! 1. Vehicle Types 2. Jacking Positions 3. VIN Decoding 4. Engine and Transmission Identification 5. Service Data... More > and Specifications 6. Tools (OEM) 7. Engine Mounts and Frame Diagrams 8. Engine Removal 9. Intake Manifold Carry (Carbureted) 10. Intake Manifold Every Van (Carbureted) 11. Intake Manifold (Throttle Body) 12. Timing Belt Parts and Part Numbers 13. Timing Belt Tensioner Truck & Van 14. Timing Belt Replacement Truck & Van 15. Valve Lash 2 Cylinder 16. Valve Lash 4 Cylinder 17. Oil 18. Oil System Pressure Testing 19. Oil Pump Removal-Replacement 20. Cylinder Head 2 Valve Overhaul 21. Pistons Connecting Rods Cylinder Block 22. Main Bearings, Crankshaft, Cylinder Block 23. Crankshaft Inspection, Oil Seal, Flywheel 24. Parts Section 25. Conversion Charts< Less
EASA Professional Pilot Studies By Phil Croucher
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Just as important as the exams is the interview panel (BA expect over 85% overall passing grade), and this is the book for those who want to deal with both - its purpose is to help you become a... More > professional, for which the exams are but a step on the way - doing the bare minimum to pass them makes you ill-prepared to be a pilot, which is not fair to future passengers and painfully obvious to employers (and interviewers) who certainly expect you to have more than a basic knowledge. It is a reference book that follows the ATPL syllabus, so you can use it before, during and after your exams, for the whole of your career!< Less
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An in depth, chronological look at every song that Siouxsie & The Banshees released or performed, as recorded by the press and the band themselves. Includes artwork. photographs, release dates,... More > chart positions, reviews, tour dates and much more.< Less